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2003Effect of ferric ions in AISI 316L stainless steel pickling using an environmentally-friendly H2SO4-HF-H2O2 mixtureNarváez, L.; Cano Díaz, Emilio; Bastidas Rull, José MaríaArtículo
2008Effect of fertigation on the "Manzanilla de Sevilla" table olive quality before and after "Spanish style" green processingMorales Sillero, Ana; Jiménez González, Rocío; Fernández Luque, José Enrique; Troncoso de Arce, Antonio; Rejano Navarro, LuisArtículo
2010Effect of fiber dispersion on broadband chaos communications implemented by electro-optic nonlinear delay phase dynamicsNguimdo, Romain Modeste; Lavrov, R.; Colet, Pere; Jacquot, M; Chembo Kouomou, Yanne; Larger, LaurentArtículo
2012Effect of film thickness and dielectric environment on optical transmission through subwavelength holesCarretero-Palacios, S.; García-Vidal, Francisco J.; Martín-Moreno, Luis; Rodrigo, Sergio G.Artículo
2009Effect of finishing and ageing time on quality attributes of loin from the meat of Holstein–Fresian cull cowsFranco, Daniel; Bispo, Esperanza; González, Laura; Vázquez, José Antonio; Moreno, TeresaArtículo
Jan-2006Effect of finishing on woven fabric structure and compressional and cyclic multiaxial strain propertiesManich, Albert M.; Martí Gelabert, Meritxell; Saurí, Ramón María; Castellar Bertrán, María Dolors; Carvalho, J.Artículo
2010Effect of fire severity and site slope on diversity and structure of the ectomycorrhizal fungal community associated with post-fire regenerated Pinus pinaster Ait. seedlingsRincón, Ana; Pueyo, José J.Artículo
2008Effect of firing temperature on sintering of porcelain stoneware tilesMartín-Márquez, Jorge; Rincón López, Jesús María; Romero, MaximinaArtículo
2010Effect of fish oil and sunflower oil on rumen fermentation characteristics and fatty acid composition of digesta in ewes fed a high concentrate dietToral, Pablo G.; Shingfield, Kevin J.; Hervás, Gonzalo; Toivonen, V.; Frutos, PilarArtículo
1999Effect of flood with mine wastes on metal extractability of some soils of the Guadiamar river basin (SW Spain)Díaz Barrientos, Encarnación; Madrid, Luis; Cardo, I.Artículo
2009Effect of flour extraction rate and baking on thiamine and riboflavin content and antioxidant capacity of traditional rye breadMartinez-Villaluenga, Cristina; Michalska, A.; Frías, Juana; Piskula, Mariusz K.; Vidal-Valverde, Concepción; Zieliński, HalinaArtículo
2009Effect of flour extraction rate and baking process on vitamin B1 and B2 and antioxidant activity of ginger based productsMartinez-Villaluenga, Cristina; Horszwald, Anna; Frías, Juana; Piskula, Mariusz; Vidal-Valverde, Concepción; Zielinski, HenrykArtículo
1993Effect of Fluoride on the Surface Structure of WO3/Al2O3 Hydrotreating CatalystsCordero, R. L.; Solis, J. R.; García-Ramos, José Vicente; Patricio, A. B.; Agudo, A. L.Artículo
Apr-2010Effect of fluorination on the molecule–substrate interactions of pentacene/Cu(1 0 0) interfacesOteyza, D. G. de; Wakayama, Yutaka; Ortega, J. EnriqueArtículo
2013Effect of fluorine content on glass stability and the crystallisation mechanism for glasses in the SiO2-CaO-K2O-F systemCasasola, Raquel; Pérez, Juan M.; Romero, MaximinaArtículo
15-May-2006Effect of fluorine-containing chiral templates on Mg distribution in the structure of MgAPO-5 and its influence on catalytic activityGómez-Hortigüela, Luis; Márquez Álvarez, Carlos; Sastre de Andrés, Enrique; Corà, F.; Pérez Pariente, JoaquínArtículo
2005Effect of fluoro substituents and central atom nature on chiral derivatives of bisdiphenylborates and isoelectronic structuresAlkorta, Ibon; Picazo, O.; Elguero, JoséArtículo
25-Sep-1998Effect of fluoxetine on extracellular 5-hydroxytryptamine in the rat brain. Role of 5-HT autoreceptorsHervás, Ildefonso; Artigas, FrancescArtículo
Jun-2006Effect of Flutamide in Mouse Spermatogenesis and on the Function of Seminal Vesicle and ProstateBustos-Obregón, Eduardo; Esponda, Pedro; Sarabia, LuisArtículo
1993Effect of fly ash from a fuel oil power station on heavy metal content of wild plants at Tenerife Island, The Canarian Archipelago, Spain.Alvarez, C. E.; Fernández Falcón, M.; Pérez, N.; Iglesias-Jiménez, E.; Snelling, R.Artículo

Showing results 28306 to 28325 of 94849