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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
9-Jun-2006A conformational change senses the strength of T cell receptor–ligand interaction during thymic selectionRisueño, Ruth M.; Van Santen, Hisse M.; Alarcón, BalbinoArtículo
21-Feb-2005An orderly inactivation of intracellular retention signals controls surface expression of the T cell antigen receptorDelgado, Pilar; Alarcón, BalbinoArtículo
2011Receptors, Signaling Networks, and DiseaseCuesta, Natalia; Martín-Cófreces, Noa B.; Murga, Cristina; van Santen, Hisse M.Artículo
26-Aug-2011T cell receptor internalization from the immunological synapse is mediated by TC21 and RhoG GTPase-dependent phagocytosisMartínez Martín, Nuria; Fernández-Arenas, Elena; Delgado, Pilar; Bustelo, Xosé R.; Alarcón, BalbinoArtículo
2013Visualization of TCR Nanoclusters via Immunogold Labeling, Freeze-Etching, and Surface ReplicationFiala, Gina J.; Rejas, María Teresa; Schamel, Wolfgang; Van Santen, Hisse M.Libro

Showing results 1 to 5 of 5