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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess13-Oct-2004The influence of mesoscale physical processes on the larval fish community in the Canaries CTZ, in summerRodríguez, J. M.; Barton, Eric D.; Hernández León, Santiago; Arístegui, Javier
closedAccess2013Influence of metakaolin purities on potassium geopolymer formulation: The existence of several networksSobrados, Isabel; Sanz, J.; Rossignol, S.
closedAccessJun-2005Influence of metastable hydrated phases on the pore size distribution and degree of hydration of MK-blended cements cured at 60 °CFrías, M.; Sánchez de Rojas, María Isabel
closedAccess2011Influence of methyl jasmonate in conjunction with ethanol on the formation of volatile compounds in berries belonging to the RosaceaeBlanch, Gracia P.; Flores, Gema; Ruiz del Castillo, M. Luisa
closedAccess2008Influence of microalloying elements (Nb, V, Ti) on yield strength in bainitic steelsRancel, Lucía; Gómez, Manuel; Medina, Sebastián F.
closedAccess2010Influence of microalloying elements on recrystallization texture of warm-rolled interstitial free steelsCapdevila, Carlos; Amigó, V.; García Caballero, Francisca; García de Andrés, Carlos; Salvador, M. D.
closedAccess2014Influence of microstructural stability on the creep mechanism of Al-7wt% Si alloy processed by equal channel angular pressingOrozco-Caballero, A.; Menon, S.K.; Cepeda-Jiménez, C.M.; Hidalgo-Manrique, P.; McNelley, T.R.; Ruano, Oscar Antonio; Carreño, Fernando
closedAccess1999Influence of microstructure on the ductility of iron aluminidesMorris, David G.; Muñoz-Morris, Mª Antonia
openAccess2015Influence of microstructure on the enhancement of soft magnetic character and the induced anisotropy of field annealed HITPERM-type alloysBlázquez, J.S.; Marcin, J.; Franco, V.; Conde, A.; Skorvanek, I.
openAccess3-Feb-2012Influence of Milk-Feeding Type and Genetic Risk of Developing Coeliac Disease on Intestinal Microbiota of Infants: The PROFICEL StudyDe Palma, Giada; Capilla, Amalia; Nova, Esther; Castillejo, Gemma; Varea, Vicente; Pozo Rubio, Tamara; Garrote, José Antonio; Polanco, Isabel; López, Ana; Ribes-Koninckx, Carmen; Marcos, Ascensión; García Novo, María Dolores; Calvo, Carmen; Ortigosa, Luis; Peña-Quintana, Luis; Palau Martínez, Francesc; Sanz, Yolanda
closedAccessJun-2007Influence of minor components of olive oils on the composition and size of TRLs and on macrophage receptors involved in foam cell formationCabello-Moruno, Rosana; Perona, Javier S.; Ruiz-Gutiérrez, Valentina
closedAccess2009Influence of mischmetal composition on crystallization and mechanical properties of Mg80-Ni10-MM10 alloysPérez Zubiaur, Pablo; Gonzalez, S.; Garcés, Gerardo; Adeva, Paloma
openAccess2014Influence of mixed recycled aggregate on the physical e mechanical properties of recycled concreteMedina, César; Zhu, Wenzhong; Howind, Torsten; Sánchez de Rojas, María Isabel; Frías, M.
closedAccessApr-2001Influence of MK on the reaction kinetics in MK/lime and MK-blended cement systems at 20°CFrías, M.; Cabrera, J.
closedAccess2013Influence of Mn2+ concentration on Mn2+ -doped ZnS quantum dot synthesis: evaluation of the structural and photoluminescent propertiesSotelo-Gonzalez, Emma; Roces, Laura; García-Granda, S.; Fernandez-Arguelles, Maria T.; Costa-Fernandez, Jose M.; Sanz-Medel, A.
closedAccess11-Apr-2008Influence of Model Globular Proteins with Different Isoelectric Points on the Precipitation of Calcium CarbonateHernández-Hernández, A.; Rodríguez-Navarro, Alejandro; Gómez-Morales, J.; Jiménez-López, Concepción; Nys, Y.; García Ruiz, Juan Manuel
closedAccess1993Influence of moderate food restriction on calcium metabolism in pregnant rats.Vaquero, M. Pilar; Navarro, M. Pilar
closedAccessJul-2002Influence of modified atmosphere packaging on quality, vitamin C and phenolic content of artichokes (Cynara scolymus L.)Gil-Izquierdo, Ángel; Conesa, María Angeles; Ferreres, Federico; Gil Muñoz, M.ª Isabel
closedAccess2002Influence of molybdenum on passivation of polarised stainless steels in a chloride environmentBastidas Rull, José María; Torres, C. L.; Cano Díaz, Emilio; Polo, J. L.
openAccess2013Influence of mono- and divalent salts on water loss and properties of dry salted cod filletsMartínez Alvarez, Oscar; Gómez Guillén, M. C.