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26-Oct-2001A plant defense response effector induces microbial apoptosisNarasimhan, Meena L.; Damsz, Barbara; Coca, María; Ibeas, José I.; Yun, Dae-Jin; Pardo, José M.; Hasegawa, Paul M.; Bressan, Ray A.Artículo
2013A Saccharomyces cerevisiae assay system to investigate ligand/adipoR1 interactions that lead to cellular SignalingAouida, M.; Kim, Kangchang; Shaikh, Abdul Rajjak; Pardo, José M.; Eppinger, Jörg; Yun, Dae-Jin; Bressan, Ray A.; Narasimhan, Meena L.Artículo
May-1998Osmotin, a plant antifungal protein, subverts signal transduction to enhance fungal cell susceptibility.Yun, Dae-Jin; Ibeas, José I.; Lee, Hyeseung; Coca, María; Narasimhan, Meena L.; Uesono, Yukifumi; Hasegawa, Paul M.; Pardo, José M.; Bressan, Ray A.Artículo
15-Jan-2013Release of SOS2 kinase from sequestration with GIGANTEA determines salt tolerance in ArabidopsisKim, Woe-Yeon; Yun, Dae-Jin; Pérez Hormaeche, J.; Quintero, Francisco J.; Pardo, José M.Artículo
Jun-1997Stress proteins on the yeast cell surface determine resistance to osmotin, a plant antifungal proteinYun, Dae-Jin; Bressan, Ray A.; Pardo, José M.Artículo

Showing results 1 to 5 of 5