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openAccess62-kb plasmid.pdf.jpg27-May-200862-kb plasmids harbouring rulAB homologues confer UV-tolerance and epiphytic fitness to Pseudomonas syringaepv. syringae mango isolates.Torés Montosa, Juan Antonioartículo
closedAccess26-Jun-2008Comparative histochemical analyses of oxidative burst and cell wall reinforcement in compatible and incompatible melon-powdery mildew (Podosphaera fusca) interactions.Romero, D.; Eugenia Rivera, M.; Cazorla, Francisco Manuel; Codina, J.C.; Fernández-Ortuño, D.; Torés Montosa, Juan Antonio; Pérez-García, A.; De Vicente, A.artículo
openAccessevaluation of biological control.pdf.jpg5-Apr-2007Evaluation of biological control agents for managing cucurbit powdery mildew on greenhouse-grown melonTorés Montosa, Juan Antonioartículo
closedAccess31-Aug-2006Field evaluation of treatments for the control of the bacterial apical necrosis of mango (Mangifera indica) caused by Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringaeTorés Montosa, Juan Antonioartículo
closedAccess15-Nov-2007Field resistance to QoI fungicides in Podosphaera fusca is not supported by typical mutations in the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene.Fernández-Ortuño, D.; Torés Montosa, Juan Antonio; De Vicente, A.; Pérez-García, A.artículo
openAccessLong term preservation.pdf.jpg2-Dec-2005Long-term Preservation of Podosphaera fusca Using Silica GelTorés Montosa, Juan Antonioartículo
openAccessJournal of plant biotechnology.pdf.jpg5-Apr-1995A Method for Estimation of Population-Densities of Ice Nucleating Active Pseudomonas-Syringae in Buds and Leaves of MangoCazorla, Francisco Manuel; Olalla, L.; Torés Montosa, Juan Antonio; Pérez-García, A.; Codina, J.C.; Vicente,Antonio deartículo
closedAccess26-Jan-2007Multiple displacement amplification, a powerful tool for molecular genetic analysis of powdery mildew fungiTorés Montosa, Juan Antonio; Fernández-Ortuño, D.artículo
openAccessOcurrence and distribution of.pdf.jpg16-May-2006Occurrence and distribution of resistance to QoI fungicides in populations of Podosphaera fusca in south central SpainTorés Montosa, Juan Antonio; Fernández-Ortuño, D.artículo
closedAccessFeb-2009The powdery mildew fungus Podosphaera fusca (synonym Podosphaera xanthii), a constant threat to cucurbits: Pathogen profilePérez-García, A.; Romero, D.; Fernández-Ortuño, D.; López-Ruiz, F.; De Vicente, A.; Torés Montosa, Juan Antonioartículo
openAccess12866_2014_Article_338.pdf.jpg6-Feb-2015Transient transformation of Podosphaera xanthii by electroporation of conidiaVela-Corcía, David; Romero, Diego; Torés Montosa, Juan Antonio; Vicente, Antonio de; Pérez-García, Alejandroartículo