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closedAccessJan-2006Comparative Study of the Nonlinear Behavior of Fatigued and Intact Samples of Metallic AlloysCampos-Pozuelo, Cleofé; Vanhille, Christian; Gallego Juárez, Juan AntonioArtículo
openAccessDec-2007Experimental observation of nonlinear self-focusing in the cavitation fieldCampos-Pozuelo, Cleofé; Granger, C.; Vanhille, Christian; Dubus, BertrandComunicación de congreso
openAccessJul-2008Nonlinear ultrasonic waves in water-air mixturesVanhille, Christian; Campos-Pozuelo, CleoféPóster
closedAccessJun-2001Numerical model for nonlinear standing waves and weak shocks in thermoviscous fluidsVanhille, Christian; Campos-Pozuelo, CleoféArtículo
openAccessSep-2002Numerical modeling of the nonlinear propagation of transient acoustic signalsCampos-Pozuelo, Cleofé; Vanhille, ChristianComunicación de congreso
openAccessSep-2001Numerical Modelling of some Problems in Nonlinear AcousticsCampos-Pozuelo, Cleofé; Vanhille, Christian; Dubus, BertrandComunicación de congreso
openAccessDec-2007Numerical simulation of nonlinear ultrasonic waves in bubbly liquid with nonhomogeneous bubble distributionVanhille, Christian; Campos-Pozuelo, CleoféComunicación de congreso
closedAccessJul-2004Numerical simulation of two-dimensional nonlinear standing acoustic wavesVanhille, Christian; Campos-Pozuelo, CleoféArtículo
openAccessOct-2000Ondas confinadas fuertemente no-lineales en fluidos termoviscosos: algunos experimentos numéricosCampos-Pozuelo, Cleofé; Vanhille, ChristianComunicación de congreso