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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
30-May-2007Experiments on PMMA model to predict the impact of corneal refractive surgery on corneal shape: ReplyDorronsoro, Carlos; Marcos, SusanaArtículo
26-Jun-2006Experiments on PMMA models to predict the impact of corneal refractive surgery on corneal shapeDorronsoro, Carlos; Cano, Daniel; Merayo-Lloves, Jesús; Marcos, SusanaArtículo
6-Feb-2009Experiments on small (H2)N clustersMontero, Salvador; Hernández Morilla, Juan; Tejeda, Guzmán; Fernández Sánchez, José MaríaArtículo
16-Oct-2012Experiments with enclosed natural plankton communities. When and why are they suitable?Marrasé, Cèlia; Peters, Francesc; Guadayol, ÒscarComunicación de congreso
Oct-1993Expert evaluation system for assessing field vulnerability to agrochemical compounds in Mediterranean regionsDe la Rosa, Diego; Moreno Arce, Juan A.; García, Luis V.Artículo
2009Expert System for pest, diseases and weed identification in olive cropsGonzález-Andújar, José LuisArtículo
2000Explaining changes and continuity in EU technology policy: The politics of ideasSanz Menéndez, Luis; Borrás, SusanaDocumento de trabajo
Jun-2012Explaining Children Migration Patterns to France and Spain. Methodological Challenges for Cross-­‐National ResearchGonzález Ferrer, Amparo; Eremenko, TatianaComunicación de congreso
Sep-2013Explaining Extreme Events of 2012 from a Climate PerspectivePeterson, TC; Alexander, LV; Allen, MR; Anel, JA; Barriopedro, David; Black, MT; Carey-Smith, T; Castillo, R; Cattiaux, J; Chen, XL; Chen, XY; Chevallier, M; Christidis, N; Ciavarella, A; de Vries, H; Dean, SM; Deans, K; Diffenbaugh, NS; Doblas-Reyes, F; Donat, MG; Dong, B; Eilerts, G; Funk, C; Galu, G; García Herrera, Ricardo; Germe, A; Gill, S; Gimeno, L; Guemas, V; Herring, SC; Hoell, A; Hoerling, MP; Huntingford, C; Husak, G; Imada, Y; Ishii, M; Karoly, DJ; Kimoto, M; King, AD; Knutson, TR; Lewis, SC; Lin, RP; Lyon, B; Massey, N; Mazza, E; Michaelsen, J; Michaelsen, J; Mori, M; Mote, PW; Nieto, R; Otto, FEL; Park, J; Perkins, SE; Rosier, S; Rowland, J; Rupp, DE; Salas y Melia, D; Scherer, M; Shiogama, H; Shukla, S; Song, FF; Sparrow, S; Scott, PA; Sutton, R; Sweet, W; Tett, SFB; Trigo, RM; van Oldenborgh, GJ; van Westrhenen, R; Verdin, J; Watanabe, M; Wittenberg, AT; Woollings, T; Yiou, P; Zeng, FR; Zervas, C; Zhang, R; Zhou, TJArtículo
May-2011Explaining Life: Microorganisms in Science MuseumsUrmeneta, Jordi; Duró, AlíciaArtículo
2011Explaining the labour performance of immigrant women in Spain: the interplay between family, migration and legal trajectoriesGonzález Ferrer, AmparoArtículo
Sep-2005Explaining the science and technology policies of regional governmentsSanz Menéndez, Luis; Cruz Castro, LauraDocumento de trabajo
Dec-2004Explaining Variation in Public Support for Cuts in Levels of Unemployment Benefits Spending Across OECD CountriesFraile Maldonado, Marta; Ferrer, MarionaDocumento de trabajo
Jul-2002Explaitation patterns of the cuttlefish,sepia Officinalis (cephalopoda,depiidae),in the Mediterranean sea.Belcari, Paola; Sartor, Paolo; Sánchez, Pilar; Demestre, Montserrat; Tsangridis, Alexis; Leondarakis, Panagiotis; Lefkaditou, Eugenia; Papaconstantinou, CostasArtículo
27-Feb-2009Explanation of the Delta(-)(5/2)(1930) as a rho Delta bound stateGonzález, P.; Oset, Eulogi; Vijande, JavierArtículo
17-Aug-2006Explicit factorization of external coordinates in constrained Statistical Mechanics modelsEchenique, Pablo; Calvo, IvánPre-print
2013Explicit form of Pauli potential for direct derivation of pair density from a two-particle differential equation for the quintet state of four electrons with harmonic interparticle interactionsAkbari, A.; Amovilli, C.; March, Norman H.; Rubio Secades, ÁngelArtículo
1998The explicit signalling of premise-conclusion sequences in research articles: a contrastive frameworkMoreno, Ana I.Artículo
2011Explicitly correlated treatment of H2NSi and H2SiN radicals: Electronic structure calculations and rovibrational spectraLauvergnat, D.; Senent Díez, María Luisa; Jutier, L.; Hochlaf, M.Artículo
2005Exploding soliton and front solutions of the complex cubic-quintic Ginzburg-Landau equationSoto Crespo, J. M.; Akhmediev, N.Artículo

Showing results 35618 to 35637 of 95261