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openAccessttmg03.pdf.jpg5-Jan-2005Coherence resonance in coupled excitable systems: dependence with system sizeTessone, Claudio J.; Toral, Raúl ; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Gunton, James D.Pre-print
openAccesstoral.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2007Collective effects induced by diversity in extended systemsToral, Raúl ; Tessone, Claudio J.; Viana Lopes, JoaoArtículo
openAccess0705.1976v2.pdf.jpg2009Critical behavior in an evolutionary Ultimatum Game with social structureEguíluz, Víctor M. ; Tessone, Claudio J.Artículo
openAccessPhysRevLett_97_194101.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2006Diversity-induced resonanceTessone, Claudio J.; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; Toral, Raúl ; Gunton, James D.Artículo
openAccesspaper.pdf.jpg4-Aug-2008Diversity-induced resonance in a model for opinion formationTessone, Claudio J.; Toral, Raúl Pre-print
openAccess01397873.pdf.jpg3-Jan-2005Dynamics of Coupled Self-Pulsating Semiconductor LasersScirè, Alessandro ; Tessone, Claudio J.; Colet, Pere Artículo
openAccessHernandezTrees.pdf.jpg3-May-2007Evolutionary and Ecological Trees and NetworksHernández-García, Emilio ; Herrada, E. Alejandro ; Rozenfeld, Alejandro F.; Tessone, Claudio J.; Eguíluz, Víctor M. ; Duarte, Carlos M. ; Arnaud-Haond, Sophie; Serrao, Ester ÁlvaresCapítulo de libro
openAccessCommCompPhys_2_177.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2007Finite size effects in the dynamics of opinion formationToral, Raúl ; Tessone, Claudio J.Artículo
openAccess0710.3311v2.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2008Global firing induced by network disorder in ensembles of active rotatorsTessone, Claudio J.; Zanette, Damián H.; Toral, Raúl Pre-print
openAccessEPJB.pdf.jpg23-Jul-2004Neighborhood models of minority opinion spreadingTessone, Claudio J.; Toral, Raúl ; Amengual, Pau; Wio, Horacio S.; San Miguel, Maxi Artículo
openAccessPhysRevE_74_046220.pdf.jpg31-Oct-2006Noise-induced inhibitory suppression of frequency-selective stochastic resonanceTessone, Claudio J.; Ullner, E.; Zaikin, A. A.; Kurths, Jürgen; Toral, Raúl Artículo
closedAccess5-Jul-2003Stochastic resonance and generalized information measuresTessone, Claudio J.; Plastino, Ángel R.; Wio, Horacio S.Artículo
openAccess2006-physa.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2007Stochastic resonance in an extended FitzHugh-Nagumo system: The role of selected couplingTessone, Claudio J.; Wio, Horacio S.Artículo
openAccessthesis_tessonec_hyp.pdf.jpg21-Dec-2006Synchronisation and Collective Effects in Extended Stochastic SystemsTessone, Claudio J.Tesis
openAccessPhysRevLett_97_224101.pdf.jpg29-Nov-2006Synchronization of extended chaotic systems with long-range interactions: an analogy to Lévy-flight spreading of epidemicsTessone, Claudio J.; Cencini, Massimo; Torcini, AlessandroArtículo
openAccessSystem_size.pdf.jpg5-Jan-2005System size stochastic resonance in a model for opinion formationTessone, Claudio J.; Toral, Raúl Artículo
openAccess2007-pre.pdf.jpg9-Jan-2007Theory of collective firing induced by noise or diversity in excitable mediaTessone, Claudio J.; Scirè, Alessandro ; Toral, Raúl ; Colet, Pere Artículo
openAccessPSI618405.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2006Two-mode dynamics in different semiconductor laser structuresScirè, Alessandro ; Sorel, Marc; Colet, Pere ; Tessone, Claudio J.; Mirasso, Claudio R. ; San Miguel, Maxi Artículo
openAccessUniversal_scaling.pdf.jpg23-Jul-2008Universal Scaling in the Branching of the Tree of LifeHerrada, E. Alejandro ; Tessone, Claudio J.; Klemm, Konstantin; Eguíluz, Víctor M. ; Hernández-García, Emilio ; Duarte, Carlos M. Artículo