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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
26-Jan-2007Intra-plant Variation in Nectar Sugar Composition in Two Aquilegia Species (Ranunculaceae): Contrasting Patterns under Field and Glasshouse ConditionsCanto, Azucena; Pérez, Ricardo; Medrano, Mónica; Castellanos, María Clara; Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Sep-2011Intra-population comparison of vegetative and floral traitCastellanos, María Clara; Alcántara, Julio M.; Rey, Pedro J.; Bastida, Jesús M.Artículo
Apr-2011Intra-population comparison of vegetative and floral trait heritabilities estimated from molecular markers in wild Aquilegia populationsCastellanos, María Clara; Alcántara, Julio M.; Rey, Pedro J.; Bastida, Jesús M.Artículo
2014Intra-sexual competition alters the relationship between testosterone and ornament expression in a wild territorial birdMartínez-Padilla, Jesús; Pérez-Rodríguez, Lorenzo; Mougeot, François; Ludwig, S.; Redpath, Steve M.Artículo
2013Intra-specific variability and biological relevance of P3N-PIPO protein length in potyvirusesHillung, Julia; Elena, Santiago F.; Cuevas, José M.Artículo
2011Intra-specific variation in pea responses to ammonium nutrition leads to different degrees of toleranceCruz, Cristina; Domínguez-Valdivia, María Dolores; Aparicio-Tejo, Pedro María; Lamsfus, Carmen; Bio, Ana; Martins-Loução, Maria Amelia; Morán, José F.Artículo
2013Intra-system derivative discontinuities in static DFT and correlated photon-electron wavefunctions in cavity QEDAppel, H.; Flick, Johannes; Dimitrov, Tanja; Rubio, AngelComunicación de congreso
1991Intracellular analysis of excitatory-inhibitory synaptic interactions in crayfish stretch receptorsBarrio, L.C.; Araque, Alfonso; Abraira, V.; Buño, W.Artículo; Artículo
2005Intracellular and dissolved microcystins in reservoirs of the river Segura basin from Murcia, SE SpainAboal, M.; Puig, MariàngelsArtículo
2012Intracellular and plasma pharmacokinetics of 400 mg of etravirine once daily versus 200 mg of etravirine twice daily in HIV-infected patientsGutiérrez, Alicia; Martín-Peña, Reyes; Torres-Cornejo, Almudena; Ruiz-Valderas, Rosa; Castillo, J. R.; López-Cortés, Luis F.Artículo
3-Oct-2008An Intracellular Antioxidant Determines the Expression of a Melanin-Based Signal in a BirdGalván, Ismael; Alonso-Álvarez, CarlosArtículo
2001Intracellular compartmentation of pyruvate in primary cultures of cortical neurons as detected by (13)C NMR spectroscopy with multiple (13)C labelsCruz, Fátima; Villalba, Martín; García-Espinosa, María A.; Ballesteros, Paloma; Bogónez, Elena; Satrústegui, Jorgina; Cerdán, SebastiánArtículo
9-Apr-2009Intracellular device which can be used as a biological activity sensor element or actuatorEsteve i Tintó, Jaume; Plaza Plaza, José Antonio; Suárez González, Teresa; Nogués Sanmiquel, María del CarmenPatente
1992Intracellular effects of QX-314 and Cs+ in hippocampal pyramidal neurons in vivoNuñez, A.; Buño, W.Artículo; Artículo
20-Jun-1997Intracellular ingestion and salivation by aphids may cause the acquisition and inoculation of non-persistently transmitted plant virusesMartín, B.; Tjallingii, W. F.; Collar, J. L.; Fereres, AlbertoArtículo
2010Intracellular location of syntaxin 7 in human neutrophilsXie, L.-X.; Calafat, Jero; Iglesia-Vicente, Janis de la; Mollinedo, FaustinoArtículo
Mar-2008Intracellular machinery for the transport of AMPA receptorsEsteban, J. A.Artículo
2008Intracellular proadrenomedullin-derived peptides decorate the microtubules and contribute to cytoskeleton functionSackett, D.L.; Ozbun, L.; Zudaire, Enrique; Wessner, L.; Chirgwin, J.M.; Cuttitta, F.; Martínez, AlfredoArtículo
Nov-2005Intracellular Salivation Is the Mechanism Involved in the Inoculation of Cauliflower Mosaic Virus by Its Major Vectors Brevicoryne brassicae and Myzus persicaeMoreno, Aránzazu; Palacios, Itziar; Blanc, S.; Fereres, AlbertoArtículo
1-Aug-2007Intracellular signaling required for CCL25-stimulated T cell adhesion mediated by the integrin α4β1Parmo-Cabañas, Marisa; García-Bernal, David; García-Verdugo, Rosa; Kremer, Leonor; Márquez, Gabriel; Teixidó, JoaquínArtículo

Showing results 54354 to 54373 of 107096