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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess1986Análisis exploratorio de datos ecológicos y biométricos: gráficos stem-and-leaf (tallo y hoja) y Boxplot (cajas gráficas)Conde, J. E.; Rull, Valentí; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa
openAccess2008Biopiracy rules hinder conservation effortsRull, Valentí; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa
openAccess2005Cambio climático y diversidad de la flora vascular en las montañas tabulares de Guayana.Rull, Valentí; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa; Nogué, Sandra
closedAccess2000Chrysophycean stomatocysts in a Caribbean mangroveRull, Valentí; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa
openAccess10-Nov-2011Climate changes and human activities recorded in the sediments of Lake Estanya (NE Spain) during the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice AgeMorellón, Mario; Valero-Garcés, Blas L.; González-Sampériz, Penélope; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa; Rubio, Esther; Rieradevall, María; Delgado Huertas, Antonio; Mata, M. Pilar; Romero, Oscar E.; Engstrom, D. R., et al
closedAccess2009Conservation of the Unique Neotropical Vascular Flora of the Guayana Highlands in the Face of Global WarmingRull, Valentí; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa; Nogué, Sandra
closedAccess2008Contribution of non-pollen palynomorphs to the paleolimnological study of a high-altitude Andean lake (Laguna Verde Alta, Venezuela)Rull, Valentí; López Sáez, José Antonio; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa
closedAccess19-Mar-2015Crops and weeds from the Estany de Montcortès catchment, central Pyrenees, during the last millennium: a comparison of palynological and historical recordsRull, Valentí; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa
openAccess2013Diatom and vegetation responses to Late Glacial and Early Holocene climate changes at Lake Estanya (Southern Pyrenees, NE Spain)Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa; González-Sampériz, Penélope; Morellón, Mario; Gil-Romera, Graciela; Pérez-Sanz, Ana; Valero-Garcés, Blas L.
closedAccess2012Global warming, habitat shifts and potential refugia for biodiversity conservation in the neotropical Guayana HighlandsVegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa; Nogué, Sandra; Rull, Valentí
openAccessDec-2009Lateglacial and Holocene palaeohydrology in the western Mediterranean region: The Lake Estanya record (NE Spain)Morellón, Mario; Valero-Garcés, Blas L.; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa; González-Sampériz, Penélope; Romero, Oscar E.; Delgado Huertas, Antonio; Mata, M. Pilar; Moreno Caballud, Ana; Rico, María Teresa; Corella, Juan Pablo
openAccess2011L’escalfament global i l’extinció de les plantes: un exemple tropicalSafont, Elisabet; Rull, Valentí; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa; Nogué, Sandra
closedAccess2011Middle and late Holocene climate change and human impact based on diatoms, algae and aquatic vegetation pollen from Lake Montcortès (NE Iberian Peninsula)Scussolini, Paolo; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa; Rull, Valentí; Corella, Juan Pablo; Valero-Garcés, Blas L.; Gomà, Joan
closedAccessMay-2009Modeling biodiversity loss by global warming on Pantepui, northern South America: projected upward migration and potential habitat loss.Nogué, Sandra; Rull, Valentí; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa
openAccess2002Natural and Human Disturbance History of the Playa Medina Mangrove Community (Eastern Venezuela).Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa; Rull, Valentí
openAccess28-Mar-2015Neotropical vegetation responses to Younger Dryas climates as analogs for future climate change scenarios and lessons for conservationRull, Valentí; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa; Montoya, Encarnación
closedAccess2012Non-pollen palynomorph studies in the neotropics: the case of VenezuelaMontoya, Encarnación; Rull, Valentí; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa
closedAccess2009Paleoecology of the Guayana Highlands (northern South record from the Eruoda-tepui, in the Chimantá massifNogué, Sandra; Rull, Valentí; Montoya, Encarnación; Huber, Otto; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa
openAccessJun-2010Paleoenvironmental Trends in Venezuela during the Last Glacial CycleRull, Valentí; Abbott, Mark B.; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa; Bezada, Maximiliano; Montoya, Encarnación; Nogué, Sandra; González, Catalina
closedAccess18-Jul-2014Preliminary report on a mid-19th century Cannabis pollen peak in NE Spain: Historical context and potential chronological significanceRull, Valentí; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa