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DerechosFecha Public.TítuloAutor(es)
openAccess2011Explaining the labour performance of immigrant women in Spain: the interplay between family, migration and legal trajectoriesGonzález Ferrer, Amparo
openAccesssep-2005Explaining the science and technology policies of regional governmentsSanz Menéndez, Luis; Cruz Castro, Laura
embargoedAccess2015Explaining the variation in impacts of non-native plants on local-scale species richness: The role of phylogenetic relatednessVilà, Montserrat; Rohr, Rudolf P.; Espinar, José L.; Hulme, Philip E.; Pergl, Jan; Le Roux, J.J.; Pyšek, Petr
openAccessdic-2004Explaining Variation in Public Support for Cuts in Levels of Unemployment Benefits Spending Across OECD CountriesFraile Maldonado, Marta; Ferrer, Mariona
closedAccessjul-2002Explaitation patterns of the cuttlefish,sepia Officinalis (cephalopoda,depiidae),in the Mediterranean seaBelcari, Paola; Sartor, Paolo; Sánchez, Pilar; Demestre, Montserrat; Tsangridis, Alexis; Leondarakis, Panagiotis; Lefkaditou, E.; Papaconstantinou, Costas
closedAccess27-feb-2009Explanation of the Delta(-)(5/2)(1930) as a rho Delta bound stateGonzález, P.; Oset, Eulogi; Vijande, Javier
openAccess17-ago-2006Explicit factorization of external coordinates in constrained Statistical Mechanics modelsEchenique, Pablo; Calvo, Iván
openAccess2013Explicit form of Pauli potential for direct derivation of pair density from a two-particle differential equation for the quintet state of four electrons with harmonic interparticle interactionsAkbari, A.; Amovilli, C.; March, Norman H.; Rubio, Angel
openAccess1998The explicit signalling of premise-conclusion sequences in research articles: a contrastive frameworkMoreno, Ana I.
openAccess2011Explicitly correlated treatment of H2NSi and H2SiN radicals: Electronic structure calculations and rovibrational spectraLauvergnat, D.; Senent Díez, María Luisa; Jutier, L.; Hochlaf, M.
closedAccess2005Exploding soliton and front solutions of the complex cubic-quintic Ginzburg-Landau equationSoto Crespo, J. M.; Akhmediev, N.
closedAccess2003Exploding solitons and Shil'nikov's theoremAkhmediev, N.; Soto Crespo, J. M.
openAccess1993Exploitation of host mechanism for parental care by avian brood parasitesRedondo, T.
openAccessjul-2011Exploitation of nuclear and cytoplasm variability in Hordeum chilense for wheat breedingRodríguez-Suárez, Cristina; Giménez, María J.; Ramírez, Mª Carmen; Martín Ramírez, Azahara Carmen; Gutierrez, Natalia; Ávila, Carmen M.; Martín Muñoz, Antonio Pedro; Atienza, Sergio G.
openAccess2010Exploitation of time-of-flight (ToF) camerasFoix, Sergi; Alenyà, Guillem; Torras, Carme
openAccess2002Exploitation patterns of Octopus vulgaris in two Mediterranean areasTsangridis, Alexis; Sánchez, Pilar; Ioannidou, Despina
closedAccess2007Exploitative strategies of the invasive Argentine ant (Linepithema humile) and native ant species in a southern Spanish pine forestCarpintero, S.; Retana, Javier; Cerdá, Xim; Reyes-López, J.; Arias de Reyna, Luis
openAccess2010Exploiting [2+2] cycloaddition chemistry: achievements with allenesAlcaide, Benito; Almendros, Pedro; Arangocillo, Cristina
closedAccessjul-2010Exploiting Catharanthus roseus roots: Source of antioxidantsPereira, David M.; Faria, Joana; Gaspar, Luís; Ferreres, Federico; Valentão, Patricia; Sottomayor, Mariana; Andrade, Paula B.
openAccess2009Exploiting domain symmetries in reinforcement learning with continuous state and action spacesAgostini, Alejandro Gabriel; Celaya, Enric