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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess28-Nov-2007Are there compact heavy four-quark bound states?Vijande, Javier; Weissman, E.; Valcarce, A.; Barnea, N.
openAccess27-Nov-2009Charmonium Spectroscopy above ThresholdsVijande, Javier; Valcarce, A.; Fernández Caramés, Teresa
openAccess19-Nov-2007Do c[overline c]n[overline n] bound states exist?Vijande, Javier; Weissman, E.; Barnea, N.; Valcarce, A.
openAccess10-Apr-2009Exotic meson-meson molecules and compact four-quark statesVijande, Javier; Valcarce, A.; Barnea, N.
openAccessMay-2007Faddeev study of heavy-baryon spectroscopyGarcilazo, H.; Vijande, Javier; Valcarce, A.
openAccessMay-2009Four-Quark StabilityVijande, Javier; Barnea, N.; Richard, J.M.; Valcarce, A.
openAccess29-Apr-2014Heavy baryon spectroscopy with relativistic kinematicsValcarce, A.; Garcilazo, H.; Vijande, Javier; Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics SCOAP
openAccess30-Jan-2007Hyperspherical harmonic formalism for tetraquarksVijande, Javier; Valcarce, A.; Barnea, N.
openAccess15-Jun-2007Hyperspherical harmonic study of identical-flavor four-quark systemsVijande, Javier; Barnea, N.; Valcarce, A.
openAccessSep-2010Molecular and compact four-quark statesVijande, Javier; Valcarce, A.
openAccess5-Feb-2009Multiquark description of the D-sJ(2860) and D-sJ(2700)Vijande, Javier; Valcarce, A.; Fernández González, Francisco
closedAccess15-Jun-2007Multiquark structures in heavy-light meson systemsVijande, Javier; Valcarce, A.; Fernández González, Francisco
closedAccess2011PrefaceValcarce, A.; Hernández, E.; Garrido, Eduardo
openAccess22-Sep-2009Probabilities in nonorthogonal bases: Four-quark systemsVijande, Javier; Valcarce, A.
closedAccess22-Feb-2007The puzzle of the D and D-s mesonsVijande, Javier; Fernández González, Francisco; Valcarce, A.
openAccess14-May-2009The rho-omega splitting in constituent quark modelsVijande, Javier; Valcarce, A.
openAccess15-Mar-2009Screened potential and quarkonia properties at high temperaturesVijande, Javier; Krein, G.; Valcarce, A.
openAccess17-Dec-2007Stability of multiquarks in a simple string modelVijande, Javier; Valcarce, A.; Richard, Jean-Marc
openAccessMar-2007A SU(4) circle times O(3) scheme for nonstrange baryonsGonzález Marhuenda, Pedro; Vijande, Javier; Valcarce, A.; Garcilazo, H.
openAccess15-Jun-2007Symmetry patterns in the (N, Δ) spectrumGonzález Marhuenda, Pedro; Vijande, Javier; Valcarce, A.; Garcilazo, H.