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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess15-Sep-2004The behavior of mixed-metal oxides: Physical and chemical properties of bulk Ce1–xTbxO2 and nanoparticles of Ce1–xTbxOyWang, Xianqin; Hanson, Jonathan C.; Liu, Gang; Rodríguez, José A.; Iglesias Juez, Ana; Fernández García, Marcos
openAccess2002Characterization of humic acid from leonardite coal: an integrated study of Py-GC-MS, XPS and XANES techniquesOlivella, Maria Angels; Río Andrade, José Carlos del; Palacios, J.; Vairavamurthy, M.A.; de las Heras, F.X.C.
openAccess2014EXAFS and XANES analysis of oxides at the nanoscaleKuzmin, Alexei; Chaboy, Jesús; Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (España); European Commission; Diputación General de Aragón
openAccess31-Mar-2010Ferromagnetism in wide band gap materials: Mn-ZnO and Mn-Si3N4 thin films.Prieto de Castro, Carlos; Céspedes Montoya, Eva
openAccessFeb-2006The hydration of Cu2+: Can the Jahn-Teller effect be detected in liquid solution?Chaboy, Jesús; Muñoz-Páez, Adela; Merkling, Patrick J.; Sánchez Marcos, Enrique
openAccess28-May-2001Identification of ternary boron–carbon–nitrogen hexagonal phases by x-ray absorption spectroscopyGago, R.; Jiménez Guerrero, Ignacio; Albella, J. M.; Terminello, Louis J.
closedAccessMar-2006Lack of Jahn-Teller distortion in highly diluted LaMn1–xGaxO3 (x>0.6)Sánchez, María Concepción; García, Joaquín; Subías, G.; Blasco, Javier
closedAccess2013Reply to the comment on 'On the discrimination between magnetite and maghemite by XANES measurements in fluorescence mode'Espinosa, A.; Serrano, A.; García, M. A.
openAccessSep-2007Role of exchange and correlation potential in calculating x-ray absorption spectra of half-metallic alloys: Mn and Cu K-edge XANES in Cu2MnMHatada, Keisuke; Chaboy, Jesús
closedAccessFeb-2007Si K-edge XANES study of SiOxCyHz amorphous polymeric materialsChaboy, Jesús; Barranco, Ángel; Yanguas-Gil, Alejandro; Yubero, Francisco; González-Elipe, Agustín R.
closedAccessApr-2007Sulfur K-edge XANES spectroscopy reveals differences in sulfur speciation of bulk soils, humic acid, fulvic acid, and particle size separatesPrietzel, J.; Thieme, J.; Salomé, Murielle; Knicker, Heike
closedAccess2013X-ray absorption study of the local structure at the NiO/oxide interfacesPreda, I.; Soriano, L.; Díaz-Fernández, D.; Domínguez-Cañizares, G.; Gutiérrez, A.; Castro, G. R.; Chaboy, Jesús; European Commission; Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (España); Diputación General de Aragón, et al