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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Aug-2013Generation of Mouse and Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC) from Primary Somatic CellsLorenzo, I.M.; Fleischer, Aarne; Bachiller, DanielArtículo
1999Generation of null alleles for the functional analysis of six genes from the right arm of Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome IIDueñas, Encarnación; Vázquez de Aldana, Carlos R.; De Cos, Teresa; Castro, Carmen; Valdivieso, María HenarArtículo
16-Sep-2002Generation of Polyunsaturated Cumulene Chains by Unprecedented Insertions of the Ynamine MeC_CNEt2 in Ruthenium(II) Allenylidene ComplexesConejero Iglesias, Salvador; Díez, Josefina; Gamasa, María Pilar; Gimeno, José; García-Granda, SantiagoArtículo
1991Generation of pulse trains in the normal dispersion regime of a dielectric medium using a relaxing nonlinearitySoto Crespo, J. M.; Wright, E. M.Artículo
2013Generation of pure bulk valley current in grapheneJiang, Yongjin; Low, Tony; Chang, Kai; Katsnelson, M. I.; Guinea, F.Artículo
25-Sep-2007Generation of Quinoneimine Intermediates in the Bioactivation of 3-(N-Phenylamino)alanine (PAA) by Human Liver Microsomes: A Potential Link Between Eosinophilia-Myalgia Syndrome and Toxic Oil Syndrome.Martínez-Cabot, Anna; Messeguer Peypoch, ÀngelArtículo
2003Generation of retinal ganglion cells is modulated by caspase-dependent programmed cell deathMayordomo, Raquel; Valenciano, Ana I.; Rosa, Enrique J. de la; Hallböök, FinnArtículo
3-Mar-2010Generation of specific adhesion in Gram-negative bacteria by means of anchoring immunoglobulin single domains on their surface with autotransportersVeiga Chacón, Esteban; Lorenzo Prieto, Víctor de; Fernández Herrero, Luis ÁngelSolicitud de patente
2010Generation of sustained field potentials by gradients of polarization within single neurons: A macroscopic model of spreading depressionMakarova, J.; Makarov, V.A.; Herreras, ÓscarArtículo
2002Generation of technology-independent retargetable analog blocksCastro-López, R.; Fernández, Francisco V.; Medeiro, Fernando; Rodríguez Vázquez, AngelArtículo
2012Generation of the Cape Ghir upwelling filament: A numerical studyTroupin, Charles; Mason, Evan; Beckers, Jean-Marie; Sangrà, PabloArtículo
Feb-2010Generation of Under-Actuated Manipulators With Nonholonomic Joints From Ordinary ManipulatorsGrosch, Patrick; Gregorio, Raffaele di; Thomas, FedericoArtículo
2009Generation of under-actuated parallel robots with non-holonomic joints and kinetostatic analysis of a case-studyGrosch, Patrick; Gregorio, Raffaele di; Thomas, FedericoComunicación de congreso
26-Oct-2007Generation of Yeast Artificial Chromosome Transgenic Mice by Intracytoplasmic Sperm InjectionMoreira, Pedro N.; Pozueta, Julio; Giraldo, Patricia; Gutiérrez-Adán, Alfonso; Montoliu, LluísCapítulo de libro
27-Jul-2006Generation, annotation and analysis of ESTs from Trichoderma harzianum CECT 2413Vizcaíno, Juan Antonio; González, Francisco Javier; Suárez, Mª Belén; Redondo, José; Heinrich, Julian; Delgado-Jarana, Jesús; Hermosa, Rosa; Gutiérrez, Santiago; Monte, Enrique; Llobell, Antonio; Rey, ManuelArtículo
6-Dec-2012Generations of free men: Resistance and material culture in EthiopiaGonzález-Ruibal, AlfredoCapítulo de libro
1998Generator of Ultrashort Optical Pulses for Time Division MultiplexingDellunde, Jaume; Mirasso, Claudio R.; Torrent, M. C.; Sancho, J. M.Artículo
14-Mar-2008Generic absorbing transition in coevolution dynamicsVázquez, Federico; Eguíluz, Víctor M.; San Miguel, MaxiArtículo
2003Generic boundaries and evolution of characters in the Arctium group : a nuclear and chloroplast DNA analysisSusanna de la Serna, Alfonso; Garcia-Jacas, Núria; Vilatersana, Roser; Garnatje, TeresaArtículo
2000Generic delimitation and phylogeny of the Carduncellus-Carthamus complex (Asteraceae) based on ITS sequencesVilatersana, Roser; Susanna de la Serna, Alfonso; Garcia-Jacas, Núria; Garnatje, TeresaArtículo

Showing results 43635 to 43654 of 103866