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openAccessCD_2016_Gomara_et_al_2016_accepted_climdyn.pdf.jpg9-Feb-2016Abrupt transitions in the NAO control of explosive North Atlantic cyclone developmentGómara, Íñigo ; Rodríguez-Fonseca, Belén ; Zurita-Gotor, Pablo ; Ulbrich, Sven; Pinto, J. G.Artículo
openAccessJAS_2015_72_8_3161.pdf.jpgAug-2015Applying the Fluctuation–Dissipation Theorem to a Two-Layer Model of Quasigeostrophic TurbulenceLutsko, Nicholas J.; Held, Isaac M.; Zurita-Gotor, Pablo Artículo
openAccessJAS_2013_70_2292.pdf.jpgJul-2013Determination of Extratropical Tropopause Height in an Idealized Gray Radiation ModelZurita-Gotor, Pablo ; Vallis, Geoffrey K.Artículo
openAccessJAS_2011_68_2_823.pdf.jpgApr-2011Dynamics of Midlatitude Tropopause Height in an Idealized ModelZurita-Gotor, Pablo ; Vallis, Geoffrey K.Artículo
openAccessJAS_2016_73_3_1383.pdf.jpg4-Jan-2016Intraseasonal Variability of the Zonal-Mean Extratropical Tropopause: The Role of Changes in Polar Vortex Strength and Upper-Troposphere Wave BreakingBarroso, Jesús A.; Zurita-Gotor, Pablo Artículo
openAccessJAMAS_2015_7_1117.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2015Kinetic energy-conserving hyperdiffusion can improve low resolution atmospheric modelsZurita-Gotor, Pablo ; Held, Isaac M.; Jansen, Malte F.Artículo
openAccessGRL_2014_41_6.pdf.jpg28-Mar-2014On the relation between explosive cyclones affecting Europe and the North Atlantic OscillationGómara, Íñigo ; Rodríguez-Fonseca, Belén ; Zurita-Gotor, Pablo ; Pinto, J. G.Artículo
openAccessJAS_2014_71_10_3788.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2014On the Sensitivity of Zonal-Index Persistence to FrictionZurita-Gotor, Pablo Artículo
openAccessQJRMS_2015_141_690_1479.pdf.jpg4-Nov-2014Response of the large-scale structure of the atmosphere to global warmingVallis, Geoffrey K.; Zurita-Gotor, Pablo ; Cairns, Cameron; Kidston, JosephArtículo
openAccess2011GL049785.pdf.jpg13-Dec-2011The driving of baroclinic anomalies at different timescalesBlanco-Fuentes, Javier; Zurita-Gotor, Pablo Artículo
openAccessJournalAtmosphericScience_2014_Zurita.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2013The impact of baroclinic eddy feedback on the persistence of jet variability in the two-layer modelZurita-Gotor, Pablo ; Blanco-Fuentes, Javier; Gerber, E. P.Artículo