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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess2013Global properties of K hindrance probed by the gamma decay of the warm rotating W-174 nucleusVandone, V.; Leoni, S.; Benzoni, G.; Blasi, N.; Bracco, A.; Brambilla, S.; Boiano, C.; Bottoni, S.; Camera, F.; Corsi, A., et al
closedAccess17-Feb-2009Identification of yrast high-K intrinsic states in Os-188Modamio, V.; Jungclaus, Andrea; Podolyak, Z.; Shi, Y.; Xu, F.R.; Algora, Alejandro; Bazzacco, D.; Escrig, D.; Fraile, L.M.; Lenzi, S., et al
closedAccess15-Feb-2009In-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy and shell-model description of Y-85,Y-86 isotopesRusu, C.; Ur, C. A.; Bucurescu, D.; Iordachescu, A.; Marginean, N.; Cata-Danil, G.; Ionescu-Bujor, M.; Ivascu, M.; Bazzacco, D.; Kroll, T., et al
closedAccess23-Jun-2009Lifetime Measurements of the Neutron-Rich N=30 Isotones Ca-50 and Sc-51: Orbital Dependence of Effective Charges in the fp ShellValiente-Dobón, J. J.; Mengoni, D.; Gadea, Andrés; Farmea, E.; Lenzi, S. M.; Lunardi, S.; Dewald, A.; Pissulla, T.; Szilner, S.; Broda, R., et al
openAccess12-May-2010New high-spin isomer and quasiparticle-vibration coupling in Ir-187Algora, Alejandro; Modamio, V.; Jungclaus, Andrea; Bazzacco, D.; Escrig, D.; Fraile, L. M.; Lenzi, S.; Marginean, N.; Martinez, T.; Napoli, D. R., et al
closedAccess13-Mar-2009Position resolution of the prototype AGATA triple-cluster detector from an in-beam experimentRecchia, F.; Bazzacco, D.; Farnea, E.; Gadea, Andrés; Venturelli, R.; Beck, T.; Bednarczyk, P.; Buerger, A.; Dewald, A.; Dimmock, M., et al
openAccess22-Mar-2010Spectroscopy of neutron-rich Dy-168,Dy-170: Yrast band evolution close to the NpNn valence maximumAlgora, Alejandro; Gadea, Andrés; Soderstrom, P. -A.; Nyberg, J.; Regan, P. H.; De Angelis, G.; Ashley, S. F.; Aydin, S.; Bazzacco, D.; Casperson, R. J., et al
openAccess26-Nov-2007Yrast studies of Se-80,Se-82 using deep-inelastic reactionsJones, G. A.; Regan, P. H.; Podolyak, Zs.; Yoshinaga, N.; Higashiyama, K.; De Angelis, G.; Zhang, Y. H.; Gadea, Andrés; Ur, C. A.; Axiotis, M., et al