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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess1-Feb-1999Evolution of heavy metals in marsh areas under rice farmingAndreu Pérez, V.; Gimeno-García, Eugenia
closedAccess2000Evolution of humic acid molecular weight as an index of compost stabilityTomati, U.; Madejón, Engracia; Galli, E.
closedAccess2013Evolution of hydrogen at dissolving magnesium surfacesFrankel, G.S.; Samaniego, Alejandro; Birbilis, N.
openAccess2000Evolution of Iberia during the Cenozoic with special emphasis on the formation of the Betic Cordillera and its relation with the western MediterraneanSanz de Galdeano, Carlos
openAccessJun-1996Evolution of illite/smectite from early diagenesis through incipient metamorphism in sediments of the Basque-Cantabrian BasinNieto, F.; Ortega-Huertas, M.; Peacor, D. R.; Aróstegui, J.
closedAccess2009Evolution of internal strain during plastic deformation in magnesium matrix compositesGarcés, Gerardo; Oñorbe, Elvira; Pérez Zubiaur, Pablo; Denks, I. A.; Adeva, Paloma
closedAccess2010Evolution of Linear Absorption and Nonlinear Optical Properties in V-Shaped Ruthenium(II)-Based ChromophoresCoe, Benjamin J.; Helliwell, Madeleine; Brunschwig, Bruce S.; Clays, Koen; Garín, Javier; Orduna, Jesús; Horton, Peter N.; Hursthouse, Michael B.
closedAccess2003Evolution of low-copy number and major satellite DNA sequences coexisting in two Pimelia species-groups (Coleoptera)Bruvo-Madaric, Branka; Pons, Joan; Ugarkovic, Durdica; Juan, Carlos; Petitpierre, Eduard; Plohl, Miroslav
openAccess5-Feb-2010The evolution of luminous compact blue galaxies: Disks or spheroids?Pisano, D. J.; Garland, C. A.; Rabidoux, Katie; Wolfe, Spencer; Guzmám, R.; Pérez Gallego, J.; Castander, Francisco J.
openAccess2013Evolution of magnetoelectric properties of Sc-diluted TbMnO3Cuartero, Vera; Blasco, Javier; García, Joaquín; Stankiewicz, Jolanta; Subías, G.; Rodríguez-Velamazán, J. A.; Ritter, C.; Diputación General de Aragón; Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (España)
openAccess28-Feb-2006Evolution of mechanical properties with temperature in amorphous Mg10Ni10Y ribbonsTorrijos, Miguel Angel; Garcés, Gerardo; García-Barriocanal, J.; Pérez Zubiaur, Pablo; Adeva, Paloma
closedAccess2006Evolution of microstructural banding during the manufacturing process of dual phase steelsGarcía Caballero, Francisca; García-Junceda, A.; Capdevila, Carlos; García de Andrés, Carlos
closedAccess2012Evolution of microstructure and mechanical properties during tempering of continuously cooled bainitic steelsSourmail, T.; Smanio, V.; García Caballero, Francisca; Cornide, Juan; Capdevila, Carlos; García Mateo, Carlos
openAccess2012Evolution of Microstructure and Precipitation State during Thermomechanical Processing of a Low Carbon Microalloyed SteelValles, P.; Gómez, Manuel; Medina, Sebastián F.; Pastor, A.; Vilanova, O.
closedAccess2011Evolution of microstructure and precipitationstate during thermomechanical processing of a X80 microalloyed steelGómez, Manuel; Valles, P.; Medina, Sebastián F.
closedAccess2002Evolution of microstructure and texture during industrial processing of FeAl sheetsMorris, David G.; Deevi, S. C.
closedAccess2010Evolution of microstructure during low temperature superplastic deformation of bulk nanostructured Ni-Cr-Fe-Nb superalloyValitov, V. A.; Mukhtarov, S. K.; Zhilyaev, A. P.; Ruano, Oscar Antonio
closedAccess2008Evolution of microstructure of an iron aluminide during severe plastic deformation by heavy rollingMorris, David G.; Gutierrez-Urrutia, I.; Muñoz-Morris, Mª Antonia
openAccess2013Evolution of Mineralogical Phases by 27Al and 29Si NMR in MK-Ca(OH)2 System Cured at 60°CFrías, M.; Martínez-Ramírez, Sagrario; Blasco, Teresa; Frías Ridríguez, María
openAccess2012Evolution of mineralogical phases produced during the pozzolanic reaction of different metakaolinite by-products: Influence of the activation processFrías, M.; García, R.; Rodríguez, O.; Goñi Elizalde, Sara; Vegas, Iñigo