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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
8-Feb-2011Electron-withdrawing substituted tetrathiafulvalenes as ambipolar semiconductorsOtón, Francisco; Pfattner, Raphael; Pavlica, Egon; Olivier, Yoann; Moreno Calvo, Evelyn; Puigdollers-González, Joaquim; Bratina, Gvido; Cornil, Jérôme; Fontrodona, Xavier; Mas-Torrent, Marta; Veciana Miró, Jaume; Rovira Angulo, ConcepcióArtículo
2010Electronegative LDL induction of apoptosis in macrophages: Involvement of Nrf2Pedrosa, A. M. C.; Faine, Luciane A.; Boscá, LisardoArtículo
1996Electrones retrodispersados y AbsorbidosBadía, J.M.; Ibáñez, JoaquínCapítulo de libro
Apr-2003Electronic and crystallographic structure of apatitesCalderín, L.; Stott, M. J.; Rubio Secades, ÁngelArtículo
2012Electronic and magnetic properties of Mn 12 molecular magnets on sulfonate and carboxylic acid prefunctionalized gold surfacesMoro, Fabrizio; Evangelisti, M.Artículo
2012Electronic and magnetic properties of NiS2, NiSSe and NiSe2 by a combination of theoretical methodsSchuster, Cosima; Gatti, Matteo; Rubio, AngelArtículo
2011Electronic and magnetic reconstructions in La0.7Sr 0.3MnO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures: A case of enhanced interlayer coupling controlled by the interfaceBruno, Flavio Y.; Nemes, N. M.; García-Hernández, M.; Santamaría, J.Artículo
2014Electronic and spin structure of the topological insulator Bi2Te2.4Se0.6Shikin, A. M.; Klimovskikh, I. I.; Eremeev, S. V.; Rybkina, A. A.; Rusinova, M. V.; Rybkin, A. G.; Zhizhin, E. V.; Sánchez-Barriga, J.; Varykhalov, A.; Rusinov, I. P.; Chulkov, Eugene V.; Kokh, K. A.; Glyashov, V. A.; Kamyshlov, V.; Tereshchenko, O. E.Artículo
2011Electronic and structural characterisation of a tetrathiafulvalene compound as a potential candidate for ambipolar transport propertiesOtón, Francisco; Pfattner, Raphael; Pavlica, Egon; Olivier, Yoann; Bratina, Gvido; Cornil, Jérôme; Puigdollers-González, Joaquim; Alcubilla-González, Ramón; Fontrodona Guillén, Xavier; Mas-Torrent, Marta; Veciana Miró, Jaume; Rovira Angulo, ConcepcióArtículo
2014Electronic and structural effects of low-hapticity coordination of arene rings to transition metalsFalceto, A.; Carmona, Ernesto; Álvarez, SantiagoArtículo
2002Electronic and vibrational predissociation in Ari2 photodissociation dynamicsLepetit, Bruno; Roncero, Octavio; Buchachenko, Alexei A.; Halberstadt, NadineArtículo
29-Feb-2008Electronic band structure of carbon nanotube superlattices from first-principles calculationsAyuela, Andrés; Chico, Leonor; Jaskólski, W.Artículo
2010Electronic collective excitations in compressed lithium from ab initio calculations: Importance and anisotropy of local-field effects at large momentaErrea, Ion; Rodríguez Prieto, Álvaro; Rousseau, Bruno; Silkin, Viatcheslav M.; Bergara, AitorArtículo
6-Dec-2012Electronic correlation effects in the Cr2GeC Mn+1AXn phaseMattesini, Maurizio; Magnuson, MartinArtículo
2011Electronic damage in quartz (c-SiO2) by MeV ion irradiations: Potentiality for optical waveguiding applicationsManzano-Santamaría, J.; Olivares, J.; Rivera, Antonio; Agulló-López, F.Artículo
10-Dec-2010Electronic developments for the HADES RPC WallGil Ortiz, AlejandroTesis
2002Electronic excitations: density-functional versus many-body Green's-function approachesOnida, Giovanni; Reining, Lucia; Rubio Secades, ÁngelArtículo
2014Electronic friction dominates hydrogen hot-atom relaxation on Pd(100)Blanco-Rey, María; Juaristi., J. I.; Díez Muiño, Ricardo; Busnengo, Heriberto Fabio; Kroes, G. J.; Alducin Ochoa, MaiteArtículo
Sep-2012Electronic inhomogeneities in grapheme: the role of the substrate interaction and chemical dopingCastellanos-Gomez, A.; Arramel; Wojtaszek, M.; Smit, R. H. M.; Tombros, N.; Agraït, N.; Wees, B. J. van; Rubio-Bollinger, G.Artículo
Oct-2006Electronic kinetic energy decrease as two metallic parallel C nanotubes are brought together from infinityMarch, Norman H.; Rubio Secades, ÁngelArtículo

Showing results 35618 to 35637 of 107745