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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2009Hydrodynamic view of wave-packet interference: Quantum cavesChou, Chia-Chun; Sanz, Ángel S.; Miret-Artés, Salvador; Wyatt, R.E.Artículo
2009Hydrodynamic, non-photic modulation of biorhythms in the Norway lobster, Nephrops norvegicus (L.)Aguzzi, Jacopo; Puig, Pere; Company, Joan B.Artículo
16-May-2008Hydrodynamics and beyond in the strongly coupled N=4 plasmaAmado, Irene; Hoyos, Carlos; Landsteiner, Karl; Montero, SergioPre-print
26-Nov-2013Hydrodynamics and sediment transport on the Gulf of Valencia continental slope (NW Mediterranean)Ribó, Marta; Puig, PerePóster
6-May-2009Hydrodynamics of Holographic SuperconductorsAmado, Irene; Kaminski, Matthias; Landsteiner, KarlArtículo
2013Hydrodynamics of Undular Free Surface FlowsDey, Subhasish; Bose, Sujit; Castro-Orgaz, ÓscarArtículo
2010Hydroformylation of synthetic naphtha catalyzed by a dinuclear gem-dithiolato-bridged rhodium(I) complexPardey, A. J.; Pérez-Torrente, Jesús J.; Oro, Luis A.Artículo
17-Feb-2011Hydrogels based on poloxamers with a star structure for the controlled release of active substancesParra Ruiz, Jesús; Vázquez Lasa, Blanca; San Román del Barrio, Julio; Rodríguez Alonso, Lucena; Herrero Vanrell, María del RocioSolicitud de patente
10-Feb-2004Hydrogen adsorption studies on single wall carbon nanotubesAnsón Casaos, Alejandro; Callejas, M. Alicia; Benito, Ana M.; Maser, Wolfgang K.; Izquierdo Pantoja, María Teresa; Rubio Villa, Begoña; Jagiello, J.; Thommes, M.; Parra Soto, José Bernardo; Martinez, M. TeresaArtículo
2014Hydrogen and multiwall carbon nanotubes production by catalytic decomposition of methane: Thermogravimetric analysis and scaling-up of Fe-Mo catalystsTorres Gamarra, Daniel; Pinilla Ibarz, José Luis; Lázaro Elorri, María Jesús; Moliner Álvarez, Rafael; Suelves Laiglesia, IsabelArtículo
5-Jun-2007Hydrogen atom transfer experiments provide chemical evidence for the conformational differences between C- and O-glycosidesMartín, Ángeles; Quintanal, Luis M.; Suárez, ErnestoArtículo
9-Feb-2005Hydrogen atom transfer methodology for the synthesis of C-22, C-23, and C-25 stereoisomers of cephalostatin north 1 side chain from spirostan sapogeninsBetancor, Carmen; Freire, Raimundo; Pérez-Martín, Inés; Prangé, Thierry; Suárez, ErnestoArtículo
1979Hydrogen bonding and i.r. spectra of N-substituted granatanine- and nortropane-3-spiro-5′-hydantoinsBellanato, Juana; Avendaño, Carlos; Ballesteros, P.; Martínez, M.Artículo; Artículo
21-Oct-2004Hydrogen bonding and vibrational properties of hydroxy groups in the crystal lattice of dioctahedral clay minerals by means of first principles calculationsBotella, V.; Timon, V.; Escamilla-Roa, E.; Hernández-Laguna, Alfonso; Sainz-Díaz, C. IgnacioArtículo
1988Hydrogen bonding between nucleic acid constituents and amino acid amide groupMolina, M.; Carmona, PedroArtículo
1997Hydrogen Bonding in Copoly(ether−urea)s and Its Relationship with the Physical PropertiesMarcos-Fernández, Ángel; Lozano, Ángel E.; González Hernández, Luis; Rodríguez Díaz, AndrésArtículo
1984Hydrogen bonding of 1-cyclohexyluracil with acetylglycine N-methylamideCarmona, Pedro; García-Ramos, José VicenteArtículo
1982Hydrogen bonding of carboxyl and amide groups to nucleosidesGarcía-Ramos, José Vicente; Carmona, PedroArtículo
2008Hydrogen bonds and ionic interactions in Guanidine/Guanidinium complexes: A computational case studyRozas, Isabel; Alkorta, Ibon; Elguero, JoséArtículo
1987Hydrogen bonds between protein side chains and phosphates and their role in biological calcificationCarmona, Pedro; Rodríguez, M. L.Artículo

Showing results 43018 to 43037 of 94533