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2010Formation and emission properties of single InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots and pairs grown by droplet epitaxyAlén, Benito; Fuster, David; Muñoz-Matutano, G.; Alonso-González, Pablo; Canet-Ferrer, J.; Martínez-Pastor, Juan; Fernández-Martínez, Iván; Royo, M.; Climente, J. I.; González, Yolanda; Briones Fernández-Pola, Fernando; Molina, Sergio I.; González, LuisaComunicación de congreso
May-2007Formation and geminate quenching of singlet oxygen in purple bacterial reaction centerArellano, Juan B.; Yousef, Yaser A.; Melo, Thor Bernt; Mohamad, Samsun B. B.; Cogdell, Richard J.; Naqvi, K. RaziArtículo
16-Oct-2007Formation and optical characterization of single InAs quantum dots grown on GaAs nanoholesAlonso-González, Pablo; Alén, Benito; Fuster, David; González, Yolanda; González, Luisa; Martínez-Pastor, JuanArtículo
4-Oct-2003Formation and properties of miniemulsions formed by microemulsions dilutionPons Pons, Ramon; Carrera Altarriba, Imma; Caelles, Jaume; Rouch, J.; Panizza, P.Artículo
2-Oct-2007Formation and properties of reverse micellar cubic liquid crystals and derived emulsionsRodríguez-Abreu, Carlos; Shrestha, Lok Kumar; Varade, Dharmesh; Aramaki, Kenji; Maestro, Alicia; López Quintela, Arturo; Solans, ConxitaArtículo
2010Formation and reactivity of new Nicholas-Ferrier pyranosidic cations: Novel access to oxepanes via a 1,6-hydride shift/cyclization sequenceGómez, Ana M.; Lobo, Fernando; Pérez De Las Vacas, Daniel; Valverde, Serafín; López, J. CristobalArtículo
2012Formation and relevance of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural in bioactive subcritical water extracts from olive leavesHerrero, Miguel; Castro-Puyana, M.; Rocamora-Reverte, Lourdes; Ferragut, José A.; Cifuentes, Alejandro; Ibáñez, ElenaArtículo
20-May-2004Formation and stability of nano-emulsionsTadros, Tharwat F.; Izquierdo, P.; Esquena, Jordi; Solans, ConxitaArtículo
2001Formation and stereochemistry of octahedral cationic hydride-azavinylidene osmium(IV) complexesCastarlenas, Ricardo; Esteruelas, Miguel A.; Lledós, Agustí; Oñate, EnriqueArtículo
Jan-1994Formation and Transformation of Pigments during the Fruit Ripening of Capsicum annuum Cv. Bola and AgridulceMínguez Mosquera, María Isabel; Hornero-Méndez, DámasoArtículo
2012Formation mechanism of LiFePO 4 sticks grown by a microwave-assisted liquid-phase processCarriazo, Daniel; Rossell, M. D.; Zeng, G.; Bilecka, I.; Erni, R.; Niederberger, M.Artículo
2013Formation mechanism of ZrB2-Al2O3 nanocomposite powder by mechanically induced self-sustaining reactionJalaly, M.; Bafghi, M.Sh.; Tamizifar, M.; Gotor, F.J.Artículo
1999Formation of 2,3-sec-acids in the biotransformation of the Diterpene Ribenone by Gibeberella fujikuroiM. Fraga, Braulio; González, Pedro; Hernández, Melchor G.; Suárez, SergioArtículo
2012Formation of 5-(hydroxymethyl)furfural during subcritical water extraction of natural matrices. Is it bioactivity-relevant?Herrero, Miguel; Castro-Puyana, M.; Rocamora-Reverte, Lourdes; Ferragut, José A.; Cifuentes, Alejandro; Ibáñez, ElenaComunicación de congreso
2010Formation of a basin-wide bottom nepheloid layer in the western Mediterranean after the winter 2005 dense shelf water cascading eventPuig, Pere; Durrieu de Madron, Xavier; Schroedor, K.; Salat, Jordi; López-Jurado, José Luis; Gasparini, G. P.; Palanques, Albert; Emelianov, MikhailComunicación de congreso
Apr-1986Formation of a covalent complex between the terminal protein of pneumococcal bacteriophage Cp-1 and 5'-dAMPGarcía, Pedro; Hermoso, José Miguel; García, Juan Antonio; García, Ernesto; López, Rubens; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
15-Sep-1982Formation of a covalent complex between the terminal protein, p3, and 5'-dAMPPeñalva, Miguel Angel; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
2008Formation of an asymmetric acyclic osmium-dienylcarbene complexBolaño, Tamara; Castarlenas, Ricardo; Esteruelas, Miguel A.; Oñate, EnriqueArtículo
1996The formation of an ent-11a,16a-epoxykaurane of biosynthetic significance by Gibberella fujikuroiFraga, Braulio M.; González, Pedro; Guillermo, Ricardo; Hernández, Melchor G.Artículo
1982The formation of an ent-6a, 7a-epoxykaurene of possible biosynthetic significance by Gibberella fujikuroiFraga, Braulio M.; González, Antonio G.; González, Pedro; Hanson, James R.; Hernández, Melchor G.; Hitchcock, Peter B.Artículo

Showing results 43582 to 43601 of 108207