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openAccessBreeding and Domesticating Crops Adapted.pdf.jpg12-Nov-2015Breeding and Domesticating Crops Adapted to Drought and Salinity: A New Paradigm for Increasing Food ProductionFita, Ana; Rodríguez-Burruezo, Adrián; Boscaiu, Mónica ; Prohens, Jaime; Vicente, Óscar Artículo
openAccessNotSciBiol4_23.pdf.jpgApr-2012Do Halophytes Really Require Salts for Their Growth and Development? An Experimental ApproachGrigore, Marius Nicusor; Villanueva, Marta; Boscaiu, Mónica ; Vicente, Óscar Artículo
closedAccess12-Jan-2007The in situ molecular identification of the Ntf4-MAP kinase expression sites in maturing and germinating pollenCoronado, María José ; Testillano, P.S. ; Wilson, Cathal; Vicente, Óscar ; Heberle-Bors, Erwin; Risueño, María Carmen Artículo
openAccessWO2008040834A1.pdf.jpg10-Apr-2008Method for assessing the efficiency of abiotic stress tolerance genes in transgenic plantsVicente, Óscar ; Naranjo Olivero, Miguel Angel; Bourgon Baquedano, Lucrecia CatalinaPatente
openAccessNative-Invasive Plants vs.pdf.jpg18-Apr-2016Native-Invasive Plants vs. Halophytes in Mediterranean Salt Marshes: Stress Tolerance Mechanisms in Two Related SpeciesAl Hassan, Mohamad ; Chaura, Juliana; López-Gresa, Pilar ; Borsai, Orsolya; Daniso, Enrico; Donat-Torres, María P.; Mayoral, Olga; Vicente, Óscar ; Boscaiu, Mónica Artículo
openAccessNotulaeB_39_18(2011).pdf.jpgJan-2011Opportunistic Germination Behaviour of Gypsophila (Caryophyllaceae) in Two Priority Habitats from Semi-arid Mediterranean SteppesMoruno, Félix; Soriano, Pilar; Vicente, Óscar ; Boscaiu, Mónica ; Estrelles, ElenaArtículo
openAccessApr-2013Proline as a biochemical marker in relation to the ecology of two halophytic Juncus speciesBoscaiu, Mónica ; Lull, Cristina; Llinares, J.; Vicente, Óscar Artículo
openAccessNotullaeB_39_9(2011).pdf.jpgJul-2011Soluble Carbohydrates as Osmolytes in Several Halophytes from a Mediterranean Salt MarshGil, Ricardo; Lull, Cristina; Boscaiu, Mónica ; Bautista, Inmaculada; Lidón, Antonio; Vicente, Óscar Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1999Ultrastructural distribution of a MAP kinase and transcripts in quiescent and cycling plant cells and pollen grainsPréstamo, Guadalupe ; Testillano, P.S. ; Vicente, Óscar ; González-Melendi, Pablo ; Coronado, María José ; Wilson, Cathal; Heberle-Bors, Erwin; Risueño, María Carmen Artículo