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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess2003Acid microenvironments in microbial biofilms of antarctic endolithic microecosystemsRíos, Asunción de los; Wierzchos, Jacek; G. Sancho, Leopoldo; Ascaso, Carmen
closedAccessJan-2008Advances in the ultrastructural study of the implant–bone interface by backscattered electron imaging.Wierzchos, Jacek; Falcioni, T.; Kiciak, A.; Wolin´ski, J.; Koczorowski, R.; Chomicki, P.; Porembska, M.; Ascaso, Carmen
openAccess1995Advantages of application of the backscattered electron scanning image in the determination of soil structure and soil constituentsWierzchos, Jacek; García González, Maria Teresa; Ascaso, Carmen
openAccess1994Application of back-scattered electron imaging to the study of the lichen-rock interfaceAscaso, Carmen; Wierzchos, Jacek
openAccessSep-2012Archipelago of endolithic microbial life in the hyper arid core of the Atacama DesertWierzchos, Jacek; Davila, Alfonso F.; Diruggiero, J.; Ríos, Asunción de los; Valea, Sergio; Cámara Gallego, Beatriz; Artieda, Octavio; Speranza, Mariela; Robinson, Courtney K.; Souterre, T., et al
openAccess2013Assessment of laser treatment on dolostones colonized by microorganisms and lichensÁlvarez de Buergo, Mónica; Gómez-Heras, Miguel; Fort González, Rafael; Ascaso, Carmen; Ríos, Asunción de los; Pérez Ortega, Sergio; Speranza, Mariela; Wierzchos, Jacek; Sanz, Mikel; Oujja, Mohamed, et al
openAccess2005Biomineralization of endolithic microbes in rocks from the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica: implications for microbial fossil formation and their detectionWierzchos, Jacek; García Sancho, Leopoldo; Ascaso, Carmen
openAccess27-Feb-2001Chains of magnetite crystals in the meteorite ALH84001: Evidence of biological originImre Friedman, E.; Wierzchos, Jacek; Ascaso, Carmen; Winklhofer, Michael
openAccess1992Changes in microstructure of soils following extraction of organically bonded metals and organic matterWierzchos, Jacek; Ascaso, Carmen; García González, María Teresa
closedAccess2002Chemical and ultrastructural features of the lichen-volcanic/sedimentary rock interface in a semiarid region (Almería, Spain)Souza-Egipsy, Virginia; Wierzchos, Jacek; García-Ramos, José Vicente; Ascaso, Carmen
openAccessAug-2001Combination of different microscopy techniques for the integrated study of extremophile endolithic microorganisms and their habitatsRios, Asunción de los ; Wierzchos, Jacek; Sancho, Leopoldo G.; Ascaso, Carmen
openAccess2010Comparative analysis of the microbial communities inhabiting halite evaporites of the Atacama DesertRíos, Asunción de los; Valea, Sergio; Ascaso, Carmen; Davila, Alfonso F.; Kastovsky, Jan; McKay, Christopher P.; Wierzchos, Jacek
openAccess2011Control de líquenes y microorganismos endolíticos mediante biocidas y láser.Speranza, Mariela; Sanz, Mikel; Oujja, Mohamed; Ríos, Asunción de los; Wierzchos, Jacek; Pérez Ortega, Sergio; Castillejo, Marta; Ascaso, Carmen
openAccess1995Cytological Investigations of Lithobiontic Microorganisms in Granitic RocksAscaso, Carmen; Wierzchos, Jacek; Ríos, Asunción de los
openAccessNov-2004Detecting life traces in extreme cold and dry conditions on earth: possible analogues of life on MarsWierzchos, Jacek; Rios, Asunción de los ; Ascaso, Carmen
openAccess2012Differential effects of biocide treatments on saxicolous communities: Case study of the Segovia cathedral cloister (Spain)Ríos, Asunción de los; Pérez Ortega, Sergio; Wierzchos, Jacek; Ascaso, Carmen
openAccess13-Sep-2010Diversidad Mineralogica en biofilms asociados a surgencias de aguas carbonatadas sulfatadas (Almeria).García del Cura, M. Ángeles; Sanz Montero, María Esther; Ríos, Asunción de los; Wierzchos, Jacek; Ascaso, Carmen
openAccess20-Feb-2009Double fossilization in eukaryotic microorganisms from Lower Cretaceous amberMartín González, Ana; Wierzchos, Jacek; Gutiérrez, Juan Carlos; Alonso, Jesús; Ascaso, Carmen
openAccess2012Ecofisiología microbiana y biología de sistemasWierzchos, Jacek
openAccess2011Ecología microbiana y geomicrobiología: ECOGEOAscaso, Carmen; Cámara Gallego, Beatriz; Speranza, Mariela; Wierzchos, Jacek; Pérez Ortega, Sergio; Ríos, Asunción de los