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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Dec-2000Diurnal behaviour and habitat use of nonbreeding Marbled Teal, Marmaronetta angustirostrisGreen, Andy J.; El Hamzaoui, MustaphaArtículo
2010Diurnal changes in bacterial community composition in sheep fed high-forage dietsSaro, C.; Carro Travieso, Mª Dolores; Tejido, María L.; Ranilla, María JoséPóster
2005Diurnal changes of Rubisco in response to elevated CO2, temperature and nitrogen in wheat grown under temperature gradient tunnels.Pérez, P.; Morcuende, R.; Martín del Molino, I.; Martínez-Carrasco, R.Artículo
1999Diurnal oscillation in glial fibrillary acidic protein in a perisuprachiasmatic area and its relationship to the luteinizing hormone surge in the female ratFernandez-Galaz, M.C.; Muñoz, R.M.; Villanua, M.A.; Garcia-Segura, Luis M.Artículo; Artículo
2009Diurnal oscillation in the accumulation of Arabidopsis microRNAs, miR167, miR168, miR171 and miR398Siré, Christelle; Moreno, Ana Beatriz; García-Chapa, Meritxell; López-Moya Gómez, Juan José; San Segundo, BlancaArtículo
Apr-1998Diurnal variation in dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide in two low-order streamsGuash, Helena; Armengol, J.; Martí, EugèniaArtículo
1991Diurnal variation in the feeding activity and catchability of Cape hakes (Merluccius capensis and Merluccius paradoxus) off NamibiaGordoa, Ana; Macpherson, EnriqueArtículo
2013Diuron mineralisation in soil affected by the use of hydroxypropyl-ß-cyclodextrin and different amendmentsVillaverde Capellán, J.; Rubio Bellido, Marina; Madrid Díaz, Fernando; Morillo González, EsmeraldaComunicación de congreso
2014Divergence between phenotypic and genetic variation within populations of a common herb across EuropeVillellas, Jesús; Berjano, Enrique Regina; Terrab, Anass; García González, María BegoñaArtículo
27-Jan-2011Divergence in enzyme regulation between Caenorhabditis elegans and human tyrosine hydroxylase, the key enzyme in the synthesis of dopamineCalvo, Ana C.; Pey, Ángel L.; Miranda-Vizuete, Antonio; Døskeland, Anne P.; Martínez, AuroraArtículo
Aug-2010Divergence times and colonization of the Canary Islands by Gallotia lizardsCox, Siobhan C.; Carranza, Salvador; Brown, Richard P.Artículo
1-Jul-2009Divergences in the 2-qubits space: Werner and thermal statesBorras, A.; Plastino, Ángel R.; Casas, Montserrat; Plastino, A.Artículo
1-Jun-2007Divergent Behavior in the Cyclopalladation of Phosphorus Ylides and Iminophosphoranes.Aguilar, David; Aragüés, Miguel Angel; Bielsa, Raquel; Serrano, Elena; Navarro, Rafael; Urriolabeitia, Esteban P.Artículo
27-Nov-2008Divergent evolution and molecular adaptation in the Drosophila odorant-binding protein family: inferences from sequence variation at the OS-E and OS-F genesSánchez-Gracia, Alejandro; Rozas, JulioArtículo
Mar-2003Divergent expression of type 2 deiodinase and the putative thyroxine-binding protein p29, in rat brain, suggests that they are functionally unrelated proteinsMontero-Pedrazuela, Ana; Bernal, Juan; Guadaño-Ferraz, AnaArtículo
2008Divergent mass selection for different flowering times in a Spanish synthetic maize population [Short communication]Ruiz de Galarreta, José Ignacio; Álvarez Rodríguez, ÁngelArtículo
Mar-2010Divergent Reactivity of 2-Azetidinone-Tethered Allenols with Electrophilic Reagents: Controlled Ring Expansion versus SpirocyclizationAlcaide, Benito; Almendros, Pedro; Luna, Amparo; Torres, M. RosarioArtículo
Nov-2012Divergent selection for ester-linked diferulates in maize pith stalk tissues. Effects on cell wall composition and degradabilityBarros Ríos, Jaime Antonio; Malvar Pintos, Rosa Ana; Jung, Hans-Joachim G.; Bunzel, Mirko; Santiago Carabelos, RogelioArtículo
Mar-2011Divergência genética entre progênies de pessegueiro em Zaragoza, EspanhaWagner Júnior, Américo; Bruckner, Claudio Horst; Cantín Mardones, Celia M.; Moreno Sánchez, María Ángeles; Cruz, Cosme DamiaoArtículo
2013Diverging dc conductivity due to a flat band in a disordered system of pseudospin-1 Dirac-Weyl fermionsSan-José, Pablo; Dóra, BalázsArtículo

Showing results 28491 to 28510 of 101938