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closedAccess15-Dec-2001Ground state particle-particle correlations and double-beta decayRaduta, A.A.; Sarriguren, Pedro; Faessler, Amand; Moya de Guerra, ElviraArtículo
closedAccess2002Ground states of weakly bound three-atom systems: Energies and shapes of 4He2X clusters from Monte Carlo calculationsPaola, C. Di.; Gianturco, Franco Antonio; Paesani, F.; Delgado Barrio, Gerardo; Miret-Artés, Salvador; Villarreal, Pablo; Baccarelli, Isabella; González Lezana, TomásArtículo
closedAccess2006Ground water leaching resistance of high and ultra high performance concretes in relation to the testing convection regimeAlonso, C.; Castellote, M.; Llorente, I.; Andrade, C.Artículo
openAccessJan-2013Ground-based facilities for simulation of microgravity: organism-specific recommendations for their use, and recommended terminologyHerranz, Raúl; Medina, F. Javier; Hemmersbach, RuthArtículo
openAccess2009Ground-state factorization and quantum phase transition in dimerized spin chainsGiorgi, Gian LucaArtículo
openAccess2014Ground-state properties and symmetry energy of neutron-rich and neutron-deficient Mg isotopesGaidarov, M.K.; Sarriguren, Pedro; Antonov, A.N.; Moya de Guerra, ElviraArtículo
openAccess3-Apr-2012Ground-state shape determination of N~Z nuclei via beta decay studiesPérez-Cerdán, Ana BelénTesis
openAccess2010Ground-state-cooling vibrations of suspended carbon nanotubes with constant electron currentZippilli, Stefano; Bachtold, Adrian; Morigi, GiovannaArtículo
closedAccess1-May-2014Grounding zone wedges, Kveithola Trough (NW Barents Sea)Rebesco, Michele; Urgeles, Roger; Llopart, Jaume; Camerlenghi, AngeloPóster
openAccess8-Jan-2014Groundwater arsenic content in Raigón aquifer system (San José, Uruguay)Mañay, N.; Goso, C.; Pistón, M.; Fernandez-Turiel, J. L.; Garcia-Valles, M.; Rejas, M.; Guerequiz, R.Artículo
closedAccess2007Groundwater arsenic distribution in South-western UruguayManganelli, A.; Goso, C.; Guerequiz, R.; Fernandez-Turiel, J. L.; García-Vallés, M.; Gimeno, D.; Pérez, C.Artículo
closedAccess17-Feb-2009Groundwater Biodiversity in EuropeBrancelj, A.; Camacho Pérez, Ana I.Artículo
openAccess2002Groundwater effects on diversity and abundance of lagoonal seagrasses in Kenya and on Zanzibar Island (East Africa)Kamermans, Pauline; Hemminga, Marten A.; Tack, Jurgen Frans; Mateo, Miguel Ángel; Marbà, Núria; Mtolera, Matern S. P.; Stapel, Johan; Verheyen, Anouk; Van Daele, ToonArtículo
closedAccessAug-2006Groundwater quality in CR-V irrigation district (Bardenas I, Spain): Alternative scenarios to reduce off-site salt and nitrate contaminationCausapé Valenzuela, Jesús; Quílez Sáez de Viteri, Dolores; Aragüés Lafarga, RamónArtículo
openAccess2006Groundwater-mediated limnology in SpainÁlvarez Cobelas, MiguelArtículo
closedAccess2011Group 11 complexes with imidazoline-2-thione or selone derivativesAroz, M. Teresa; Gimeno, M. Concepción; Kulcsar, Monika; Laguna, Antonio; Lippolis, V.Artículo
closedAccess2007Group 11 complexes with the bidentate (SePPh2)2CH2 and tridentate [(SePPh2)2CH]– ligandsCanales, Silvia; Crespo, Olga; Gimeno, M. Concepción; Jones, Peter G.; Laguna, AntonioArtículo
openAccess2006Group 11 complexes with the bis(3,5-dimethylpyrazol-1-yl)methane ligand. How secondary bonds can influence the coordination environment of Ag(I): the role of coordinated water in [Ag2(µ-L)2(OH2)2](OTf)2Calhorda, Maria José; Costa, Paulo J.; Crespo, Olga; Gimeno, M. Concepción; Jones, Peter G.; Laguna, Antonio; Naranjo, Mar; Quintal, Susana; Yu-Jun, Shi; Villacampa, M. DoloresArtículo
closedAccess2010Group 12 metal aryl selenolates. Crystal and molecular structure of [2-(Et2NCH2)C6H4]2Se 2 and [2-(Me2NCH2)C6H 4Se]2M (M = Zn, Cd)Pöllnitz, Alpar; Rotar, Adina; Silvestru, Anca; Silvestru, Cristian; Kulcsar, MonikaArtículo
closedAccess2014Group 6 Late Embryogenesis Abundant (LEA) Proteins in Monocotyledonous Plants: Genomic Organization and Transcript Accumulation Patterns in Response to Stress in Oryza sativaRodríguez-Valentín, Rocio; Campos, Francisco; Battaglia, Marina; Solórzano, Rosa M.; Rosales Villegas, Miguel Á.; Covarrubias, A. A.Artículo