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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess16-Sep-2010Immobilised biocatalyst based on alginate for the biotransformation of carbohydratesAlcalde Galeote, Miguel; Gutiérrez Alonso, Patricia; Fernández Lobato, María; Fernández Arrojo, Lucía; Ballesteros, Antonio; Plou Gasca, Francisco José
openAccess1985Immobilization and marking of the Egyptian Mongoose, Herpestes ichneumon (L.), in SpainBeltrán, Juan F.; Delibes, M.
closedAccess2013Immobilization and biochemical properties of a β-xylosidase activated by glucose/xylose from Aspergillus niger USP-67 with transxylosylation activityPessela, Benevides C.; Guisán, José M.; Mateo, Cesar; Polizeli, Maria de Lourdes T. M.
closedAccess1985Immobilization and marking of the Egyptian Mongoose, Herpestes ichneumon (L.) in SpainBeltrán, Juan F.; Delibes, M.; Ibáñez, Carlos
closedAccess2013Immobilization and stabilization of a bimolecular aggregate of the lipase from Pseudomonas fluorescens by multipoint covalent attachmentNunes de Lima, Lionete; Aragon, Caio C.; Mateo, Cesar; Palomo, José Miguel; Giordano, R. L. C.; Tardioli, Paulo W.; Guisán, José M.; Fernández-Lorente, Gloria
closedAccess2012Immobilization of a recombinant endo-1,5-arabinanase secreted by Aspergillus nidulans strain A773Pessela, Benevides C.; Mateo, Cesar; Guisán, José M.; Teixeira de Moraes Polizeli, Maria de Lourdes
openAccess20-Feb-2010Immobilization of beta-cyclodextrin in ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer for active food packaging applicationsLópez de Dicastillo, Carol; Gallur, Miriam; Catalá Moragrega, Ramón; Hernández Muñoz, Pilar; Gavara, Rafael
closedAccess15-Nov-2005Immobilization of cesium in alkaline activated fly ash matrixFernández-Jiménez, Ana; Macphee, D. E.; Lachowski, E. E.; Palomo, Ángel
openAccessJan-1993Immobilization of Common Genets, Genetta genetta, with a Combination of Ketamine and XylazinePalomares, Francisco
openAccessOct-1994Immobilization of Coypus (Myocastor coypus) with Ketamine Hydrochloride and Xylazine HydrochloridePalomares, Francisco; Bo, R.F.; Beltrán, Juan F.; Villafañe, Gloria; Moreno, Sacramento
openAccess1992Immobilization of Egyptian mongooses, Herpestes ichneumon, with a combination of ketamine and xylazinePalomares, Francisco; Delibes, M.
openAccessOct-1994Immobilization of Free-ranging Red Foxes (Vulpes vulpes) with Tiletamine Hydrochloride and Zolazepam HydrochlorideTravaini, Alejandro; Delibes, M.
openAccessOct-2001Immobilization of Heavy Metals in Polluted Soils by the Addition of Zeolitic Material Synthesized from Coal Fly Ash.Moreno, Natalia; Querol, Xavier; Alastuey, Andrés; García-Sánchez, A.; López Soler, Ángel; Ayora, Carles
closedAccess2007Immobilization of mercury in soils of Venezuela using phospho-gypsum and sulphate-reducing bacteria.Adams, E.; García-Sánchez, A.; Santos Francés, F.; Velázquez, E.; Adams Meléndez, M.
openAccess13-May-2010Immobilization of Phaeobacter 27-4 in biofilters as a strategy for the control of Vibrionaceae infections in marine fish larval rearingProl García, María Jesús
openAccess2007Immobilization of Pycnoporus coccineus laccase on Eupergit C: stabilization and treatment of olive oil mill wastewatersBerrio, J; Plou, Francisco J.; Ballesteros, Antonio O.; Martínez Ferrer, Ángel Tomás; Martínez Hernández, María Jesús
closedAccess2004Immobilization of the heavy metals Cd, Cu and Pb in an acid soil amended with gypsum-and lime-rich industrial by-productsIllera, V.; Garrido, Fernando; Serrano, S.; García González, María Teresa
closedAccess2011Immobilization-stabilization of glucoamylase: Chemical modification of the enzyme surface followed by covalent attachment on highly activated glyoxyl-agarose supportsTardioli, Paulo W.; Betancor, Lorena; Mateo, Cesar; Fernández-Lorente, Gloria; Guisán, José M.
openAccess6-Dec-2007Immobilized and stabilized mutated penicillin G acylase enzyme, process for obtaining Iit and its applicationsGrazú Bonavia, Valeria; Guisán Seijas, José Manuel; Fernández-Lafuente, Roberto; Abian, Olga; Montes, Tamara; Mateo González, César; González García, Ramón; Hermoso Domíngues, Juan Antonio; García López, José Luis
openAccess16-Aug-2011Immobilized biocatalysts: novel approaches and tools for binding enzymes to supportsTorres-Salas, Pamela; Monte-Martinez, Alberto del; Cutiño-Avila, Bessy; Rodriguez-Colinas, Bárbara; Alcalde, Miguel; Ballesteros, Antonio; Plou Gasca, Francisco José