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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
closedAccessJun-2008Curvature analysis reveals new functions for ethylene signalling pathway in shape determination of seed poles and root apicesTocino, Ángel; Cervantes, Emilio  artículo
closedAccess16-Jun-2008Ethylene responses in Arabidopsis seedlings include the reduction of curvature values in the root capNoriega, Arturo; Cervantes, Emilio  ; Tocino, Ángelartículo
closedAccess13-Mar-2005Geometric analysis of Arabidopsis root apex reveals a new aspect of the ethylene signal transduction pathway in developmentCervantes, Emilio  ; Tocino, Ángelartículo
closedAccess2008Morphological analysis of seed shape in Arabidopsis thaliana reveals altered polarity in mutants of the ethylene signaling pathwayRobert, Céline; Noriega, Arturo; Tocino, Ángel; Cervantes, Emilio  artículo
openAccessMorphological Description and Classification of.pdf.jpg2019Morphological Description and Classification of Wheat Kernels Based on Geometric ModelsMartín Gómez, José Javier ; Rewicz, Agnieszka; Goriewa-Duba, Klaudia; Wiwart, Marian; Tocino, Ángel; Cervantes, Emilio  artículo
openAccessSeed geometry in the arecaceae.pdf.jpg2020Seed Geometry in the ArecaceaeGutiérrez del Pozo, Diego ; Martín Gómez, José Javier ; Tocino, Ángel; Cervantes, Emilio  artículo
openAccessagronomy-10-00739-v2.pdf.jpg2020Seed Morphology in the Vitaceae Based on Geometric ModelsMartín Gómez, José Javier; Gutiérrez del Pozo, Diego ; Ucchesu, Mariano; Bacchetta, Gianluigi; Cabello Sáenz de Santamaría, Félix; Tocino, Ángel; Cervantes, Emilio  artículo
openAccessCervantes et al, 2012.pdf.jpg2012Seed shape in model legumes: approximation by a cardioid reveals differences in ethylene insensitive mutants of Lotus japonicus and Medicago truncatulaCervantes, Emilio  ; Martín Gómez, José Javier ; Kuen Chan, Pick; Gresshoff, Peter M; Tocino, Ángelartículo