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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2014Control of meiotic recombination by cell cycle kinasesBustamante-Jaramillo, Luisa; Martín-Castellanos, CristinaPóster
24-Apr-2009Control of Metabolic Homeostasis by Stress Signaling Is Mediated by the Lipocalin NLazHull-Thompson, J.; Muffat, J.; Sánchez, Diego; Walker, D. W.; Benzer, S.; Ganfornina, M. D.; Jasper, H.Artículo
2010Control of metabolism and signaling of simple bioactive sphingolipids: Implications in diseaseGangoiti, Patricia; Camacho, Luz; Arana, Lide; Ouro, Alberto; Granado, María H.; Brizuela, Leyre; Casas, Josefina; Fabriàs, Gemma; Abad, José Luis; Delgado, Antonio; Gómez-Muñoz, AntonioArtículo
Oct-2012Control of Neospora caninum and Toxoplasma gondii in farm livestockInnes, Elisabeth A.; Bartley, Paul M.; Rocchi, Mara S.; Benavides, Julio; Burrells, A.; Opsteegh, M.; Chianini, F.; Cantón, Germán J.; Katzer, FrankComunicación de congreso
2011Control of neuronal ploidy during vertebrate developmentLópez-Sánchez, N.; Ovejero-Benito, M.C.; Borreguero, L.; Frade López, José MaríaArtículo
1996Control of nitrate pollution by application of controlled release fertilizer (CRF), compost and an optimized irrigation systemDíez López, José Antonio; Caballero, Rafael; Bustos, A.; Román, R.; Cartagena, Maria C.; Vallejo, A.Artículo
Apr-2001Control of nitrogen export from watersheds by headwater streamsPeterson, B. J.; Wolheim, W.; Mulholland, P. J.; Webster, J. R.; Meyer, J. L.; Tank, J. L.; Grimm, N. B.; Martí, Eugènia; Bowden, W. B.; Vallet, H. M.; Hershey, A. E.; McDowell, W. B.; Dodds, W. K.; Hamilton, S. K.; Gregory, S.; D'Angelo, D. J.Artículo
2012Control of nitrogen insertion during the growth of nitrogen-containing carbon nanofibers on cordierite monolith wallsRoldán, Laura; Armenise, Sabino; Marco, Yanila; García Bordejé, E.Artículo
2010Control of olive oil adulteration with copper-chlorophyll derivativesRoca, María; Gallardo Guerrero, Lourdes; Mínguez Mosquera, María Isabel; Gandul-Rojas, BeatrizArtículo
2000Control of paratuberculosis (Johne's disease) in goats by vaccination of adult animalsCorpa, J. M.; Pérez Pérez, Valentín; Sánchez, M. A.; García Marín, Juan FranciscoArtículo
2011Control of paratuberculosis in sheep and goatsJuste, R. A.; Pérez Pérez, ValentínArtículo
1-Dec-2005Control of particles in micro-electrode devicesTuval, Idan; Mezić, Igor; Bottausci, Frédéric; Zhang, Yanting T.; MacDonald, Noel C.; Piro, OresteArtículo
2010Control of PCNA deubiquitylation in yeastGallego-Sánchez, Alfonso; Conde, Francisco; San Segundo, Pedro; Bueno, AvelinoArtículo
22-Oct-2002Control of photoperiod-regulated tuberization in potato by the Arabidopsis flowering-time gene CONSTANSMartínez García, Jaime F.; Virgós Soler, Ariadna; Prat, SaloméArtículo
Aug-2003Control of preharvest aflatoxin contamination in maize by pyramiding QTL involved in resistance to ear-feeding insects and invasion by Aspergillus spp.Widstrom, N.W.; Butrón Gómez, Ana María; Guo, B.Z.; Wilson, D.M.; Snook, M.E.; Cleveland, T.E.; Lynch, R.E.Artículo
Feb-2010Control of puberty in farmed fishTaranger, Geir Lasse; Carrillo, Manuel; Zanuy, Silvia; Felip, AliciaArtículo
2001Control of retinal ganglion cell axon growth: A new role forSonic hedgehogTrousse, F.; Martí, Elisa; Gruss, P.; Torres, M.; Bovolenta, PaolaArtículo
Jul-2004Control of root-knot nematodes by composted agro-industrial wastes in potting mixturesNico, Andrés I.; Jiménez-Díaz, Rafael M.; Castillo, PabloArtículo
2001Control of secretion by mitochondria depends on the size of the local [Ca2+] after chromaffin cell stimulationMontero, Mayte; Alonso, María Teresa; García, Antonio G.; García-Sancho, Javier; Álvarez, JavierArtículo
2011Control of self-assembly of a 3-hexen-1,5-diyne derivative: Toward soft materials with an aggregation-induced enhancement in emissionPérez, Ana; Serrano, José Luis; Sierra, TeresaArtículo

Showing results 23797 to 23816 of 111422