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2009How to excite a rogue waveAkhmediev, N.; Soto Crespo, J. M.; Ankiewicz, A.Artículo
2009How to improve the model partitioning in a DSS for instrumentation designDomancich, Alejandro O.; Durante, Marcelo; Ferraro, Sebastián; Hoch,Patricia; Brignole, Nélida B.; Ponzoni, IgnacioArtículo
2012How to manage neutropenia in multiple myelomaPalumbo, Antonio; Bladé, Joan; San Miguel, Jesús F.Artículo
1-Apr-2008How to measure uncertainties in environmental risk assassmentDarbra, Rosa María; Eljarrat, Ethel; Barceló, DamiàArtículo
1-Jun-2010How to prevent twin formation in epitaxial ZnO thin films grown on c-plane sapphireSteplecaru, C. S.; Martín-González, Marisol S.; Fernández Lozano, José Francisco; Costa Krämer, José LuisArtículo
2011How to protect liver graft with nitric oxideAbdennebi, Hassen B.; Zaouali, Mohamed A.; Alfany-Fernández, Izabel; Tabka, Donia; Roselló-Catafau, JoanArtículo
2011How to subsidise the newsEllman, MatthewComunicación de congreso
2006How to test different density-dependent fecundity hypotheses in an increasing or stable populationFerrer, Miguel; Newton, I.; Casado, EvaArtículo
28-Mar-2003How to work with one-dimensional quadratic mapsPastor, Gerardo; Romera, Miguel; Álvarez Marañón, Gonzalo; Montoya Vitini, FaustoArtículo
1-Aug-2002How Universal is Behavior? A Four Country Comparison of Spite, Cooperation and Errors in Voluntary Contribution MechanismsBrandts, Jordi; Saijo, Tatsuyoshi; Schram, ArthurDocumento de trabajo
27-Feb-2012How useful could Arabic documentary sources be for reconstructing past climate?Domínguez-Castro, F.; Vaquero, José Manuel; Marín, Manuela; Gallego, María Cruz; Garcia Herrera, R.Artículo
Nov-2007How useful is chemical oxidation with dichromate for the determination of “Black Carbon” in fire-affected soils?Knicker, Heike; Müller, Petra; Hilscher, AndréArtículo
2013How useful is the mid-infrared spectroscopy in the assessment of black carbon in soilsRosa Arranz, José M. de la; González-Vila, Francisco Javier; González-Pérez, José Antonio; Almendros, G.; Hernández, Zulimar; López Martín, María; Knicker, HeikeArtículo
2001How Vav proteins discriminate the GTPases Rac1 and Rhoa from Cdc42Movilla, Nieves; Dosil, Mercedes; Bustelo, Xosé R.Artículo
2009How we experience immersive virtual environments: The concept of presence and its measurementSlater, Mel; Lotto, Beau; Arnold, María Marta; Sánchez-Vives, María V.Artículo
2013How well do CMIP5 Earth System Models simulate present climate conditions in Europe and Africa?Brands, S.; Herrera, S.; Fernández, J.; Gutiérrez, Jose M.Artículo
2008How Well do Individuals Predict the Selling Prices of their Homes?Benitez-Silva, Hugo; Eren, Selcuk; Heiland, Frank; Jiménez-Martín, SergiArtículo
2010How well do we understand the impacts of alien species on ecosystem services? A pan-European, cross-taxa assessmentVilà, Montserrat; Basnou, Corina; Pyšek, Petr; Jossefson, Melanie; Genovesi, Piero; Gollasch, Stephan; Nentwig, Wolfgang; Olenin, Sergej; Roques, AlainArtículo
2012Hox genes regulate digit patterning by controlling the wavelength of a turing-type mechanismSheth, Rushikesh; Bastida, M. Félix; Junco, Marisa; Ros, María A.Artículo
2012Hox genes regulate the onset of Tbx5 expression in the forelimbMinguillón, CarolinaArtículo

Showing results 43174 to 43193 of 95558