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openAccess2006Avoiding bias in parasite excretion estimates: The effect of sampling time and type of faecesVillanúa, Diego; Pérez-Rodríguez, Lorenzo; Gortázar, Christian; Höfle, Ursula; Viñuela, Javier
closedAccess8-feb-2010Bottoms up: great bustards use the sun to maximise signal efficacyOlea, Pedro P.; Casas, Fabián; Redpath, Steve; Viñuela, Javier
openAccess2003Causal and functional correlates of brood amalgamation in the chinstrap penguin Pygoscelis antarctica : parental decision and adult aggressivenessPenteriani, Vincenzo; Viñuela, Javier; Belliure, Josabel; Bustamante, Javier; Ferrer, Miguel
openAccess1-jul-2008Cell-mediated immune activation rapidly decreases plasma carotenoids but does not affect oxidative stress in red-legged partridges (Alectoris rufa)Pérez-Rodríguez, Lorenzo; Mougeot, François; Alonso-Álvarez, Carlos; Blas, Julio; Viñuela, Javier; Bortolotti, Gary R.
closedAccessjul-2006Condition and androgen levels: are condition-dependent and testosterone-mediated traits two sides of the same coin?Pérez-Rodríguez, Lorenzo; Blas, Julio; Viñuela, Javier; Marchant, Tracy A.; Bortolotti, Gary R.
openAccessjun-2013Control biológico de plagas de topilloViñuela, Javier; Paz, Alfonso
closedAccess1994Daily variations of blood chemistry values in the chinstrap penguin (Pygoscelis antarctica) during the Antarctic summerFerrer, Miguel; Amat, Juan A.; Viñuela, Javier
openAccesssep-2014Does hunters´ willingness-to-pay match the best hunting options for biodiversity conservation? A choice experiment application for partridge hunting in Spain.Delibes Mateos, Miguel; Delibes Mateos, Miguel; Giergiczny, Marek; Caro, Jesús; Viñuela, Javier; Riera, Pere; Arroyo, Beatriz; European Commission
openAccess26-may-2015Does small-game management benefit steppe birds of conservation concern? A field study in central SpainEstrada, A; Delibes-Mateos, Miguel; Caro, Jesús; Viñuela, Javier; Díaz-Fernández, Silvia; Casas, Fabián; Arroyo, Beatriz; European Commission
closedAccess1998Effect of brood size on growth in the Chinstrap Penguin: A field experimentMoreno Klemming, Juan; Viñuela, Javier; Belliure, Josabel; Ferrer, Miguel
openAccess16-jul-2015Effect of Game Management on Wild Red-Legged Partridge AbundanceDíaz-Fernández, Silvia; Arroyo, Beatriz; Casas, Fabián; Haro, Mónica; Viñuela, Javier
closedAccessjun-2004Effect of weekend road traffic on the use of space by raptorsBautista, Luis M.; García, Jesus T.; Calmaestra, Ricardo G.; Palacín, Carlos; Martín, Carlos A.; Morales, Manuel B.; Bonal, Raúl; Viñuela, Javier
openAccessoct-1992Effects of growth and hatching asynchrony on feldging age of Black and Red kiteViñuela, Javier; Bustamante, Javier
openAccess14-oct-2008Estudio de la eficacia del Producto C-96 para la caza con "Parany". Informe final.Viñuela, Javier; Mateo, Rafael; Villanúa, Diego; Höfle, Ursula; Luna, Salvador; Camarero, Pablo; Jiménez, Begoña
openAccessjul-2015GAME MANAGERS’ VIEWS ON THE RELEASE OF FARM-REARED RED-LEGGED PARTRIDGES IN HUNTING ESTATES WITHIN CENTRAL SPAINDelibes Mateos, Miguel; Viñuela, Javier; Arroyo, Beatriz; Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha; European Commission
openAccessjul-2002Gamebird hunting and biodiversity conservation: synthesis, recommendations and future research prioritiesViñuela, Javier; Arroyo, Beatriz
openAccesssep-2012Harvest of Red-legged Partridge in Central SpainDíaz-Fernández, Silvia; Viñuela, Javier; Arroyo, Beatriz
closedAccess2011Hatching asynchrony and brood reduction influence immune response in Common Kestrel Falco tinnunculus nestlingsMartínez-Padilla, Jesús; Viñuela, Javier
openAccessabr-2012Hunting management in relation to profitability aims: red-legged partridge hunting in central SpainArroyo, Beatriz; Delibes, M.; Díaz-Fernández, Silvia; Viñuela, Javier
openAccessjul-2015Improving decision-making for sustainable hunting: regulatory mechanisms of hunting pressure in red-legged partridgeCaro, Jesús; Delibes-Mateos, Miguel; Viñuela, Javier; López-Lucero. Juan Francisco; Arroyo, Beatriz; European Commission