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openAccessBermudez_Continuous flow_2013.pdf.jpgJul-2013Continuous flow nanocatalysis: reaction pathways in the conversion of levulinic acid to valuable chemicalsBermúdez Menéndez, José Miguel; Menéndez Díaz, José Ángel; Romero, Antonio A.; Serrano, Elena; Garcia-Martinez, Javier; Luque, RafaelArtículo
openAccessclawar03_estremera.pdf.jpg2003A continuous free crab gait for quadruped robots on irregular terrainEstremera, Joaquín; González de Santos, Pablo; García Armada, ElenaComunicación de congreso
openAccessContinuous free.pdf.jpgMay-2010Continuous free-crab gaits for hexapod robots on a natural terrain with forbidden zones: An application to humanitarian deminingEstremera, Joaquín; Cobano, José A.; González de Santos, PabloArtículo
closedAccess25-Mar-2009Continuous in situ functionally graded silicon nitride materialsBelmonte, Manuel; González Julián, Jesús; Miranzo López, Pilar; Osendi, María IsabelArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Continuous light administered during the photolabil period affects hormonal regulation of early gametogenesis in prepubertal male sea bassRodríguez, Rafael; Felip, Alicia; Zanuy, Silvia; Carrillo, ManuelComunicación de congreso
openAccessSep-2011Continuous light administration during the photolabile period alters the natural endocrine profiles both at early and late gametogenesisi of sea bassRodríguez, Rafael; Felip, Alicia; Hala, Edmond; Zanuy, Silvia; Carrillo, ManuelComunicación de congreso
openAccessBayarry et al_ GCE.pdf.jpgOct-2010Continuous light and melatonin: daily and seasonal variations of brain binding sites and plasma concentration during the first reproductive cycle of sea bassBayarri, María J.; Falcon, Jack; Zanuy, Silvia; Carrillo, ManuelArtículo
openAccesscontinuousmatrix.pdf.jpg23-Dec-2014Continuous matrix product states for coupled fields: Application to Luttinger liquids and quantum simulatorsQuijandría, Fernando; García-Ripoll, Juan José; Zueco, DavidArtículo
openAccessATT00004.pdf.jpg8-Aug-2013Continuous monitoring of bedload discharge in a small, steep sandy channelLucía, A.; Recking, A.; Martín Duque, J. F.; Storz-Peretz, Y.; Laronne, J. B.Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Continuous production of xylooligosaccharides in a packed bed reactor with immobilized-stabilized biocatalysts of xylanase from Aspergillus versicolorAragon, Caio C.; Santos, Andrea F.; Ruiz-Matute, Ana I.; Corzo, Nieves; Guisán, José M.; Monti, Rubens; Mateo González, CésarArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2004Continuous stopping power curves of Al2O3 for 0.2-2.5 MeV He ionsPascual-Izarra, C.; Bianconi, M.; Barradas, N. P.; Climent-Font, A.; García, G.; Gonzalo, J.; Afonso, Carmen N.Artículo
closedAccess2013Continuous treatment of clofibric acid by Trametes versicolor in a fluidized bed bioreactor: Identification of transformation products and toxicity assessmentCruz-Morató, Carles; Jelić; Aleksandra; Pérez, Sandra; Petrovic, Mira; Barceló, Damià; Marco-Urrea, Ernest; Sarrà, Montserrat; Vicent, TeresaArtículo
openAccessAPB_YbNLMo_5.pdf.jpg24-Aug-2005Continuous wave and tunable laser operation of Yb3+ in disordered NaLa(MoO4)2Rico, Mauricio; Liu, Junhai; Cano-Torres, Jose Maria; García-Cortés, Alberto; Cascales, Concepcion; Zaldo, Carlos; Griebner, Uwe; Petrov, ValentinArtículo
openAccess2013Continuous waves stimulated raman spectrocopy inside a holow core photonic crystal fiber.Doménech, José Luis; Cueto, MaiteComunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Continuous within-plant variation as a source of intraspecific functional diversity: patterns, magnitude, and genetic correlates of leaf variability in Helleborus foetidus (Ranunculaceae)Herrera, Carlos M.; Medrano, Mónica; Bazaga, PilarArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgJan-2015Continuous-mode laser ablation at the solid-liquid interface of pelletized low-cost materials for the production of luminescent silicon carbide nanocrystalsOrtega-Liébana, M. Carmen; Hueso, José L.; Arenal, Raul; Lahoz, Ruth; Fuente, Germán F. de la; Santamaría, J.Artículo
openAccessOLT-NaLaW.pdf.jpg9-Dec-2005Continuous-wave diode-pumped operation of an Yb:NaLa(WO4)2 laser at room temperatureLiu, Junhai; Cano-Torres, Jose Maria; Esteban-Betegon, Fatima; Serrano, Maria Dolores; Cascales, Concepcion; Zaldo, Carlos; Rico, Mauricio; Griebner, Uwe; Petrov, ValentinArtículo
closedAccess15-Jul-2006Continuous-wave laser operation of disordered double tungstate and molybdate crystals doped with ytterbiumPetrov, Valentin; Rico, Mauricio; Liu, Junhai; Griebner, Uwe; Mateos, Xavier; Cano-Torres, Jose Maria; Volkov, Vladimir; Esteban-Betegon, Fatima; Serrano, Maria Dolores; Han, Xiumei; Zaldo, CarlosArtículo
openAccessSoto.pdf.jpg2002Continuous-wave versus pulse regime in a passively mode-locked laser with a fast saturable absorberSoto Crespo, J. M.; Akhmediev, N.; Town, G.Artículo
openAccesshttp___scitation.aip.org10.1063_1.pdf.jpg2010Continuously graded anisotropy in single (Fe53Pt47)100−xCux filmsNogués, Josep; Åkerman, JohanArtículo