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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
29-Apr-2014Heavy baryon spectroscopy with relativistic kinematicsValcarce, A.; Garcilazo, H.; Vijande, JavierArtículo
13-Feb-2010Heavy colored resonances in t(t)over-bar + jet at the LHCFerrario, Paola; Rodrigo, GermánArtículo
Sep-2010Heavy Flavor DIS Wilson coefficients in the asymptotic regimeBierenbaum, Isabella; Blumlein, Johannes; Klein, Sebastian; Ablinger, J.; Hasselhuhn, A.; Schneider, C.; Wissbrock, F.Comunicación de congreso
2011Heavy flooding effects on home range and habitat selection of free-ranging Iberian hares (Lepus granatensis) in Doñana National Park (SW Spain)Carro, Francisco; Soriguer, Ramón C.; Beltrán, Juan F.; Andreu, Ana C.Artículo
2010Heavy ion beam measurement of the hydration of cementitious materialsLivingston, R. A.; Castellote, M.; Viedma, P. G. deArtículo
2000Heavy metal adsorption by functionalized claysCelis, R.; Hermosín, M. C.; Cornejo, J.Artículo
2006Heavy metal adsorption by montmorillonites modified with natural organic cationsCruz-Guzmán Alcalá, M.; Celis, R.; Hermosín, M. C.; Koskinen, W. C.; Nater, E. A.; Cornejo, J.Artículo
Jun-2003Heavy metal bioavailability in a soil affected by mineral sulphides contamination following the mine spillage at Aznalcóllar (Spain)Clemente Carrillo, Rafael; Walker, David J.; Roig, Asunción; Bernal Calderón, M. PilarArtículo
22-Apr-2002Heavy metal concentrations in Squilla mantis (L.) (Crustacea, Stomatopoda) from the Gulf of Cádiz: Evaluation of the impact of the Aznalcollar mining spillBlasco, Julián; Arias, Alberto M.; Sáenz, V.Artículo
Jan-2007Heavy metal content in Erica andevalensis: An endemic plant from the extreme acidic environment of Tinto river and its soilsRodríguez, Nuria; Amils, Ricardo; Jiménez-Ballesta, Raimundo; Rufo, Lourdes; Fuente, Vicenta de laArtículo
1992Heavy metal content in soil and plants from a pyrite mining area in Southwest SpainSoldevilla, Marina; Marañón, Teodoro; Cabrera, FranciscoArtículo
2003Heavy metal displacement in chelate-irrigated soil during phytoremediationMadrid Díaz, Fernando; Liphadzi, M. S.; Kirkham, M. B.Artículo
2001Heavy metal mobility in paper sludge-amended soil columnsBurgos, Pilar; Madejón, Engracia; López Núñez, Rafael; Cabrera, FranciscoPóster
1987Heavy metal pollution in the Guadiamar river and the Guadalquivir estuary (South West Spain)Cabrera, Francisco; Soldevilla, Marina; Cordón, Rosario; Arambarri, Pablo deArtículo
1999Heavy metal pollution of soils affected by the Guadiamar toxic flood.Cabrera, Francisco; Clemente Salas, Luis; Díaz Barrientos, Encarnación; López Núñez, Rafael; Murillo Carpio, José ManuelArtículo
2003Heavy metal sedimentary record in a Galician Ria (NW Spain): Background values and recent contaminationCobelo-García, A.; Prego, R.Artículo
2008Heavy metals and mineral elements not included on the nutritional labels in table olivesLópez-López, A.; López Núñez, Rafael; Madrid Díaz, Fernando; Garrido Fernández, A.Artículo
Apr-2004Heavy metals and toxic trace elements contents in soils of selected areas of the Kavala prefecture, Northern GreecePapastergios, Georgios; Georgakopoulos, Andreas; Fernandez-Turiel, J. L.; Gimeno, D.; Filippidis, Anestis; Kassoli-Fournaraki, Anna; Grigoriadou, A.Artículo
2009Heavy metals and trace element concentrations in intertidal soils of four estuaries of SW Iberian PeninsulaRedondo Gómez, S.; Cantos, Manuel; Mateos Naranjo, E.; Figueroa, Manuel E.; Troncoso de Arce, AntonioArtículo
Oct-2006Heavy metals fractionation and organic matter mineralisation in contaminated calcareous soil amended with organic materialsClemente Carrillo, Rafael; Escolar, Ángeles; Bernal Calderón, M. PilarArtículo

Showing results 41375 to 41394 of 94570