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openAccessAlonso-Ventura2013-Zootaxa-FinalMs.pdf.jpg2013A new fairy shrimp Phallocryptus tserensodnomi (Branchiopoda: Anostraca) from MongoliaAlonso, Miguel; Ventura, MarcArtículo
closedAccess2009A spectral approach to satellite land cover classification of remote European mountain lake districts Fundamental and Applied LimnologyCasals-Carrasco, P.; Ventura, Marc; Gond, V.; Madhavan, B.; Petrus, J.; Catalán, JordiCapítulo de libro
openAccessCamarero2004.pdf.jpg2004Application of MAGIC to Lake Redó (Central Pyrenees): an assessment of the effects of possible climate driven changes in atmospheric precipitation, base cation deposition, and weathering rates on lake water chemistry.Camarero, Lluís; Wright, R. F.; Catalán, Jordi; Ventura, MarcArtículo
openAccessVentura 2015.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2015Assessing the potential of amino acid 13C patterns as a carbon source tracer in marine sediments: effects of algal growth conditions and sedimentary diagenesisLarsen, T.; Bach, L. T.; Salvatteci, R.; Wang, Yiming V.; Andersen, Nils; Ventura, Marc; McCarthy, Matthew D.Artículo
closedAccess2002Atmospheric deposition of organochlorine compounds to remote high mountain lakes of EuropeCarrera, Guillem; Fernández, P.; Grimalt, Joan O.; Ventura, Marc; Camarero, Lluís; Catalán, Jordi; Nickus, Ulrike; Thies, Hansjörg; Psenner, RolandArtículo
openAccess2011Body distribution and source of mycosporine-like amino acids in the cyclopoid copepod Cyclops abyssorum tatricusOrfeo, M.; Ventura, Marc; Tartarotti, B.; Sommarga, RubénArtículo
closedAccess2011Contrasting effects of nitrogen limitation and amino acid imbalance on carbon and nitrogen turnover in three species of CollembolaLarsen, T.; Ventura, Marc; O'Brien, Diane M.; Magid, J.; Lomstein, B. A.; Larsen, J.Artículo
openAccessBuchaca 2016.pdf.jpg2016Discovering hidden biodiversity: the use of complementary monitoring of fish diet based on DNA barcoding in freshwater ecosystemsJo, Hyunbin; Ventura, Marc; Vidal, Nicolas; Gim, Jeong-Soo; Buchaca, Teresa; Barmuta, L.A.; Jeppesen, Erik; Joo, Gea-JaeArtículo
closedAccessJun-2005Distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the food web of a high mountain lake, Pyrenees, Catalonia, SpainVives, Ingrid; Grimalt, Joan O.; Ventura, Marc; Catalán, JordiArtículo
openAccessventura 2011.pdf.jpg2011Diversity in the Reproductive Modes of European Daphnia pulicaria Deviates from the Geographical ParthenogenesisDufresne, F.; Marková, S.; Vergilino, R.; Ventura, Marc; Kotlík, P.Artículo
openAccess18-Aug-2008Do phosphorus requirements for RNA limit genome size in crustacean zooplankton?Hessen, Dag O.; Ventura, Marc; Elser, James J.Artículo
openAccessmanual_estanys.pdf.jpg2006ECOES. Protocol d’avaluació de l’estat ecològic dels estanys.Catalán, Jordi; Ventura, Marc; Munné, Antoni; Solà, C.; Pagès, J. M.Libro
closedAccess2009Ecological thresholds in European alpine lakesCatalán, Jordi; Barbieri, M. G.; Bartumeus, Frederic; Bitusik, P.; Botev, I.; Brancelj, A.; Cogalniceanu, D.; Manca, M.; Marchetto, A.; Ognjanova-Rumenova, N.; Pla, Sergi; Rieradevall, María; Sorvari, S.; Stefkova, E.; Stuchlík, Evzen; Ventura, MarcArtículo
openAccess2009Effects of fixation on freshwater invertebrate carbon and nitrogen isotope composition and its arithmetic correction.Ventura, Marc; Jeppesen, ErikArtículo
openAccessJul-2008Effects of increased temperature and nutrient enrichment on the stoichiometry of primary producers and consumers in temperate shallow lakes.Ventura, Marc; Liboriussen, L.; Lauridsen, T.; Sondergaard, Martin; Sondergaard, Morten; Jeppesen, ErikArtículo
openAccess2013Els ecosistemes d’aigues continentalsSabater, Francesc; Martí, Eugènia; Ventura, Marc; Gacia, Esperança; Quintana, Xavier; Boix, DanielCapítulo de libro
closedAccess2013Els estanys grans d’alta muntanyaCamarero, Lluís; Felip, Marisol; Pla, Sergi; Buchaca, Teresa; Ventura, Marc; Bartumeus, Frederic; Casamayor, Emilio O.Capítulo de libro
openAccess2013Els estanys i les basses d’alta muntanyaVentura, Marc; Miró, AlexandreCapítulo de libro
openAccess2013Els rierols i els rius d’alta muntanyaPuig, Mariàngels; Ventura, MarcCapítulo de libro
openAccessde mendoza.pdf.jpg2015Environmental factors prevail over dispersal constraints in determining the distribution and assembly of Trichoptera species in mountain lakesde Mendoza, Guillermo; Ventura, Marc; Catalán, JordiArtículo