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openAccessApr-2013In vitro antitumor activity of methotrexate via pH-sensitive chitosan nanoparticlesNogueira, Daniele Rubert; Tavano, Lorena; Mitjans, Montserrat; Pérez, Lourdes F.; Infante, María Rosa ; Vinardell, María Pilarartículo
openAccess4-Jun-2014Lysine-based surfactants in nanovesicle formulations: the role of cationic charge position and hydrophobicity in in vitro cytotoxicity and intracellular deliveryNogueira, Daniele Rubert; Morán, Maria del Carmen; Mitjans, Montserrat; Pérez, Lourdes F.; Ramos, David L.; De Lapuente, Joaquín; Vinardell, María Pilarartículo
openAccessJan-2013New cationic nanovesicular systems containing lysine-based surfactants for topical administration: Toxicity assessment using representative skin cell linesNogueira, Daniele Rubert; Carmen Morán, Maria Del; Mitjans, Montserrat; Martínez, Verónica Laura; Pérez, Lourdes F.; Vinardell, María Pilarartículo
closedAccess1-May-2016New cationic vesicles prepared with double chain surfactants from arginine: Role of the hydrophobic group on the antimicrobial activity and cytotoxicityPinazo, Aurora; Petrizelli, V.; Bustelo, M.; Pons, Ramon; Vinardell, María Pilar; Mitjans, Montserrat; Manresa, A.; Pérez, Lourdes F.artículo
openAccess7-Jan-2013Role of aggregate size in the hemolytic and antimicrobial activity of colloidal solutions based on single and gemini surfactants from arginineTavano, Lorena; Infante, María Rosa ; Riya, Mohamed Abo; Pinazo, Aurora; Vinardell, María Pilar; Mitjans, Montserrat; Manresa, A.; Pérez, Lourdes F.artículo