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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccessJul-2001Effects of olive mill wastewater addition in composting of agroindustrial and urban wastesParedes, C.; Bernal Calderón, M. Pilar; Roig, Asunción; Cegarra Rosique, Juan
openAccessNov-2009Effects of organic composts on soil properties: Comparative evaluation of source-separated and non source-separated compostsAlbaladejo Montoro, Juan; García Izquierdo, Carlos; Ruiz Navarro, Antonio; García-Franco, N.; Barberá, G. G.
closedAccess2011Effects of organic farming on plant and arthropod communities: A case study in Mediterranean dryland cerealPonce, Carlos; Bravo, Carolina; García de León, David; Magaña, Marina; Alonso López, Juan C.
openAccess2000Effects of organic wastes on olive mineral nutrition and its influence on fruit quality, preliminary results for macronutrientsMonge Pacheco, Emilio; Val Falcón, Jesús
closedAccess2012Effects of Orientation on the Segmental Dynamics of Natural RubberHernandez, Marianella; Ezquerra, Tiberio A.; López-Manchado, Miguel A.
closedAccess6-Nov-2004Effects of overlapping GB virus C/hepatitis G virus synthetic peptides on biomembrane modelsLarios, Cristina; Busquets, M. Antònia; Carilla Auguet, Josep; Alsina, M. Asunción; Haro Villar, Isabel
closedAccess2-Jul-2007Effects of oxidative and nitrosative stress on Tetrahymena pyriformis glyceraldehydes-3-phosphate dehydrogenaseFourrat, Latifa; Iddar, Abdelghani; Valverde, Federico; Serrano, Aurelio; Soukri, Abdelaziz
closedAccess1998Effects of Oxygen Levels on Pigment Concentrations in Cold-Stored Green Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L. Cv. Perona)Cano, M. Pilar; Monreal, M; Ancos, Begoña de; Alique, Rafael
closedAccess2010Effects of ozone in surface modification and thermal stability of SEBS block copolymersPeinado, Carmen; Corrales, Teresa; Catalina, Fernando; Pedron, Sara; Ruiz Santa Quiteria, Valentin; Parellada, María Dolores; Barrio, Juan Antonio; Olmos, Dania; Gonzalez-Benito, Javier
closedAccess2002Effects of paclobutrazol and crop-load on mineral element concentration in different organs of "Catherine" peach treesBlanco Braña, Álvaro; Monge Pacheco, Emilio; Val Falcón, Jesús
closedAccess2002Effects of paclobutrazol on dry weight and mineral element distribution among fruits and shoots of "Catherine" peach treesBlanco Braña, Álvaro; Monge Pacheco, Emilio; Val Falcón, Jesús
openAccess1998Effects of paclobutrazol on stomatal size and density in peach leavesBlanco Braña, Álvaro; Monge Pacheco, Emilio; Val Falcón, Jesús
closedAccess2006Effects of palm oil and calcium soaps of palm oil fatty acids in fattening diets on digestibility, performance and chemical body composition of lambsManso, Teresa; Castro, Teresa; Mantecón, Ángel R.; Jimeno, Vicente
closedAccess2006Effects of parasitic helminths and ivermectin treatment on clinical parameters in the European wild boar (Sus scrofa)López-Olvera, J.R; Höfle, Ursula; Vicente, J.; Fernández-de-Mera, Isabel G; Gortázar, Christian
openAccess1986Effects of parental age on the fecundity, fertility and longevity of the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata Wied.Muñiz, M.
closedAccess2009Effects of partial and total methane flows on the yield and structural characteristics of MWCNTs produced by CVDVallés, Cristina; Pérez-Mendoza, Manuel; Maser, Wolfgang K.; Martinez, M. Teresa; Alvarez, Laurent; Sauvajol, Jean-Louis; Benito, Ana M.
embargoedAccessAug-2015Effects of pepper (Capsicum chinense) genotypic diversity on insect herbivoresAbdala-Roberts, Luis; Berny-Mier y Terán, Jorge C.; Moreira Tomé, Xoaquín; Durán-Yáñez, Antonio; Tut-Pech, Felipe
closedAccess2013Effects of pesticides and pharmaceuticals on biofilms in a highly impacted riverProia, Lorenzo; Osorio, Victoria; Soley, S.; Köck, Marianne; Pérez, Sandra; Barceló, Damià; Romaní, A.M.; Sabater, S.
openAccess2014Effects of pH and sugar concentration in Zygosaccharomyces rouxii growth and time for spoilage in concentrated grape juice at isothermal and non-isothermal conditionsRojo, María Cecilia; Arroyo López, Francisco Noé; Lerena, M. C.; Mercado, Laura A.; Torres, Álvaro; Combina, M.
openAccess2003Effects of pH manipulation and enzyme addition to a total mixed ration on microbial fermentation in continuous cultureColombatto, Darío; Hervás, Gonzalo; Yang, Weng Z.; Beauchemin, Karen A.