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openAccessMutagenesis04019(1)Pastor.pdf.jpgene-2004A 4 year follow-up analysis of genotoxic damage in birds of the Doñana area (south west Spain) in the wake of the 1998 mining waste spillPastor, Nuria; Baos, Raquel ; López-Lázaro, Miguel; Jovani, Roger ; Tella, José Luis ; Hajji, Nabil; Hiraldo, F. ; Cortés, FelipeArtículo
openAccessnov-1998A Comparison of Spectrophotometry and Color Charts for Evaluating Total Plasma Carotenoids in Wild BirdsTella, José Luis ; Negro, Juan J. ; Rodríguez-Estrella, Ricardo; Blanco, Guillermo ; Forero, Manuela G. ; Blázquez, M.C.; Hiraldo, F. Artículo
openAccessA complex plumage pattern as an honest social signal.pdf.jpg23-jun-2006A complex plumage pattern as an honest social signalBortolotti, Gary R. ; Blas, Julio ; Negro, Juan J. ; Tella, José Luis Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014A new population of the globally Endangered Red-fronted Macaw Ara rubrogenys unusually breeding in palmsRojas, A.; Yucra, Eleuterio; Vera, Iván; Requejo, Andrés; Tella, José Luis Artículo
openAccesstella.pdf.jpg2015A survey of recent introduction events, spread and mitigation efforts of mynas (Acridotheres sp.) in Spain and PortugalSaavedra, S.; Maraver, A.; Anadón, J.D.; Tella, José Luis Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1997Absence of blood parasites in the Red-necked NightjarForero, Manuela G. ; Tella, José Luis ; Gajón, A.Artículo
openAccessp0253-p0256.pdf.jpg1996Absence of blood-parasitization effects on lesser kestrel fitnessTella, José Luis ; Forero, Manuela G. ; Gajón, A.; Hiraldo, F. ; Donázar, José A. Artículo
openAccess2002Absence of haematozoa on colonial White Storks Ciconia ciconia throughout their distribution range in SpainJovani, Roger ; Tella, José Luis ; Blanco, Guillermo ; Bertellotti, MarceloArtículo
openAccessJ.Animal Ecol04.pdf.jpg2004Additive effects of ectoparasites over reproductive attempts in the long-lived alpine swiftBize, P.; Roulin, A.; Tella, José Luis ; Bersier, L.-F.; Richner, HeinzArtículo
openAccessJ.Ornithol..pdf.jpg1995Age related differences in biometrics and body condition in a Spanish Population of Alpine Swift (Apus melba)Tella, José Luis ; Gortázar, Christian ; López, Rafael; Osácar, J.J.Artículo
openAccessJ.ornithol.pdf.jpg1995Age related evolution of sexual dimorphism in the Red-necked Nightjar Caprimulgus ruficollisForero, Manuela G. ; Tella, José Luis ; García, LuisArtículo
openAccessoct-2004Age-related environmental sensitivity and weather mediated nestling mortality in white storks Ciconia ciconiaJovani, Roger ; Tella, José Luis Artículo
openAccess10992-18056-3-PB.pdf.jpg2014Alien rose-ringed parakeets (Psittacula krameri) attack black rats (Rattus rattus) sometimes resulting in deathHernández-Brito, Dailos; Luna, Amparo; Carrete, Martina ; Tella, José Luis Artículo
openAccessvet pathol.pdf.jpg2005An epizootic of avian pox in endemic short-toed larks (Calandrella rufescens) and Berthelot's pipits (Anthus berthelotti) in the Canary Islands, SpainSmits, Judit E.G.; Tella, José Luis ; Carrete, Martina ; Serrano, David ; López, GuillermoArtículo
openAccessIbis.pdf.jpg2001Annual survival rates of adult Red-necked Nightjars Caprimulgus ruficollisForero, Manuela G. ; Tella, José Luis ; Oro, Daniel  Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Anthropogenic nesting sites allow urban breeding in burrowing parrots Cyanoliseus patagonusTella, José Luis ; Canale, A.; Carrete, Martina ; Petracci, P.; Zalba, S.M.Artículo
openAccessJovani_et _al_Waterbirds_2001.pdf.jpgmay-2001Apparent Absence of Blood Parasites in the Patagonian Seabird Community: Is it Related to the Marine Environment?Jovani, Roger ; Tella, José Luis ; Forero, Manuela G. ; Bertellotti, Marcelo; Blanco, Guillermo ; Ceballos, Olga ; Donázar, José A. Artículo
openAccess0022-3395(2001)087[1187_ahfamm]2.0.co;2[1].pdf.jpgoct-2001Are Hippoboscid Flies a Major Mode of Transmission of Feather Mites?Jovani, Roger ; Tella, José Luis ; Sol, Daniel; Ventura, D.Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2001Are hippoboscid flies a major mode of transmission of feather mites?Jovani, Roger ; Tella, José Luis ; Sol, Daniel; Ventura D.Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgmay-2001Assessment of genotoxic damage by the comet assay in white storks (Ciconia ciconia) after the Doñana Ecological DisasterPastor, Nuria; López-Lázaro, Miguel; Tella, José Luis ; Baos, Raquel ; Hiraldo, F. ; Cortés, FelipeArtículo