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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess20013D collision detection: a surveyJiménez Schlegl, Pablo; Thomas Arroyo, Federico; Torras Genís, Carme
openAccess2003A branch-and-prune algorithm for solving systems of distance constraintsPorta Pleite, Josep Maria; Thomas Arroyo, Federico; Ros Giralt, Lluís; Torras Genís, Carme
openAccess2000A concise Bézier-clipping technique for solving inverse kinematics problemsBombín Masià, Carlos; Ros Giralt, Lluís; Thomas Arroyo, Federico
openAccess1999A hybrid multimodel neural network for nonlinear systems identificationBaruch, Ieroham Solomon; Thomas Arroyo, Federico; Garrido-Moctezuma, Rubén Alejandro; Gortcheva, Elena A.
openAccess1999A neuro-fuzzy model for nonlinear plants identificationBaruch, Ieroham Solomon; Gortcheva, Elena A.; Thomas Arroyo, Federico; Garrido-Moctezuma, Rubén Alejandro
openAccess1996A recursive updating rule for efficient computation of linear moments in sliding-window applicationsMartínez Bauza, Judit; Staffetti, Ernesto; Thomas Arroyo, Federico
openAccess1996A reformulation of grey-level image geometric moment computation for real-time applicationsThomas Arroyo, Federico; Martínez Bauza, Judit
openAccess1999A simple characterization of the infinitesimal motions separating general polyhedra in contactStaffetti, Ernesto; Ros Giralt, Lluís; Thomas Arroyo, Federico
openAccess1995An approach to the movers' problem that combines oriented matroid theory and algebraic geometryThomas Arroyo, Federico
openAccess1998Analysing spatial realizability of line drawings through edge-concurrence testsRos Giralt, Lluís; Thomas Arroyo, Federico
openAccess2000Analysis of rigid body interactions for compliant motion tasks using the Grassmann-Cayley algebraStaffetti, Ernesto; Thomas Arroyo, Federico
openAccess2002Analytic formulation of the kinestatic of robot manipulators with arbitrary topologyStaffetti, Ernesto; Thomas Arroyo, Federico
openAccess1998Applying delta/star reductions for checking the spatial realizability of line drawingsRos Giralt, Lluís; Thomas Arroyo, Federico
openAccess1998Collision detection algorithms for motion planningJiménez Schlegl, Pablo; Thomas Arroyo, Federico; Torras Genís, Carme
openAccess2000Computing signed distances between free-form objectsThomas Arroyo, Federico; Turnbull, Colin; Ros Giralt, Lluís; Cameron, Stephen
openAccess2003Coordinate-free formulation of a 3-2-1 wire-based tracking device using Cayley-Menger determinantsThomas Arroyo, Federico; Ottaviano, Erika; Ros Giralt, Lluís; Ceccarelli, Marco
openAccess2001Correcting polyhedral projections for scene reconstructionRos Giralt, Lluís; Thomas Arroyo, Federico
openAccess2004Distance constraints solved geometricallyThomas Arroyo, Federico; Porta Pleite, Josep Maria; Ros Giralt, Lluís
openAccess2011Distance-based position analysis of the three seven-link Assur kinematic chainsRojas, Nicolás; Thomas Arroyo, Federico
openAccess2003Efficient computation of 3D skeletons by extreme vertex encodingRodríguez Rojas, Jorge; Thomas Arroyo, Federico; Ayala Vallespi, Dolors; Ros Giralt, Lluís