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openAccessChromatin Reassembly.pdf.jpg2011Chromatin reassembly factors are involved in transcriptional interference promoting HIV latencyGallastegui, Edurne; Millán-Zambrano, Gonzalo; Terme, Jean-Michel; Chávez, Sebastián; Jordan, AlbertArtículo
openAccessCombination of biological.pdf.jpg2012Combination of biological screening in a cellular model of viral latency with virtual screening identifies novel compounds that reactivate HIV-1Gallastegui, Edurne; Luque, Neus; Terme, Jean-Michel; Gatell, Josep M.; Jordan, AlbertArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgJul-2012Determinants of the specificity of human histone H1 subtypesMillán-Ariño, Lluis; Terme, Jean-Michel; Mayor, Regina; Sesé, Borja; Barrero, María José; Jordan, AlbertPóster
openAccessFEBS-Letters-2014-Dynamics.pdf.jpg27-Jun-2014Dynamics and dispensability of variant-specific histone H1 Lys-26/Ser-27 and Thr-165 post-translational modificationsTerme, Jean-Michel; Millán-Ariño, Lluis; Mayor, Regina; Luque, Neus; Izquierdo-Bouldstridge, Andrea; Bustillos, Alberto; Sampaio, Cristina; Canes, Jordi; Font, Isaura; Sima, Núria; Jordan, AlbertArtículo
openAccess1742-4690-6-81.pdf.jpgSep-2009E box motifs as mediators of proviral latency of human retrovirusesTerme, Jean-Michel; Calvignac, Sébastien; Duc Dodon, Madeleine; Gazzolo, Louis; Jordan, AlbertArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Histone H1 variants are differentially expressed and incorporated into chromatin during differentiation and reprogramming to pluripotencyTerme, Jean-Michel; Sesé, Borja; Millán-Ariño, Lluis; Mayor, Regina; Izpisúa Belmonte, Juan Carlos; Barrero, María José; Jordan, AlbertArtículo
openAccessMillan-Nucleic-Acids-Research-2014-v42-n7-p4474.pdf.jpg29-Jan-2014Mapping of six somatic linker histone H1 variants in human breast cancer cells uncovers specific features of H1.2Millán-Ariño, Lluis; Islam, Abul B; Izquierdo-Bouldstridge, Andrea; Mayor, Regina; Terme, Jean-Michel; Luque, Neus; Sancho, Mónica; López-Bigas, Nuria; Jordan, AlbertArtículo
openAccessThe human T.pdf.jpg2012The human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 tax protein inhibits nonsense-mediated mRNA decay by interacting with INT6/EIF3E and UPF1Terme, Jean-Michel; Duc Dodon, Madeleine; Jalinot, PierreArtículo