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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccessApr-2012Does garlic-generated nitric oxide (NO) affect the physiology of pepper fruits?García Carbonero, Nuria; Nombela Durán, Carlos; Caballero Guzmán, Inmaculada; Quesada Díaz, María del Mar; Montoza García, Pilar; Sánchez Alonso, Alejandra; Campos, María Jesús; Ruiz, Carmelo; Corpas, Francisco J.; Palma Martínez, José Manuel
openAccessJun-2013Does gender affect to SeMNPV vertical transmission in Spodoptera exigua? Vertical transmission of SeMNPV highly consistent throughout female linage parentalVirto, Cristina; Zarate, Carlos Andrés; Murillo, Rosa; Williams, Trevor G.; Caballero, Primitivo C.
openAccess2006Does green light influence the fluorescence properties and structure of phototrophic biofilms?Roldán, Marta; Oliva, F.; González del Valle, M. A.; Sáiz-Jiménez, Cesáreo; Hernández Mariné, M.
openAccessSep-2014Does hunters´ willingness-to-pay match the best hunting options for biodiversity conservation? A choice experiment application for partridge hunting in Spain.Delibes Mateos, Miguel; Delibes Mateos, Miguel; Giergiczny, Marek; Caro, Jesús; Viñuela, Javier; Riera, Pere; Arroyo, Beatriz
openAccess13-May-2004Does illegal immigration empower rightist parties?Solano García, Ángel
openAccess19-Jul-2011Does increased information about reproductive potential result in better prediction of recruitment?Morgan, M. Joanne; Pérez-Rodríguez, Alfonso; Saborido-Rey, Fran
openAccess2012Does Increasing Parents' Schooling Raise the Schooling of the Next Generation? Evidence Based on Conditinal Second MomentsFarré, Lídia; Klein, R.; Vella, F.
closedAccess2013Does increasing stress affect oak seedling susceptibility to a lethal invasive alien?García, Luis V.; De Vita, Paolo; Gutiérrez-Hernández, Oliver; Serrano, María S.; Ramo, Cristina; Sánchez Hernández, Mª Esperanza
openAccess2013Does interdisciplinary research lead to higher citation impact? The different effect of proximal and distal interdisciplinarityYegros Yegros, Alfredo; D'Este Cukierman, Pablo; Rafols, Ismael
openAccessSep-2010Does interdisciplinary research lead to higher impact? A research group based analysisYegros Yegros, Alfredo; Amat, Carlos B.; D'Este Cukierman, Pablo; Porter, Alan L.; Rafols, Ismael
openAccess2011Does interdisciplinary research lead to higher scientific impact?Yegros Yegros, Alfredo; Amat, Carlos B.; D'Este Cukierman, Pablo; Porter, Alan L.; Rafols, Ismael
openAccessJun-2007Does invasion by an alien plant species affect the soil seed bank?Vilà, Montserrat; Gimeno, Isabel
closedAccessJun-2014Does investment in irrigation technology necessarily generate rebound effects? A simulation analysis based on an agro-economic modelBerbel, J.; Mateos, Luciano
openAccess2005Does land irrigation actually reduce foraging habitat for breeding lesser kestrels? The role of crop typesUrsúa, Esperanza; Serrano, David; Tella, José Luis
openAccess4-Aug-2011Does Landscape Fragmentation Influence Sex Ratio of Dioecious Plants? A Case Study of Pistacia chinensis in the Thousand-Island Lake Region of ChinaYu, Lin; Lu, Jianbo
embargoedAccess2014Does livestock influence the diet of Iberian ibex Capra pyrenaica in the Peneda-Gerês National Park (Portugal)?Moço, Gisela; Serrano, Emmanuel; Guerreiro, Margarida; Ferrerira, Ana Filipa; Petrucci-Fonseca, F.; Santana, Daniel; Maia, MªJoao; Soriguer, Ramón C.; Pérez, Jesús M.
openAccessFeb-2002Does local feeding specialization exist in Eurasian badgers?Revilla, Eloy; Palomares, Francisco
openAccess2014Does magnesium compromise the high temperature processability of novel biodegradable and bioresorbables PLLA/Mg composites?Cifuentes, Sandra C.; Benavente, Rosario; González-Carrasco, José Luis
closedAccess2005Does majoritarian approval matter in selecting a social choice rule? An exploratory panel studyEbru Giritligil, Ayça; Sertel, Murat R.
openAccess2015Does marine fish farming affect local small-scale fishery catches? A case study in the NW Mediterranean SeaBacher, K.; Gordoa, Ana