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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
May-2006Investigating ferromagnetism and charge order in Bi1-xSrxMnO3 (x<0.3) ceramic oxidesGarcia Muñoz, Josep Lluis; Frontera Beccaria, Carlos; Hervieu, M.; Giot, M.; Respaud, M.; Calleja, A.; Capdevila, X. G.Artículo
9-Jun-2014Investigating hidden aspects of quantum theory by means of its hydrodynamic representationSanz, Ángel S.Comunicación de congreso
Sep-2007Investigating patchiness of spatially organized ecosystems using field and simulated dataKéfi, Sonia; Rietkerk, Max; Alados, Concepción L.; Pueyo, Yolanda; Papanastasis, Vasilios P.; El Aich, Ahmed; Ruiter, Peter C. deArtículo
2010Investigating soils for agri-environmental protection in arid SpainCastañeda del Álamo, Carmen; Méndez, S.; Herrero Isern, Juan; Betrán Aso, Jesús ÁngelCapítulo de libro
1-Dec-2001Investigating sources of variability of monochromatic and transverse chromatic aberrations across eyesMarcos, Susana; Burns, Stephen A.; Prieto, Pedro M.; Navarro, Rafael; Baraibar, BegoñaArtículo
25-Nov-2008Investigating the concept of diffusional independence. Potential step transients at nano- and micro-electrode arrays: theory and experimentMenshykau, Denis; Huang, Xing-Jiu; Rees, Neil V.; del Campo, F. Javier; Muñoz, F. Xavier; Compton, Richard G.Artículo
2008Investigating the correlation between acrylamide content and browning ratio of model cookiesGökmen, V.; Açar, Ö.Ç.; Arribas Lorenzo, G.; Morales, F. J.Artículo
2009Investigating the factors that diminish the barriers to university-industry collaborationSalter, Ammon; Bruneel, Johan; D'Este Cukierman, PabloComunicación de congreso
2010Investigating the factors that diminish the barriers to university-industry collaborationBruneel, Johan; D'Este Cukierman, Pablo; Salter, AmmonArtículo
Jun-2009Investigating the factors that diminish the barriers to university-industry collaborationBruneel, Johan; D'Este Cukierman, Pablo; Salter, AmmonComunicación de congreso
2010Investigating the food web in the NW Mediterranean Sea with stable isotopes and modelling resultsNavarro, Joan; Coll, Marta; Louzao, Maite; Forero, Manuela G.; Oro, Daniel; Palomera, IsabelComunicación de congreso
2014Investigating the radio-loud phase of broad absorption line quasarsBruni, G.; González Serrano Moreno, José Ignacio; Pedani, M.; Benn, Chris; Mack, K.-H.; Holt, J.; Montenegro-Montes, F. M.; Jiménez-Luján, F.Artículo
29-Nov-2013Investigating the relationship between the toxic microalgae Ostreopsis blooms and their impact in the closest human community in a NW Mediterranean Sea hot spot: the Ostreohealth protocolVila, Magda; Abós-Herràndiz, Rafael; Àlvarez, Josep; Berdalet, ElisaPóster
2009Investigating the role of protein folding and assembly in cell-type dependent expression of alpha7 nicotinic receptors using a green fluorescent protein chimeraLee, H. K.; Gwalani, L.; Mishra, Vivek N.; Anandjiwala, P.; Sala, Francisco; Sala, Salvador; Ballesta, Juan J.; O'Malley, Donald M.; Criado, Manuel; Loring, Ralph H.Artículo
Dec-2007Investigating the role of ultrasonic scattering in the wave absorption phenomenonCortela, Guillermo; Pereira, Wagner C. A.; San Emeterio, José Luis; Negreira, CarlosComunicación de congreso
2014Investigating the sensitivity of observed spectral energy distributions to clumpy torus properties in Seyfert galaxiesRamos-Almeida, C.; Alonso-Herrero, A.; Levenson, N.; Asensio Ramos, A.; Rodríguez-Espinosa, J. M.; González-Martín, O.; Packham, C.; Martínez, M.Artículo
2012Investigating transition state resonances in the time domain by means of Bohmian mechanics: The F + HD reactionSanz, Ángel S.; López Durán, David; González Lezana, TomásPre-print
2013Investigation into the effect of Si doping on the performance of SrFeO3-δ SOFC electrode materialsPorras-Vazquez, J.M.; Pike, T.; Hancock, C.A.; Marco, J.F.; Berry, F.J.; Slater, P.R.Artículo
Jul-2010Investigation into the role of aquaporin-3 during gastrulation in fish embryosChauvigné, François; Tingaud-Sequeira, Angèle; Zapater, Cinta; Cerdà, JoanPóster
2014Investigation of a nanocomposite of 75 wt % poly(methyl methacrylate) nanoparticles with 25 wt % poly(ethylene oxide) linear chains: A quasielatic neutron scattering, calorimetric, and WAXS studyBhowmik, D.; Pomposo, José A.; Juranyi, F.; García Sakai, V.; Zamponi, M.; Arbe, Arantxa; Colmenero de León, JuanArtículo

Showing results 56944 to 56963 of 111484