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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess2005An experimental test of design alternatives for the British 3G/UMTS auctionAbbink, Klaus; Irlenbusch, B.; Pezanis-Christou, Paul; Rockenbach, B.; Sadrieh, Abdolkarim; Selten, R.
closedAccessJul-2011An experimental test of the role of environmental temperature variability on ectotherm molecular, physiological and life-history traits: Implications for global warmingFolguera, Guillermo; Caers, Jelle; Piulachs, Maria-Dolors; Bellés, Xavier
closedAccess1999An expert system/neural network model (ImpelERO) for evaluating agricultural soil erosion in Andalucia region, southern SpainRosa, Diego de la; Mayol Rodríguez, Francisco; Moreno Arce, Juan A.; Bonsón, Tomás; Lozano, Sebastián
closedAccess1993An Experts' Survey on the Role of Forage Legumes in Arable Cropping Systems of the Mediterranean AreaCaballero, Rafael
closedAccess1-Jan-2003An exploration of reputation formation in experimental gamesBrandts, Jordi; Figueras, Neus
openAccess2014An exploration of the ozone dimer potential energy surfaceAzofra, Luis Miguel; Alkorta, Ibon; Scheiner, Stefan
openAccess2009An exploratory analysis of networking, R&D and innovativeness in the Spanish electronics sectorHoll, Adelheid; Rama, Ruth
closedAccessNov-2015An exploratory approach to the wildfires in Andalusia, Spain (1975-2013)Gutiérrez-Hernández, Oliver; Senciales-González, J. M.; García, Luis V.
closedAccess2009An exploratory NMR nutri-metabonomic investigation reveals dimethyl sulfone as a dietary biomarker for onion intakeWinning, Hanne; Roldán-Marín, Eduvigis; Sánchez-Moreno, Concepción; Cano, M. Pilar; Engelsen, Søren B.
openAccess11-Mar-2005An exploratory study on the synthesis of heparin-like oligosaccharides by polycondensationMartín-Lomas, Manuel; Reichardt, Niels Christian
closedAccess2009An extended ant colony optimization algorithm for integrated process and control system designSchlüter, Martin; Egea, José A.; Antelo, L. T.; Alonso, Antonio A.; Banga, Julio R.
embargoedAccess2015An extended chain and trinuclear complexes based on Pt(II)-M (M = Tl(I), Pb(II)) bonds: Contrasting photophysical behaviorForniés, Juan; Giménez, Nora; Ibáñez, Susana; Lalinde, Elena; Martín, Antonio; Moreno, M. Teresa; Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (España); Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (España); European Commission; Gobierno de Aragón
closedAccess2011An extended model of phosphorus metabolism in growing ruminantsDias, R. S.; López, Secundino; Patino, R. M.; Silva, T. S.; Silva, J. C.; Vitti, D. M. S. S.; Pecanha, M. R. S. R.; Kebreab, E.; France, J.
closedAccess29-Nov-2013An ExtendSim platform to simulate the effects of trawling on benthic communitiesMuntadas, Alba; Ballé-Béganton, Johanna; Lample, Michel; de Juan, Silvia; Bailly, Denis; Blasco, Dolors; Demestre, Montserrat
openAccess2007An extension of a measure of polarization, with an application to the income distribution of five OECD countriesEsteban, Joan; Gradón, Carlos; Ray, Debraj
closedAccess1985An Extension of the Known Depth Range for Sepia elegans Blainville, 1827 (Cephalopoda: Sepioidea)Guerra, Ángel
openAccess21-Apr-2010An Extensive Alien Plant Inventory from the Inhabited Areas of GalapagosGuézou, Anne; Chamorro, Susana; Atkinson, Rachel; Traveset, Anna
closedAccess2011An extracellular RRR motif flanking the M1 transmembrane domain governs the biogenesis of homomeric neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptorsAlves, Daiane S.; Castelló-Banyuls, Juan; Faura, Clara C.; Ballesta, Juan J.
closedAccessOct-2013An Extracellular Serine/Threonine-Rich Protein from Lactobacillus plantarum NCIMB 8826 Is a Novel Aggregation-Promoting Factor with Affinity to MucinHevia, Arancha; Martínez Álvarez, Noelia; Ladero Losada, Víctor Manuel; Álvarez González, Miguel Ángel; Margolles Barros, Abelardo; Sánchez García, Borja; Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (España)
closedAccess2002An extracellular sulfhydryl group modulates background Na+ conductance and cytosolic Ca2+ in pituitary cellsFonteriz, Rosalba I.; Villalobos, Carlos; García-Sancho, Javier