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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013Integrating DNA and morphological taxonomy to describe a new species of the family Bathynellidae (Crustacea, Syncarida) from SpainCamacho Pérez, Ana I.; Álvarez Dorda, Beatriz; Rey Fraile, IsabelArtículo
24-Sep-2009Integrating empirical and heuristic knowledge in a KBS to approach stream eutrophicationLlorens, Esther; Comas, J.; Martí, Eugènia; Riera, Joan L.; Sabater, FrancescArtículo
2009Integrating empirical and heuristic knowledge in a KBS to approach stream eutrophication.Llorens, Esther; Comas, J.; Martí, Eugènia; Riera, Joan L.; Sabater, FrancescArtículo
Dec-2014Integrating genomics into evolutionary medicineRodríguez-Pérez, Juan Antonio; Marigorta, Urko M.; Navarro, ArcadiArtículo
Nov-2011Integrating geomorphological mapping, trenching, InSAR and GPR for the identification and characterization of sinkholes: A review and application in the mantled evaporite karst of the Ebro Valley (NE Spain)Gutiérrez, Francisco; Galve, Jorge Pedro; Lucha, Pedro; Castañeda del Álamo, Carmen; Bonachea, Jaime; Guerrero, JesúsArtículo
2006Integrating herbicide rate, barley variety and seeding rate for the control of sterile oat (Avena sterilis spp. ludoviciana) in Central SpainFernández Quintanilla, César; Leguizamón, E. S.; Navarrete, Luis; Sánchez del Arco, M. J.; Torner, C.; Lucas, C. deArtículo
3-Jul-2006Integrating information on marine species identification for fishery purposesLleonart, Jordi; Taconet, Marc; Lamboeuf, MichelArtículo
2006Integrating laccase-mediator treatment into an industrial-type sequence for totally chlorine-free bleaching of eucalypt kraft pulpIbarra, David; Camarero, Susana; Romero, Javier; Martínez, María Jesús; Martínez Ferrer, Ángel TomásArtículo
25-Jun-2012Integrating literature-constrained and data-driven inference of signalling networksEduati, Federica; De Las Rivas, Javier; Saez-Rodriguez, JulioArtículo
Jan-2012Integrating molecular and morphological approaches to uncover the unknown world of seabird feather mites from the Cape Verde ArchipelagoStefan, Laura M.; Gómez-Díaz, Elena; McCoy, Karen D.; González-Solís, JacobPóster
1-Jul-2013Integrating mtDNA analyses and ecological niche modelling to infer the evolutionary history of Alytes maurus (Amphibia; Alytidae) from MoroccoPous, Philip de; Metallinou, Margarita; Donaire, David; Carranza, Salvador; Sanuy, DelfiArtículo
2012Integrating musical Otherness in a new social order: indigenous music from Moxos, Bolivia, under Spanish Governor Lázaro de Ribera (r.1786–1792)Gembero-Ustárroz, MaríaArtículo
Nov-2010Integrating objectives and scales for planning and implementing wetland restoration and creation in agricultural landscapesMoreno-Mateos, David; Comín, Francisco A.Artículo
30-Jun-2007Integrating out strange quarks in ChPTGasser, Jurg; Haefeli, Christoph; Ivanov, Mikhail A.; Schmid, MartinArtículo
2004Integrating point and diffuse pollution in an Environmental Decision Support System for stream management at reach scaleLlorens, Esther; Comas, J.; Poch, M.; Martí, Eugènia; Puig, Mariàngels; Riera, Joan L.; Sabater, Francesc; Pargament, D.; Push, M.; Venorh, M.; Vervier, P.Capítulo de libro
2014Integrating sensory/actuation systems in agricultural vehiclesEmmi, Luis; Gonzalez-de-Soto, M.; Pajares, Gerardo; González de Santos, PabloArtículo
2011Integrating task planning and interactive learning for robots to work in human environmentsAgostini, Alejandro Gabriel; Torras, Carme; Wörgötter, FlorentinComunicación de congreso
2011Integrating the intrinsic conformational preferences of noncoded α-amino acids modified at the peptide bond into the noncoded amino acids databaseRevilla-López, G.; Calaza, M. Isabel; Zanuy, David; Jiménez, Ana I.; Cativiela, Carlos; Nussinov, Ruth; Alemán, CarlosArtículo
Feb-2015Integrating the provision of ecosystem services and trawl fisheries for the management of the marine environmentMuntadas, Alba; de Juan, Silvia; Demestre, MontserratArtículo
2012Integrating tracer-based metabolomics data and metabolic fluxes in a linear fashion via Elementary Carbon ModesPey, Jon; Rubio, Angel; Theodoropoulos, Constantinos; Cascante, Marta; Planes, Francisco J.Artículo

Showing results 54866 to 54885 of 109702