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openAccessJun-2010A monitoring program for Patagonian foxes based on power analysisTravaini, Alejandro ; Rodríguez, Alejandro ; Procopio, Diego; Zapata, Sonia C.; Zanón, Juan I.; Martínez-Peck, RolandoArtículo
openAccess2003Alien mammals and the trophic position of the lesser grison (Galictis cuja) in Argentinean PatagoniaDelibes, M. ; Travaini, Alejandro ; Zapata, Sonia C.; Palomares, Francisco Artículo
openAccessMay-2007An integrated framework to map animal distributions in large and remote regionsTravaini, Alejandro ; Bustamante, Javier ; Rodríguez, Alejandro ; Zapata, Sonia C.; Procopio, Diego; Pedrana, Julieta; Martínez-Peck, RolandoArtículo
openAccess2007Analysis of trophic structure of two carnivore assemblages by means of guild identificationZapata, Sonia C.; Travaini, Alejandro ; Ferreras, Pablo; Delibes, M. Artículo
openAccess2005Annual food habits of the lesser grison (Galictis cuja) at the southern limit of its rangeZapata, Sonia C.; Travaini, Alejandro ; Delibes, M. ; Martínez-Peck, RolandoArtículo
openAccessdec.1995.pdf.jpgDec-1995Breeding biology of Grey eagle-buzzard (Geranoaetus melanoleucos) population in PatagoniaHiraldo, F. ; Donázar, José A. ; Ceballos, Olga ; Travaini, Alejandro ; Bustamante, Javier ; Funes, MartínArtículo
openAccessDonázar_Condor_94.pdf.jpgDec-1994Breeding Performance in Relation to Nest-Site Substratum in a Buff-Necked Ibis (Theristicus Caudatus) Population in PatagoniaDonázar, José A. ; Ceballos, Olga ; Travaini, Alejandro ; Rodríguez, Alejandro ; Funes, Martín; Hiraldo, F. Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1994Chemical immobilization of European wild badgers (Meles meles)Travaini, Alejandro ; Ferreras, Pablo; Aldama, Juan J.; Fedriani, José M. ; Delibes, M. Artículo
openAccessNov-1998Co-existence between Iberian lynx and Egyptian mongooses: estimating interaction strength by structural equation modelling and testing by an observational studyPalomares, Francisco ; Ferreras, Pablo; Travaini, Alejandro ; Delibes, M. Artículo
openAccessZapata et al. 2013_JMammal Evol-1.pdf.jpgAug-2013Co-occurrence Patterns in Carnivorans: Correspondence Between Morphological andEcological Characteristics of anAssemblage of Carnivorans in PatagoniaZapata, Sonia C.; Delibes, M. ; Travaini, Alejandro ; Procopio, DiegoArtículo
openAccessParasites.pdf.jpg2016Detection of Leishmania DNA in wild foxes and associated ticks in Patagonia, Argentina, 2000 km south of its known distribution areaMillán, Javier; Travaini, Alejandro ; Zanet, Stefania; López-Bao, José V. ; Trisciuoglio, Anna; Ferroglio, Ezio; Rodríguez, Alejandro Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1996Determining the relative abundance of European red foxes by scent- station methodologyTravaini, Alejandro ; Laffite, Rafael ; Delibes, M. Artículo
openAccessSantillán_J Raptor Res_09.pdf.jpgSep-2009Diet of the American Kestrel in Argentine PatagoniaSantillán, Miguel Angel; Travaini, Alejandro ; Zapata, Sonia C.; Rodríguez, Alejandro ; Donázar, José A. Artículo
openAccessApr-1997Differential habitat selection by immature and adult Grey Eagle-buzzards Geranoaetus melanoleucusBustamante, Javier ; Donázar, José A. ; Hiraldo, F. ; Ceballos, Olga ; Travaini, Alejandro Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgApr-1997Diversity abundance of rare species as a target for the conservation of mammalian carnivores: a case study in southern SpainTravaini, Alejandro ; Delibes, M. ; Ferreras, PabloArtículo
openAccessDOÑANA-22-1-2.marcad.pdf.jpgDec-1995Doñana. Acta vertebrata. vol 22 (1/2)Atienza, Juan Carlos; Illera, Juan Carlos ; Richard, Enrique; Julia, Juan P.; Aceñolaza, Pablo G.; Zapata, Socia C.; Travaini, Alejandro ; Delibes M.; Aragón, Santiago; Braza, Francisco ; San José, Cristina; Codenotti, T.L.; Beninca, Delcio; Álvarez, Fernando ; Cueto, Víctor R.; Sánchez, María I.; Piantanida, Martha J.; Palazón, Santiago; Ruiz-Olmo, Jordi; Paracuellos, Mariano; Nevado, Juan Carlos; González-Estéban, J; Villate, I.; Gosálbez, J.; Hodar, José A.; Román, Jacinto ; Pérez de Ana, Juan M.; Figuerola, Jordi ; Bertolero, AlbertArtículo
openAccessJan-1999Effects of sex-associated competitive asymmetries on foraging group structure and despotic distribution in Andean condorsDonázar, José A. ; Travaini, Alejandro ; Ceballos, Olga ; Rodríguez, Alejandro ; Delibes, M. ; Hiraldo, F. Artículo
openAccessNov-2011Environmental factors influencing the distribution of the Lesser Rhea (Rhea pennata pennata) in southern PatagoniaPedrana, Julieta; Bustamante, Javier ; Travaini, Alejandro ; Rodríguez, Alejandro ; Zapata, Sonia C.; Zanón, Juan I.; Procopio, DiegoArtículo
openAccessFeb-2010Factors influencing guanaco distribution in southern Argentine Patagonia and implications for its sustainable usePedrana, Julieta; Bustamante, Javier ; Travaini, Alejandro ; Rodríguez, Alejandro Artículo
openAccessPedrana_Can J Zool_09.pdf.jpgOct-2009Failure to estimate reliable sex ratios of guanaco from road-survey dataPedrana, Julieta; Rodríguez, Alejandro ; Bustamante, Javier ; Travaini, Alejandro ; Zanón, Juan I.Artículo