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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess2001An immune response after intraocular administration of an adenoviral vector containing a β galactosidase reporter gene slows retinal degeneration in the rd mouseReichel, M. B.; Bhattacharya, Shom Shanker; Ali, Robin R.
openAccess2014An immune-enriched oligo-microarray analysis of gene expression in Manila clam (Venerupis philippinarum) haemocytes after a Perkinsus olseni challengeRomero, Alejandro; Forn-Cuni, Gabriel; Moreira, Rebeca; Milan, Massimo; Bargelloni, Luca; Figueras, Antonio; Novoa, Beatriz
closedAccess1998An impedance study on the corrosion properties of lacquered tinplate cans in contact with tuna and mussels in pickled sauceCatalá, R.; Cabañes, J. M.; Bastidas Rull, José María
closedAccess2002An impedance study on the influence of molybdenum in stainless steel pitting corrosionPolo, J.L.; Cano Díaz, Emilio; Bastidas Rull, José María
closedAccess1998An import signal in the cytosolic domain of the Neurospora mitochondrial outer membrane protein TOM22Rodríguez-Cousiño, Nieves
closedAccess15-Jun-2014An improved coastal upwelling index from sea surface temperature using satellite-based approach - The case of the Canary Current upwelling systemBenazzouz, Aïssa; Mordane, Soumia; Orbi, A.; Chagdali, Mohamed; Hilmi, Karim; Atillah, Abderrahman; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís; Demarcq, Hervé
openAccessNov-2011An Improved Consensus Linkage Map of Barley Based on Flow-Sorted Chromosomes and Single Nucleotide Polymorphism MarkersMuñoz-Amatriaín, María; Castillo Alonso, Ana María; Cistué Sola, Luis; Vallés Brau, María Pilar
closedAccess2010An improved differential pull-down network logic configuration for DPA resistant circuitsCastro, Javier; Parra, P.; Acosta, A. J.
closedAccess2003An improved elementary processing unit for high-density CNN-based mixed-signal microprocessors for visionLiñán-Cembrano, G.; Espejo-Meana, S.; Domínguez-Castro, R.; Rodríguez-Vázquez, Ángel
closedAccessSep-2012An improved energy-dispersive X-ray microanalysis method for analyzing simultaneously carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur, and other cation and anion concentrations in single natural marine microplankton cellsSegura i Noguera, María del Mar; Blasco, Dolors; Fortuño Alós, José Manuel
closedAccessMay-2012An Improved Growth Medium to Assess Mycelial Compatibility Groups in Sclerotium rolfsiiRemesal, Efrén; Navas Cortés, Juan Antonio
closedAccess1996An improved method for determination of the activity of β-galactosidase in yoghurt by high-performance liquid chromatographyGonzález-Andrada, J.I.; Morales, F. J.; Romero, Carmen; Jiménez Pérez, Salvio
closedAccess2011An improved model for the kinetic description of the thermal degradation of celluloseSánchez-Jiménez, P.E.; Pérez-Maqueda, Luis A.; Pascual Cosp, José; Benítez-Guerrero, Mónica; Criado, J.M.
closedAccessDec-2009An improved PCR method for endogenous DNA retrieval in contaminated Neandertal samples based on the use of blocking primersGigli, Elena; Rasmussen, Morten; Civit, Sergi; Rosas González, Antonio; Rasilla, Marco de la; Fortea, Javier; Gilbert, M. Thomas; Willerslev, Eske; Lalueza-Fox, Carles
openAccess2010An improved RNS generator 2n ± k based on threshold logicPettenghi, Héctor; Chaves, Ricardo; Sousa, Leonel; Avedillo, M. J.
closedAccess2011An Improved Semiquantitative Method for Elemental Analysis of Plants Using Inductive Coupled Plasma Mass SpectrometryZuluaga, Javier; Rodríguez, Nuria; Rivas-Ramírez, Immaculada; de la Fuente, Vicenta; Rufo, Lourdes; Amils, Ricardo
closedAccess1994An Improved Technique for Measuring the Electrical Conductivity of Intact FruitsMontoya, M. M.; López-Rodriguez, V.; Plaza, José L., de la
openAccessMar-2014An in silico search for glucose-methanol-choline oxidoreductases with interesting features in ten Polyporales genomes.Ferreira, Patricia; Carro Aramburu, Juan; Martínez Ferrer, Ángel Tomás
closedAccess2011An in vitro experimental model of neuroinflammation: The induction of interleukin-6 in murine astrocytes infected with Theiler's murine encephalomyelitis virus, and its inhibition by oestrogenic receptor modulatorsRubio, Nazario; Cerciat, M.; Unkila, M.; Garcia-Segura, Luis M.; Arévalo, Maria Ángeles
openAccess2013An inadequate fruit and vegetable intake has only a small effect on vitamin status in European adolescents- the Helena studyBreidenassel, C.; Nova, Esther; González Gross, M .