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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2011High strength steels fracture toughness variation by the mediaSánchez, Javier; Fullea, J.; Andrade, C.
openAccess1-Apr-2015High surface - highly N-doped carbons from hydrothermally-treated tanninBraghiroli, Flavia L.; Fierro, Vanessa; Izquierdo, MariaTeresa; Parmentier, julien; Pizzi;, Antonio; Delmotte, Luc; Fioux, Philippe; Celzard, Alain
openAccessOct-2014High surface area stainless steel wire mesh-supported TiO2 prepared by sacrificial template accelerated hydrolysis. A monolithic photocatalyst superior to P25 TiO2Vu, Thi Tan; Valdés-Solís Iglesias, Teresa; Marbán Calzón, Gregorio
openAccess2003High survival rates during acclimatization of micropropagated fruit tree rootstocks by increasing exposures to low relative humidityMarín Velázquez, Juan Antonio
openAccessSep-2010“High Technology Elements” in Co-Rich Ferromanganese Crusts from the Scotia SeaGonzález Sanz, Francisco Javier; Somoza, Luis; Maldonado, Andrés; Lunar, Rosario; Martínez-Frías, J.; Martín Rubí, J. A.; Castillo-Carrión, Mercedes
openAccessJul-2011High temperature behaviour of a CuO/Al2O3 oxygen carrier for Chemical-Looping CombustionForero, C.R.; Gayán Sanz, Pilar; García Labiano, Francisco; Diego Poza, Luis F. de; Abad Secades, Alberto; Adánez Elorza, Juan
closedAccess2013High temperature constrains reproductive success in a temperate lizard: implications for distribution range limits and the impacts of climate changeMonasterio, C.; Shoo, Luke P.; Salvador Milla, Alfredo; Díaz González-Serrano José A.
openAccess30-Dec-2006High temperature corrosion of metallic interconnects in solid oxide fuel cellsMartínez Bastidas, David
closedAccess1993High temperature creep behavior of metal matrix AluminumSiC compositesGonzález-Doncel, Gaspar; Sherby, O. D.
closedAccess2008High temperature creep behaviour of an FeAl intermetallic strengthened by nanoscale oxide particlesMorris, David G.; Gutierrez-Urrutia, I.; Muñoz-Morris, Mª Antonia
closedAccess2013High temperature deformation and microstructural instability in AZ31 magnesium alloySpigarelli, S.; Ruano, Oscar Antonio; El Mehtedi, M.; Valle, J. A. del
closedAccess1993High temperature deformation behavior of an Al-Fe-V-Si alloyCarreño, Fernando; González -Doncel, Gaspar; Ruano, Oscar Antonio
closedAccess1993High temperature deformation behavior of an AlFeVSi alloyCarreño, Fernando; González-Doncel, Gaspar; Ruano, Oscar Antonio
closedAccess1998High temperature deformation behaviour of Al-Fe-V-Si alloysCarreño, Fernando; Ruano, Oscar Antonio
closedAccess14-Mar-2005High temperature effects on photosynthetic activity of two tomato cultivars with different heat susceptibilityCamejo, Daymi; Rodríguez, Pedro; Morales, María Angeles; Dell' Amico, José; Torrecillas Melendreras, Arturo; Alarcón Cabañero, Juan José
closedAccess2013High temperature far-infrared dynamics of orthorhombic NdMnO3: emissivity and reflectivityMassa, N. E.; Martínez-Lope, M. J.; Alonso, J. A.
openAccess2012High temperature finite-size effects in the magnetic properties of Ni nanowiresLópez-Ruiz, R.; Magen, C.; Luis, Fernando; Bartolomé, Juan
openAccess2014High temperature internal friction measurements of 3YTZP zirconia polycrystals. High temperature background and creepSimas, P.; Castillo-Rodríguez, Miguel; Nó, M.L.; De-Bernardi, S.; Gómez-García, D.; Domínguez-Rodríguez, Alejandro; San Juan, J.
closedAccess2003High Temperature Mechanical Behavior of a 30%Ni-19%Cr SteelJiménez, José Antonio; Ruano, Oscar Antonio; Larrea, María Teresa; Allende, R.; Carsí, Manuel
closedAccess1999High temperature mechanical behaviour of δ–γ stainless steelJiménez, José Antonio; Carreño, Fernando; Ruano, Oscar Antonio; Carsí, Manuel