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Radioactive waste disposal
Radioactive wastes
Radioactivity 11Li(β−) [from Ta(p, X)]
Radioactivity 225Fr (β-) [from Th, U (p, spallation)]
Radioactivity 227Fr(β-) [from U(p, X)]
Radioactivity 229/87Fr [from 238/92U (p,6R4n) mass separation]
Radioactivity 31Ar(β+) [from Ca(p, 3pxn) reaction]
RADIOACTIVITY 6He(β-): measured β-delayed deuteron spectrum, branching ratio deduced
Radioactivity Ar-31 (from 1 GeV p on CaO powder target, selective mass separation)
Radioactivity Ar-31(beta(+)p) [from Ca(p,3pxn) reaction]
Radioactivity Ar-32 (β+p) [from Ca-40 (p,3p6n) reaction]
Radioactivity Be-12(β-) B-12(β(-)3α) [produced in Ta(p, X)]
Radioactivity Be-14(β-),(β- n) [from Ta(p,X)]
Radioactivity C-9(β(+)) [from O,Ca(p,X)]
Radioactivity Fr-228, [from Th-232(p,4pln) and U-238(p,6p5n)]
Radioactivity He-8(β-)
Radioactivity in atmosphere and soil
Showing results 89525 to 89544 of 115493
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