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closedAccess26-Sep-2007Community structure and dynamics of deep-water decapod assemblages from Le Danois Bank (Cantabrian Sea, NE Atlantic): Influence of environmental variables and food availabilityCartes, Joan Enric; Serrano, Alberto; Velasco, Francisco; Parra, Santiago; Sánchez, FranciscoArtículo
openAccessration.pdf.jpg2004Daily ration of Antarctic silverfish (Pleuragramma antarcticum Boulenger, 1902) in the Eastern Weddell SeaOlaso, Ignacio; Lombarte, Antoni; Velasco, FranciscoArtículo
closedAccessJan-2015Juvenile hake predation on Myctophidae and Sternoptychidae: Quantifying an energy transfer between mesopelagic and neritic communitiesModica, Larissa; Cartes, Joan Enric; Velasco, Francisco; Bozzano, AnnaArtículo
closedAccess2006Monitoring the Prestige oil spill impacts on some key species of the Northern Iberian shelfSánchez, Francisco; Velasco, Francisco; Cartes, Joan Enric; Olaso, Ignacio; Preciado, I.; Fanelli, Emanuela; Serrano, Alberto; Gutierrez-Zabala, J.L.Artículo
embargoedAccess3331.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2011Predation, feeding strategy and food daily ration in juvenile European hakeModica, Larissa; Bozzano, Anna; Velasco, Francisco; Albertelli, Giancarlo; Olaso, IgnacioArtículo
closedAccessOct-2009Resource utilization by deep-sea sharks at the Le Danois Bank, Cantabrian Sea, north-east Atlantic OceanPreciado, I.; Cartes, Joan Enric; Serrano, Alberto; Velasco, Francisco; Olaso, Ignacio; Sánchez, Francisco; Frutos, I.Artículo
closedAccessJun-2013The influence of body size on the foraging behaviour of European hake after settlement to the bottomModica, Larissa; Bozzano, Anna; Velasco, FranciscoArtículo