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openAccessacp-18-11753-2018.pdf.jpg2018A measurement-based verification framework for UK greenhouse gas emissions: An overview of the Greenhouse gAs Uk and Global Emissions (GAUGE) projectPalmer, P. I.; O'Doherty, S.; Allen, G.; Bower, K.; Bösch, H.; Chipperfield, M. P.; Connors, S.; Dhomse, S.; Feng, L.; Finch, D. P.; Gallagher, M. W.; Gloor, E.; Gonzi, S.; Harris, N. R. P.; Helfter, C.; Humpage, N.; Kerridge, B.; Knappett, D.; Jones, R. L.; Le Breton, M.; Lunt, M. F.; Manning, A. J.; Matthiesen, S.; Muller, J. B. A.; Mullinger, N.; Nemitz, E.; O'Shea, S.; Parker, R. J.; Percival, C. J.; Pitt, J.; Riddick, S. N.; Rigby, M.; Sembhi, H.; Siddans, R.; Skelton, R. L.; Smith, P.; Sonderfeld, H.; Stanley, K.; Stavert, A. R.; Wenger, A.; White, E.; Wilson, C.; Young, D.artículo
openAccess2019 Science Advances 5-eaaw3307.pdf.jpg12-Jun-2019Genomic determinants of speciation and spread of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complexChiner-Oms, Álvaro ; Sánchez-Busó, Leonor; Corander, Jukka; Gagneux, S.; Harris, Simon R.; Young, D.; González-Candelas, Fernando; Comas, Iñaki  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Growth in stratospheric chlorine from short-lived chemicals not controlled by the Montreal ProtocolHossaini, R.; Chipperfield, M.P.; Saiz-Lopez, A. ; Harrison, J.J.; Glasow, Roland; Sommariva, R.; Atlas, Elliot L.; Navarro, M.A.; Montzka, S.A.; Feng, W.; Dhomse, S.; Harth, C.; Mühle, J.; Lunder, C.; O'Doherty, S.; Young, D.; Reimann, S.; Vollmer, M.K.; Krummel, P.B.; Bernath, P.F.artículo
openAccessAustraliaSaltDecay_AfterReferees_Fin.pdf.jpg26-Sep-2008Treatment of rising damp and salt decay: the historic masonry buildings of Adelaide, South AustraliaLópez-Arce, Paula ; Doehne, Eric; Greenshields, J.; Benavente, David; Young, D.artículo