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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess28-Jul-2009Impact of squark generation mixing on the search for gluinos at LHCBartl, Alfred; Hidaka, K.; Hohenwarter-Sodek, K.; Kernreiter, T.; Majerotto, W.; Porod, Werner
openAccess22-May-2011Impact of steaming conditions on the structure and on the properties of bread crust; in the case of a crispy rollLe-Bail, A.; Altamirano Fortoul, Rossana; Dessev, T.; Rosell, Cristina M.; Leray, D.; Lucas, T.; Chevallier, S.; Jury, V.
closedAccess2013Impact of storage under ambient conditions on the vitamin content of dehydrated vegetablesPeñas, Elena; Sidro, Beatriz; Ullate, Mónica; Vidal-Valverde, Concepción; Frías, Juana
closedAccess2009Impact of submarine hydrothermal vents on the metal composition of krill and its excretion productsTovar-Sánchez, Antonio; Duarte, Carlos M.; Hernández León, Santiago; Sañudo-Wilhelmy, Sergio A.
openAccessNov-2011Impact of subsurface rock fragments on runoff and interrill soil loss from cultivated soilsSmets, Toon; López-Vicente, Manuel; Poesen, Jean
openAccess1-Jul-2015Impact of sulfonated hydrothermal carbon texture and surface chemistry on its catalytic performance in esterification reactionGarcía-Bordejé, Enrique
closedAccessJul-2014Impact of the atmospheric climate modes on Mediterranean sea level variabilityMartínez-Asensio, Adrián; Marcos, Marta; Tsimplis, M. N.; Gomis, Damià; Josey, Simon A.; Jordá, Gabriel
openAccess27-Apr-2014Impact of the atmospheric climate modes on wave climate in the North AtlanticMartínez-Asensio, Adrián; Tsimplis, M. N.; Marcos, Marta; Feng, Xiangbo; Gomis, Damià; Jordá, Gabriel; Josey, Simon A.
openAccessMay-2007Impact of the brine from a desalination plant on a shallow seagrass (Posidonia oceanica) meadowGacia, Esperança; Invers, O.; Manzanera, Marta; Ballesteros, Enric; Romero, Javier
closedAccess2014Impact of the Late Triassic Dashtak intermediate detachment horizon on anticline geometry in the Central Frontal Fars, SE Zagros fold belt, IranNajafi, M.; Yassaghi, A.; Bahroudi, A.; Vergés, Jaume; Sherkati, S.
closedAccess24-Jul-2012Impact of the Local Oscillator calibration on the SMOS sea surface Salinity mapsGabarró, Carolina; González, Verónica; Martínez, Justino; Guimbard, Sébastien; Gourrion, Jérôme; Piles, Maria; Portabella, Marcos; Font, Jordi
closedAccess2012Impact of the Local Oscillator calibration on the SMOS sea surface Salinity mapsGabarró, Carolina; González, Verónica; Martínez, Justino; Guimbard, Sébastien; Gourrion, Jérôme; Piles, Maria; Portabella, Marcos; Font, Jordi
closedAccessFeb-2013Impact of the Local Oscillator Calibration Rate on the SMOS Measurements and Retrieved SalinitiesGabarró, Carolina; González, Verónica; Corbella, I.; Torres, F.; Martínez, Justino; Portabella, Marcos; Font, Jordi
openAccessMay-2014Impact of the new common agricultural policy of the EU on the runoff production and soil moisture content in a Mediterranean agricultural systemLópez-Vicente, Manuel; Navas Izquierdo, Ana; Gaspar Ferrer, Leticia; Machín Gayarre, Javier
openAccess2014Impact of the nonvolatile wine matrix composition on the in vivo aroma release from winesMuñoz-González, Carolina; Martín-Álvarez, Pedro J.; Moreno-Arribas, M. Victoria; Pozo-Bayón, Mª Ángeles; Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (España); Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (España); European Commission
closedAccess2010Impact of the penalty points system on road traffic injuries in Spain: A time-series studyNovoa, Ana M.; Pérez, Katherine; Santamarina-Rubio, Elena; Marí-Dell'Olmo, Marc; Ferrando, Josep; Peiró, Rosana; Tobías, Aurelio; Zori, Pilar; Borrell, Carme
closedAccess2002Impact of the vegetation on the lignin pyrolytic signature of soil humic acids from Mediterranean soilsTinoco, Pilar; Almendros Martín, Gonzalo; González-Vila, Francisco Javier
closedAccess2011Impact of Thermal Processing on the Activity of Gallotannins and Condensed Tannins from Hamamelis virginiana Used as Functional Ingredients in SeafoodTorres, Josep Lluís; González, M. Jesús; Medina, Isabel
openAccess2007Impact of tidal poisson terms on nonrigid Earth rotationFolgueira, M.; Dehant, V.; Lambert, S. B.; Rambaux, N.
openAccess2012Impact of topography and soil factors on crop suitability in two Mediterranean areas (Egypt and Spain)Abd-Elmabod, S.K.; Jordán, A.; Anaya Romero, María; Alí, R.R.; Muñoz Rojas, M.; Martínez Zavala, L.; Rosa, Diego de la