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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
8-Apr-2011A novel assay identifies transcript elongation roles for the Nup84 complex and RNA processing factorsTous, Cristina; Rondón, Ana G.; García-Rubio, María L.; González-Aguilera, Cristina; Luna, Rosa; Aguilera, AndrésArtículo
7-Feb-2012Architecture and nucleic acids recognition mechanism of the THO complex, an mRNP assembly factorPeña, Álvaro; Gewartowski, K.; Mroczek, S.; Cuéllar, Jorge; Szykowska, A.; Prokop, A.; Czarnocki-Cieciura, M.; Piwowarski, J.; Tous, Cristina; Aguilera, Andrés; Carrascosa, José L.; Valpuesta, José M.; Dziembowski, A.Artículo
2012Comparison of two types of surgical gastrostomies, open and laparoscopic in home enteral nutritionTous, Cristina; Parejo Campos, J.; Oliva Rodríguez, R.; Serrano Aguayo, P.; Pereira Cunill, J. L.; García-Luna, P. P.Artículo
12-Sep-2011Control of the function of the transcription and repair factor TFIIH by the action of the cochaperone Ydj1Tous, Cristina; Aguilera, AndrésArtículo
Oct-2007Different genetic requirements for repair of replication-born double-strand breaks by sister-chromatid recombination and break-induced replicationCortés-Ledesma, Felipe; Tous, Cristina; Aguilera, AndrésArtículo
Feb-2008Different physiological relevance of yeast THO/TREX subunits in gene expression and genome integrityGarcía-Rubio, María L.; Chávez, Sebastián; Huertas, Pablo; Tous, Cristina; Jimeno, Sonia; Luna, Rosa; Aguilera, AndrésArtículo
6-Feb-2009Genome-wide analysis of factors affecting transcription elongation and DNA repair: a new role for PAF and Ccr4-not in transcription-coupled repairGaillard, Hélène; Tous, Cristina; Botet, Javier; González-Aguilera, Cristina; Quintero, María José; Viladevall, Laia; García-Rubio, María L.; Rodríguez-Gil, Alfonso; Marín, Antonio; Ariño, Joaquín; Revuelta, José L.; Chávez, Sebastián; Aguilera, AndrésArtículo
24-Aug-2007Impairment of transcription elongation by R-loops in vitroTous, Cristina; Aguilera, AndrésArtículo
Sep-2011Inestabilidad genética asociada a defectos en el complejo TFIIHMoriel-Carretero, María; Tous, Cristina; Aguilera, AndrésComunicación de congreso
1-Aug-2011Nab2 functions in the metabolism of RNA driven by polymerases II and IIIGonzález-Aguilera, Cristina; Tous, Cristina; Babiano, Reyes; Cruz, Jesús de la; Luna, Rosa; Aguilera, AndrésArtículo
Feb-2011New suppressors of THO mutations identify Thp3 (Ypr045c)-Csn12 as a protein complex involved in transcription elongationJimeno, Sonia; Tous, Cristina; García-Rubio, María L.; Ranes, Michael; González-Aguilera, Cristina; Marín, Antonio; Aguilera, AndrésArtículo
4-Sep-2011The Rad50 coiled-coil domain is indispensable for Mre11 complex functionsHohl, Marcel; Kwon, Youngho; Muñoz Galván, Sandra; Xue, Xiaoyu; Tous, Cristina; Aguilera, Andrés; Sung, Patrick; Petrini, John H. J.Artículo
1-Oct-2008The THP1-SAC3-SUS1-CDC31 Complex Works in Transcription Elongation-mRNA Export Preventing RNA-mediated Genome InstabilityGonzález-Aguilera, Cristina; Tous, Cristina; Gómez-González, Belén; Huertas, Pablo; Luna, Rosa; Aguilera, AndrésArtículo

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