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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2007Alteration of the VRK1-p53 autoregulatory loop in human lung carcinomasValbuena, A.; Blanco, Sandra; Sánchez-Céspedes, M.; Lazo, Pedro A.Artículo
openAccessPLoS ONE 3; e2649 (2008).pdf.jpg14-jul-2008The C/H3 Domain of p300 is required to protect VRK1 and VRK2 from their downregulation induced by p53Valbuena, A.; Blanco, Sandra; Vega, Francisco M.; Lazo, Pedro A.Artículo
openAccessCarrion-Vazqiez,journal.pbio.1001335.pdf.jpg2012Common features at the start of the neurodegeneration cascadeHervás, R.; Oroz, J.; Galera-Prat, A.; Goñi Ramos, Oscar; Valbuena, A.; Vera, A.M.; Gómez-Sicilia, A.; Losada-Urzáiz, F.; Uversky, V.N.; Menéndez, Margarita; Laurents, D.V.; Bruix, M.; Carrión-Vázquez, Mariano SixtoArtículo
openAccessPLoS ONE 6; e17320 (2011).pdf.jpg22-mar-2011Downregulation of VRK1 by p53 in Response to DNA Damage Is Mediated by the Autophagic PathwayValbuena, A.; Castro-Obregón, S.; Lazo, Pedro A.Artículo
openAccessPLOS One 3; e1642 (2008).pdf.jpg20-feb-2008Human VRK1 is an early response gene and its loss causes a block in cell cycle progressionValbuena, A.; López-Sánchez, Inmaculada; Lazo, Pedro A.Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2007Identification of a dominant epitope in human vaccinia-related kinase 1 (VRK1) and detection of different intracellular subpopulationsValbuena, A.; López-Sánchez, Inmaculada; Vega, Francisco M.; Sevilla Hernández, Ana; Sanz-García, Marta; Blanco, Sandra; Lazo, Pedro A.Artículo
openAccessCarrión-Vazquez,2012,BiophysJournal.pdf.jpg2012Mechanical properties of β-catenin revealed by single-molecule experimentsValbuena, A.; Vera, A.M.; Oroz, J.; Menéndez, Margarita; Carrión-Vázquez, Mariano SixtoArtículo
openAccessp53 downregulates.pdf.jpg2006p53 downregulates its activating vaccinia-related kinase 1, forming a new autoregulatory loopValbuena, A.; Vega, Francisco M.; Blanco, Sandra; Lazo, Pedro A.Artículo
openAccessCellular Signalling-cell cycle, March 15.pdf.jpg2011Roles of VRK1 as a new player in the control of biological processes required for cell divisionValbuena, A.; Sanz-García, Marta; López-Sánchez, Inmaculada; Vega, Francisco M.; Lazo, Pedro A.Artículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0002649.pdf.jpg9-jul-2008The C/H3 Domain of p300 Is Required to Protect VRK1 and VRK2 from their Downregulation Induced by p53Valbuena, A.; Blanco, Sandra; Vega, Francisco M.; Lazo, Pedro A.Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Unequivocal single-molecule force spectroscopy of intrinsically disordered proteinsOroz, J.; Hervás, R.; Valbuena, A.; Carrión-Vázquez, Mariano SixtoArtículo