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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess2011Griffiths-like phase and magnetic correlations at high fields in Gd5Ge4Pérez, Nicolás; Casanova, Fèlix; Bartolomé, Fernando; García, L. M.; Labarta, Amílcar; Batlle, Xavier
openAccessNov-2010Griffiths-like phase of magnetocaloric R5(SixGe1−x)4 (R=Gd, Tb, Dy, and Ho)Pereira, A. M.; Morellón, Luis; Magen, C.; Algarabel, Pedro A.; Ibarra, M. Ricardo
openAccess2012Griffon vulture mortality at wind farms in southern Spain: Distribution of fatalities and active mitigation measuresLucas, Manuela de; Ferrer, Miguel; Bechard, Mark J.; Muñoz, Antonio R.
openAccess30-Jun-1999Grimmia arcuatifolia and G. leibergii (Musci, Grimmiaceae), two neglected species from Northwestern North AmericaMuñoz, Jesús
closedAccess2009Grimmia horrida (Grimmiaceae), a new species from the Iberian PeninsulaMuñoz, Jesús; Hespanhol, Helena; Cezón, Katia; Séneca, Ana
closedAccess1983Grinding-induced effects on goethite (α-FeOOH)Rendón, José L.; Cornejo, J.; Arambarri, Pablo de
closedAccess2012Grit blasting of medical stainless steel: implications on its corrosion behavior, ion release and biocompatibilityGalván Sierra, Juan Carlos; Saldaña, L.; Multigner, M.; Calzado-Martín, M.; Larrea, María Teresa; Serra, C.: Vilaboa, N.; González-Carrasco, José Luis
openAccess2008Grit ingestion and size-related consumption of tubers by Graylag GeeseVaro, Nico; Amat, Juan A.
openAccessOct-2005Grit selection in waterfowl and how it determines exposure to ingested lead shot in Mediterranean wetlandsFiguerola, Jordi; Mateo, Rafael; Green, Andy J.; Mondain-Monval, J.Y.; Lefranc, H.; Mentaberre, Gregorio
closedAccess2012GRK2 contribution to the regulation of energy expenditure and brown fat functionVila-Bedmar, Rocio; garcía-Guerra, Lucía; Nieto-Vazquez, Iria; Mayor, Federico; Lorenzo, Margarita; Murga, Cristina; Fernández-Veledo, Sonia
closedAccess2012GRK2 contribution to the regulation of energy expenditure and brown fat functionVila-Bedmar, Rocio; Garcia-Guerra, Lucia; Nieto-Vazquez, Iria; Mayor Jr., Federico; Lorenzo, Margarita; Murga, Cristina; Fernández-Veledo, Sonia
closedAccessJan-2009GRK6, a gatekeeper of visceral hyperalgesiaMurga, Cristina; Mayor Menéndez, Federico
openAccessDec-1964Groc AnisHerrero Catalina, Joaquín
openAccessDec-1964Groc de LleidaHerrero Catalina, Joaquín
openAccess2010Groc...el sumari és!Martín Antorán, Natalia; Ruiz, Simón; Pascual, Ananda
closedAccess2006Gross genomic rearrangements involving deletions in the CFTR gene: characterization of six new events from a large cohort of hitherto unidentified cystic fibrosis chromosomes and meta-analysis of the underlying mechanismsFérec, Claude; Alonso, Maria Jesús
closedAccess2006Gross lesions in the Hubb octopus Octopus hubbsorumPascual, Santiago; Rocha, Francisco; Guerra, Ángel
openAccess2010Gross-alpha and gross-beta measurements. Critical remarks and a better alternative LSC approachSchönhofer, F.; García-Tenorio, R.
openAccessDec-1964Grosse MarangeHerrero Catalina, Joaquín
openAccessJan-1985Ground based observations of synoptic cloud systems in southern equatorial to temperate latitudes of Jupiter from 1975 to 1983Sánchez Lavega, A.; Rodrigo Montero, Rafael