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openAccesssensors-16-01269.pdf.jpg10-Aug-2016A Multi-Robot Sense-Act Approach to Lead to a Proper Acting in Environmental IncidentsConesa-Muñoz, Jesús ; Valente, João; Cerro, Jaime del ; Barrientos, Antonio ; Ribeiro Seijas, Ángela artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg19-Nov-2015A Multirobot System for Distributed Area Coverage and Signal Searching in Large Outdoor ScenariosGarzón, Mario ; Valente, João; Roldán Gómez, Juan J.; Cancar, Leandro ; Barrientos, Antonio ; Cerro, Jaime del artículo
openAccessValente_Aerial_Coverage_Optimization_in_Precision_Agriculture_Computers_and_Electronics_in_Agriculture.pdf.jpgNov-2013Aerial coverage optimization in precision agriculture management: A musical harmony inspired approachValente, João; Cerro, Jaime del ; Barrientos, Antonio ; Sanz Muñoz, David preprint
openAccess21-Nov-2014Aerial coverage path planning applied to mappingValente, Joãotesis doctoral
openAccessGarzon_An_aerial_sensors_2013_13_01247.pdf.jpg2013An aerial-ground robotic system for navigation and obstacle mapping in large outdoor areasGarzón, Mario ; Valente, João; Barrientos, Antonio ; Zapata, Davidartículo
openAccesssensors-11-06088-v3.pdf.jpg7-Jun-2011An air-ground wireless sensor network for crop monitoringValente, João; Sanz Muñoz, David ; Barrientos, Antonio ; Cerro, Jaime del ; Ribeiro Seijas, Ángela ; Rossi, Claudio artículo
openAccessConesa_Integrating_Autonomous_Aerial_ROBOT_2015_Second Iberian Robotics Conference.pdf.jpg20-Nov-2015Integrating autonomous aerial scouting with autonomous ground actuation to reduce chemical pollution on crop soilConesa-Muñoz, Jesús ; Valente, João; Cerro, Jaime del ; Barrientos, Antonio ; Ribeiro Seijas, Ángela comunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Safe operation of mini UAVs: A review of regulation and best practicesSanz Muñoz, David ; Valente, João; Cerro, Jaime del ; Colorado, J. M.; Barrientos, Antonio artículo