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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccessApr-2008A comparative evaluation of functions for partitioning nitrogen and amino acid intake between maintenance and growth in broilersKebreab, E.; France, J.; Darmani Kuhi, H.; López, Secundino
openAccessOct-2001A genome-wide survey of human thioredoxin and glutaredoxin family pseudogenesSpyrou, Giannis; Wilson, William; Padilla, Alicia C.; Holmgren, Arne; Miranda-Vizuete, Antonio
openAccess1-Sep-2011A proteolytic cleavage assay to monitor autophagy in Dictyostelium discoideumCalvo-Garrido, Javier; Carilla-Latorre, Sergio; Mesquita, Ana; Escalante, Ricardo
openAccess25-Aug-2004Amino Acids Composition of Teucrium Nutlet Proteins and their Systematic SignificanceJuan, Rocío; Pastor, Jesús; Millán, Francisco; Alaíz Barragán, Manuel; Vioque, Javier
openAccess2007Aplicación de la técnica NIRS para el análisis de materia seca y proteina en hojas de alfalfa.Petisco, Cristina; García Criado, B.; García Criado, L.; Vázquez de Aldana, Beatriz R.; García Ciudad, A.
openAccessAug-2009Application of the law of diminishing returns to estimate maintenance requirement for amino acids and their efficiency of utilization for accretion in young chicksDarmani Kuhi, H.; Kebreab, E.; López, Secundino; France, J.
openAccess2014Bioactive peptides generated from meat industry by-productsMora, Leticia; Reig, Milagro; Toldrá, Fidel
openAccess2006Biomass production and protein content of semiarid grasslands in western Spain over a 20‐years period.Vázquez de Aldana, Beatriz R.; García Ciudad, A.; García Criado, B.
openAccess2013C-C Bond formation catalyzed by natural gelatin and collagen proteinsKühbeck, Dennis; Bijayi Dhar, Basab; Schön, Eva-Maria; Cativiela, Carlos; Gotor-Fernández, Vicente; Díaz Díaz, David
closedAccess2010Changes on nutritional value and citotoxicity of garden cress germinated with different selenium solutionsFrías, Juana; Gulewicz, Piotr; Martinez-Villaluenga, Cristina; Peñas, Elena; Piskila, Mariusz K.; Kozlowska, Halina; Ciska, Ewa; Gulewicz, Krzysztof; Vidal-Valverde, Concepción
closedAccess2010Chemical and Physicochemical Quality Parameters in Carrots Dehydrated by Power UltrasoundSoria, Ana C.; Corzo-Martínez, Marta; Montilla, Antonia; Riera, Enrique; Gamboa-Santos, Juliana; Villamiel, Mar
openAccess30-Sep-1998Chemical composition of phytoplankton and Particulate Organic Matter in the Ría de Vigo (NW Spain)Ríos, Aida F.; Fraga, Fernando; Pérez, Fiz F.; Figueiras, F. G.
openAccess2006Comparative footprinting of DNA-binding proteinsContreras-Moreira, Bruno; Collado-Vides, Julio
closedAccess2003Comparison of gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) and hake (Merluccius merluccius) muscle proteins during iced and frozen storageTejada Yábar, Margarita; Huidobro, Almudena; Mohamed, G. F.
closedAccess2012Determination of Protein and Moisture in Fishmeal by Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy and Multivariate Regression Based on Partial Least SquaresMasoum, S.; Alishahi, A. R.; Farahmand, H.; Shekarchi, M.; Prieto, Nuria
closedAccess1999Development of a sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis reference method for the analysis and identification of fish species in raw and heat-processed samples: A collaborative studyPiñeiro, Carmen; Barros-Velázquez, J.; Pérez Martín, Ricardo Isaac
openAccess2000Digestive utilization of quebracho-treated soya bean meals in sheepFrutos, Pilar; Hervás, Gonzalo; Giráldez, Francisco Javier; Fernández Gutiérrez, Miguel; Mantecón, Ángel R.
openAccess2005Diurnal changes of Rubisco in response to elevated CO2, temperature and nitrogen in wheat grown under temperature gradient tunnels.Pérez, P.; Morcuende, R.; Martín del Molino, I.; Martínez-Carrasco, R.
closedAccess2011DNA vaccination with KMP11 and Lutzomyia longipalpis salivary protein protects hamsters against visceral leishmaniasisda Silva, Robson A.A.; Tavares, Natália M.; Costa, Dirceu; Pitombo, Maiana; Barbosa, Larissa; Fukutani, Kyioshi; Miranda, Jose C.; de Oliveira, Camila I.; Valenzuela, Jesus G.; Barral, Aldina; Soto, Manuel; Barral-Netto, Manoel; Brodskyn, Cláudia
closedAccessFeb-1998Dual regulation of a heat shock promoter during embryogenesis: stage-dependent role of heat shock elements.Almoguera, Concepción; Prieto-Dapena, P.; Jordano, Juan