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openAccessJ. Electrochem. Soc.-2019-Sangiorgi-H3239-48.pdf.jpg20193D Printing of Photocatalytic Filters Using a Biopolymer to Immobilize TiO2 NanoparticlesSangiorgi, A.; González Granados, Zoilo ; Ferrández-Montero, A.; Yus, Joaquín; Sánchez Herencia, Antonio Javier; Galassi, C.; Sanson, A.; Ferrari-Fernández, Begoña artículo
embargoedAccessGonzalez_Z_Colloidal_2019.pdf.jpg17-Sep-2018A colloidal approach to prepare binder and crack-free TiO2 multilayer coatings from particulate suspensions: Application in DSSCsGonzález Granados, Zoilo ; Yus, Joaquín; Sánchez Herencia, Antonio Javier; Dewalque, J.; Manceriu, L.; Henrist, C.; Ferrari-Fernández, Begoña artículo
openAccessGonzalez_Electrochemical_Electrocjimica_2017_686719.pdf.jpg2017Electrochemical performance of pseudo-capacitor electrodes fabricated by Electrophoretic Deposition inducing Ni(OH)2 nanoplatelets agglomeration by Layer-by-LayerGonzález Granados, Zoilo ; Yus, Joaquín; Caballero Cuesta, Amador ; J. Morales; Sánchez Herencia, Antonio Javier; Ferrari-Fernández, Begoña artículo
embargoedAccessYus_Electrophoretic_Electrochimica_2019_763023.pdf.jpg2019Electrophoretic deposition of RGO-NiO core-shell nanostructures driven by heterocoagulation method with high electrochemical performanceYus, Joaquín; Bravo, Y.; Sánchez Herencia, Antonio Javier; Ferrari-Fernández, Begoña ; González Granados, Zoilo artículo
openAccesscoatings-07-00193.pdf.jpg8-Nov-2017In Situ Synthesis and Electrophoretic Deposition of NiO/Ni Core-Shell Nanoparticles and Its Application as PseudocapacitorYus, Joaquín; Ferrari-Fernández, Begoña ; Sánchez Herencia, Antonio Javier; Caballero, Álvaro; Morales, Julián; González Granados, Zoilo
embargoedAccessYus_Semiconductor_JECS-D-18-01933R5.pdf.jpg2019Semiconductor water-based inks: Miniaturized NiO pseudocapacitor electrodes by inkjet printingYus, Joaquín; González Granados, Zoilo ; Sánchez Herencia, Antonio Javier; Sangiorgi, A.; Sangiorgi, N.; Gardini, D.; Sanson, A.; Galassi, C.; Caballero Cuesta, Amador ; Morales, Julián; Ferrari-Fernández, Begoña artículo